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What forums/sites are you part of?
not to many

think that's about it.

What is your most anticapated video game/console?
funny story sort of.

the ps2 was my most anticipated console by far. i got my 64 a few months after it was out, and my ps3 a good year after.

anyhow, i saved money for 3 or 4 months to have enough for a ps2, midnight club, smugglers run, dynasty warriors 2, timsplitters, 2 remotes, and a memory card. i only made about $100 a week, but by release date, i had saved more than enough. i headed to wal-mart (45 miles away) to be there at midnight.
i found out through a worker there that they only had 16 ps2's come in, and there were easily 30 some odd people in line. long story short, i bought all 4 of those games, a memory card, and a 2nd controller and left planning to get a ps2 a bit later.

they stayed sold out for a fewweeks. in the mean time i met the girl who i would marry on the internet, and knowing i was going to move 1200 miles away, i decided to keep my money and save for the move. so i gave my games and gear to a friend, and ended up using the money to get by on in the summer of 2001 while i was job hunting.

finally in the winter of 2002 i bought my ps2. :lol:

most anticipated game - there have been a few big ones, but perfect dark is easily first. our walmart was VERY late getting it, and so we had to wait an extra week or so. we were staying up late partying and playing goldeneye to warm up before leaving to get the game. we decided to call ahead to walmart luckily, since they didn't have it. the wait drove me nuts!

other big ones
ocarina of time - christmas present i snuch open early and had been playing a good 2 weeks before i snuck it back in the box :lol:

gta IV - was pretty hyped about it, but didn't think i was actually going to get it on it's release. i did though.

ncaa 2009 football - i was pretty psyched about it at the time. i still play it pretty often.

diddy kong racing - i was pretty worked up about it too.

If the N64 could go online...
no doubt goldeneye and perfect dark.
others - mario kart, dkr, road rash, wrestlemania 2000 maybe.

Post your rarest game / most valuable game you own
the rarest game i own is i guess my gold zelda OoT. as far as rare extras, i have the super mario 64 soundtrack, as well and the ocarina of time soundtrack. got both for subscribing to nintendo power.

Diddy Kong Racing
i love me some dkr!

i have often had trouble picking between it and mario kart 64. i think mario kart had far better muliplayer, but dkr had a more fun and challenging adventure style single player!

some of the boss battles were flat out retarded hard for me when i first played though. on my playthrough about 6 months ago, i beat all of the first 4 bosses on the first try. got them all on the first try in the re-matches too.

whiz pig still is a major pain to beat!