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What game is in your N64?
i tried so hard to get into glover. the idea interested me a bit, and then i got it for christmas one year as a surprise. it had a lot of neat things about it, but i never stayed into it for more than a day. wish i still had mine to try again now...

Goldeneye 007

Why is it acceptable to say 'this is a good game, I don't know why it's a good game, but I like it and think it's a good game'?

now if someone was to do what you said above, i'm not going to put much stock in it, but if people elaborate on why they like it or make a comparative review, i would pay attention to that. i would say the same thing about a book or a movie as i would about a game. i think anything that is meant for artistic of entertainment purposes is open for individual reviews. if i see a game/book/movie/tv show etc.. that has to do with something that interests me, i pay attention to individual and popular opinions.

like you said though, it is personal preference, and it isn't going to win someone who already disagrees over. so it is pointless to some degree. still doesn't hurt anything to chime in on what you think. heck, probably 80% of what is on this board is pointless chatter, but it is still interesting and makes it a nice small community.

Guessing game!
aerofighters assault?

Goldeneye 007
it stayed fun for me, even after memorizing all the level details. its weird how some games are still fun when you learn those things, but many more just get boring to me.

i think individual preference does matter in the world of gaming. especially when the vast majority of gamers share a similar opinion. that's what makes or breaks a game.

games are meant to be judged against individual preference, wars are not.

Guessing game!
how about pilot wings?

Prettiest/Ugliest consoles
interesting topic

anyhow, for me, prettiest to ugliest:

1. playstation 2 - i love the shape and blue/black color scheme
2. nintendo 64 - i like the curves and colors.
3. wii - just looks cool and compact. hope they have a black one later
4. dreamcast - not a bad looking system at all. simple and nice.
5. xbox 360 - decent looking, i like the green on it, not the white.
6. gamecube - yes it is very blocky, but neat in it's own way.
7. playstation - kind of plain, but not ugly
8. nes - kind of cute, but still bland.
9. super nintendo - blocky and bland. the japan/eu looked better.
10. xbox - just plain ugly. too big and too blocky. the colors where nice though.

i didn't see enough of the early sega systems to rate them.

Replay Nominations
jet force gemini would be great! it would be the first of these i actually own.

Guessing game!
sorry for the delay in responding, i forgot to see if i guessed right. :wacko:

anyhow, is it diddy kong racing?

*promises to check and see if i am right later*

Perfect Dark
we actually made use of the unlimted ammo sentry gun cheat is some of our multiplayer scenarios. we would do something like keep a senrty gun over each teams base. it made for an interesting challenge when you had to try and destroy their sentry gun to get to their base.

Perfect Dark
I hate that gun. So many of the guns in Perfect Dark are really unbalancing and, well, cheap.
- dagoss

that's why you will never be president! :lol: :P

Perfect Dark
imo, the laptop gun is the coolest fps shooter weapon ever. it is cool as a stand alone gun, but add in the sentry function and you have an incredible multiplayer weapon. i think it found its way into 90+% of our multiplayer match ups.

welcome to the forum B)

good choice on breaking out the ole' 64

Post your most shameful N64 secrets!!
when i bought resident evil it creeped me out too much. i watched my friend play it a bit, and didn't really play it myself till the cheats same out a bit later. i couldn't stand the moans and groans coming from other parts of the city. somehow unlimited ammo and invincibilty made me feel better :lol:

101 ways to kill a Tribal from Jet Force Gemini.
34. tell them all they have won a contest and will receive a free cruise. when they are all loaded up and on their way, sink the ship B)

Goldeneye 007
yeah, that island was a let down. atleast i got my curiosity out of the way though.
yeah, goldeneye still rocks! i replayed it a coouple of years ago all the way through. i've just picked it up here and there since then...

101 ways to kill a Tribal from Jet Force Gemini.
28. get them hooked on cocaine and heroin, then sit back and watch them self destruct.

29. keep them in a well in your basement. kill them, skin them, and make a tribal suit to parade around in. - (from silence of the lambs.)

30. sterlyze all the males, and wach them slowly drift towards extinction.

wow, i sound like a sociapath :blink: :lol:

Does anyone here still own a Dreamcast?
my bro-in-law had one given to him a couple of years ago. he couldn't afford a ps2 at the time. he has quite a few games for it. most of them are racing games i think.

he said i could borrow it sometime, which i was glad to hear. i never owned one, and i would like to try some of the games.

i saw in an old gaming mag that eb was selling used dc's for $12
that's so cheap it iis crazy...

why i love...
man, two years? that is determintation right there. mario, pilot wings, and shdows of the empire i think were the first ones i played. any of which would have made me want a 64 on its own.

the 2 months i waited till christmas seemed like an eternity to me!

Animal Crossing
i want to get it for the gc. i think my wife would like it a lot too, so i figured i couldn't go wrong by getting it. haven't had the extra cash though...

why i love...
i remember just where i was when playing those levels for the first time too.
i played zelda when my mom brought it home after christmas shopping. she went back out, so i openened it up and played it while i was alone. i deserved a lump of coal for christmas! :lol:

i remember the dam level too. i couldn't believe how cool goldeneye was!

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