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Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
And one trip to hobby lobby later.....

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Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
I got a a new addition to the game room this week. I have to get a rustic looking frame for it before it finds its' way to the wall though.

It is a canvas 24" by 36" canvas map of Skyrim :yeah: :D

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2016 Awards - Hoarder of the Year
This was really tough. I just spent about a half hour reviewing various gallery and collection pics on here. I have wavered a few times when it came to decision time. So many of you have amazing collections, and you all do a great job of displaying them. Hopefully one day I can do the same.

My vote goes to.....Floorcat!

2016 Awards - The Member Appreciation Topic
This is always the toughest post to make. Not because it is hard to name someone worthy, but because it is hard not to forget someone.

We have many amazing members here. When I joined (now over 10 years ago) I had no idea I would still be here now, or that the forum would be. It will always be pretty amazing to me how this place has lasted through the years. It is because we have great members here. Every year we lose a few, but we also gain a few and it all balances back out. A lot of our great members have served on the staff too, and that has helped. If you are an active member here and I forget to name you, I'm sorry. You are appreciated, and you are what makes this forum great year in and year out!

I will start with the staff, since mentions for them do not count.
Bluedog, Floorcat, DeeMoney, kartmaster, and buddy1983. You guys are all great, and feel like brothers I have never met in person. A special nod goes to all past staffers as well.

I want to recognize our little Miitomo family (Y'all know who you are)

Now on to our members.
The Red Shadow, No64DD, Milage007, Vinyl, Cabanon, Italia64, sublime1996525, Shellshocker18, D.J Cat, EnvyFox, Pimpin Mainer, Bamboozled, NintendoLuke99, MyBeefCakes, KnightlyGaming, StYoung, Kerr Avon, TofyJunky87, Danilochka, Dark Link, KelamyAUS, DiscoStu, Sanni, The White Falcon, Kamikaze, Conker69, LinusHofmann, Grizzmeister, Wildfiremicro, Rocky, Boomdiers, Matt, shangyou, ddr2nite, Intendall64, & SoloJones64.

And thanks to any other members not mentioned above. I did my best :yeah:

2016 Awards - Miss Congeniality
Perhaps we should consider that next year, floorcat, because I always struggle here too.

I have four or five of you all in my mind that I feel really deserve the award. I will go with No64DD as well though.
He is always friendly on here, and also on Miitomo :yeah:

2016 Awards - Best Thread
We have had some great posts on here this year. All the ones that first come to mind for me have been mentioned here so far.

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game ultimately gets my vote though.

Best AI Partner in video games
I will give a nod to Boone from Fallout New Vegas, and also Ellie from The Last of Us. She didn't have to do much, but helped me when I got in a pinch.

Other good ones I have had in the past were Benor and Serana on Skyrim.

I don't know anymore
Glad you are keeping it, I certainly would. I had stopped playing my SNES years ago, and traded it and all my games for a bad condition gameboy pocket. My brother was taking advantage of me. I was 15 or 16 and had Pokemon fever. The gameboy pocket stopped working shortly thereafter. Now I would love to still have my SNES and games. IT would be very costly to reacquire what I had now though.

January Game of the Month Vote Off
:facepalm: ALSO keeping up with my yearly tradition of screwing up and forgetting to enable the multivote. Sorry guys
I cannot amend the poll to add the ability. removing the parts that say you can vote for two. sorry fellas

Merry Christmas 2016
Dec 25 2016, 09:32 AM

Is anyone else watching A Christmas Story right now?
Yes, as a matter of fact we have been watching it all day, and a little of last night :lol:

Merry Christmas to you all! Wishing you all a warm, fun filled, relaxing, and gift filled day :yeah:

January Game of the Month Vote Off
Hello all. I hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas/Holiday Season :yeah:

It is time to get our poll up. We had 5 nominations for January Game of the Month. Being the 6 year anniversary of GotM, it is a month where the top 20 in sales was eligible for nomination. As a result, all 5 nominated games were in the top 20. Please take the opportunity to vote and and participate this month. Even if you don't have time to play the winning game again, we are guaranteed to have a winner that was owned by most. It will be an excellent opportunity to rehash old memories :yeah:

The poll will be open until January 1st.
Thanks to all who nominated. may the best game win!

January Game of the Month Nomination Topic
Just a follow up on the aforementioned suggestion. Looks like sometime soon we will make a subforum, and I will move all the GotM posts to there :yeah:

2016 Awards - The Young Blood Award
My initial thoughts were Shellshocker18 & TofuJunky87. Thank you for bringing up MyBeefCakes 64dd. I would like to throw him in there as well :yeah:

January Game of the Month Nomination Topic
Shellshocker - I will mention that to the rest of the staff :yeah:

January Game of the Month Nomination Topic
By all means, feel free to dig up the topic and talk about it :yeah:

January Game of the Month Nomination Topic
Thanks everyone. Now we have a good mix of solid contenders. I will likely stick by the typical open month format. All nominations being in the poll, with members voting for up to 2 selections :yeah: In the mean time, there is still more time for more nominations.

Nintendo 64: A look back...
Neat topic. It is fun to remember such a special time. This coming Friday will be the 20th anniversary of when I got my Nintendo 64. It was the night of my grandparents 50th anniversary. We had our Christmas celebration Christmas eve after the party. It has been on my mind this week.

January Game of the Month Nomination Topic
Good nominations so far :yeah: Anybody else have one? It won't be much of a poll with only 2 games :lol:

When Nintendo saved Chirstmas
nice find :yeah:

I remember not being able to secure a PS2 that year. I bought 4 games, a memory card, and extra controller. No system could be found though. I ended up giving those games to a friend. It wasn't until about 2 years later when I finally got the chance to afford one.

Thank goodness for the N64 in the mean time :yeah:

I do not. Never really been too sure what they were to be honest. Some stuff on your page there cracked me up :lol:

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