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Hello fellow N64 lovers
welcome :D

i liked the punisher movie pretty good. i own it actually. i like it better than the spider man movies for sure, but WAY less than batman.

well, first for me is the crow
then the punisher
then batman
and finally spiderman.

i used to love spider man, but the movies made me like him less and less. batman begins rocked, and moved the dark knight high on my list B)

Myspace anyone?
i usually check on it every week or so. my wife is on quite a bit though.

Playstation Portable discussion
This topic is an oxymoron.

... sorry.


well, i for one think the psp is an EXCELLENT system, with plenty of great games. i hardly play anything else these days.

anyhow, onto recomendations.

monster hunter freedom- if you can find a used copy (they are rare sometimes) it is all the game you can handle. i am 450+ hours in. i still play every day, and plan to for a while. it is a huge action adventure game and you are constantly getting better weapons and armor to fight with. it has rpg elements, without the turn based fighting.

gta vice city stories - it is fun, like any other gta game. it felt like a good fit for the psp.

gta liberty city stories - just like above.

socom - excellent game. i played it pretty heavy for a few weeks.

metal gear portable ops - fun game, but limited if you don't play online.

gun - i loved the ps2 version, and look to get this someday.

as for killzone liberation - i thought the demo sucked. it seemed impossible to hit what you were aiming at with the type of view it uses. might just be me though.

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
i regret trading my brother my snes and games for a gameboy pocket.

the gameboy doesn't even work anymore :(

i had super mario world
mario all stars
mario paint
double dragon
f zero
tetris attack
and a super gameboy

that was a stupid trade on my part, but i was pokemon crazy at the time, and tired of my original gameboy.

I'm New!
hello, and welcome B)

here is your "official" welcome
for your "official" introduction...

good to have you B)

List of N64 wrestling from best to worst?
i was a wrestling junkie back then

of what i played
wrestlemania 2000 - king of 64 wrestling games to me!
wcw nwo revenge - i always liked wcw better though!!!
wwf attitude
wcw nwo world tour
wwf warzone

wcw nitro - horrible! the only game i have ever returned :_D

welcome :D