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What do you do?
Absolutely! Much like video games, target practice can help you vent.

I have always been interested in all forms of combat, both armed and unarmed. My love of guns is likely an extension of that. It is also probably inherited from past generations. My dad has dozens of guns, though he has only gone shooting one time :lol: Most of them are limited edition collector type guns, but he has a decent collection of normal guns. My brother has close to 20 I believe. My grandpa was a WWII vet, and always had a couple of them around. He is who I always went shooting with. I miss getting to do that with him, and will always cherish those times now that he is gone.

What do you do?
I used to target shoot a lot when I lived in Oklahoma, just cans and bottles down by the Red River mainly. My guns (and other weapons) are there if I need them. They are the first thing I grab when things go "bump in the night." So I guess the best way to put it is that they are for personal protection ;)

I'm pretty new to the site. Wanted to say HI
Nice set up! :D

Controller discussion
I definitely see you point,alxbly :D

Shadow Man
I agree. Back in the day, this is probably a game I would have spent days on and given and 8 or 9 out of 10. I did spend far to often wondering where I was supposed to go, and what I was supposed to do. Yeah, those videos are vastly different looking than how the game starts out. I figure if I play slowly off and on every couple of weeks I will eventually get to a more engaging area (I hope.)

I think I will start Turok tomorrow.

Controller discussion
We do have some authorities on controllers around here. While finngamer & ddr2nite are both controller experts, I would say alxbly is too. Coorsy, lithium, and Kami both seem very educated on them as well.

Perfect Dark Vs. Goldeneye
Perfect Dark, no doubt about it.

While I will give the nod to Goldeneye for having a superior single player mode (and for pioneering the modern fps genre), I will take PD's superior graphics & multiplayer. I love being able to play with bots, and I love how PD keep track of your stats. Also, my 2 favorite places in Goldeney (Facility & Complex) are found in PD as well.

That being said, both are 10's in my book!

Also, I met my wife on a Perfect Dark message board. So I may be a bit biased :lol:

Welcome to Nintendo 64 Forever, btw :D

Shadow Man
OK, I have spent a few hours on Shadow Man now. I have mixed feelings. I always wanted to try Shadow Man, and was glad to finally get to try it. I do plan on playing it more, I get too frustrated to stick with it for too long at once. I feel it is a very ambitious game. In the end, I wish that Rare or even Capcom had developed it instead of Acclaim. Anyhow, on to my review.

Graphics - Shadow Man stands out here. It is really one of the better looking N64 games out there. 9/10

Sound - It really helps solidify the moof, The music is eerie, and the sound effects a good enough. The voices, while muffled and a bit over the top, are quite a nice touch for an N64 game. 8/10

Controls - I do not hate the controls, but I also do not like them. Time could have been spent to ensure a better control scheme. I feel that would have really helped make this game be a bit more enjoyable. 5/10

Story - While I have not played really far in to it, I do like the story. 7/10

Gameplay - This is where the game falls short for me. I just am not having the fun I thought I would have. I spend a lot of time thinking about what could have been, more than I should. I do have a "keep going" feeling, but I also have a "enough already" feeling to. Too many times I miss a jump because of not being able to move Shadow Man accurately enough to do so, mainly because of the not so great controls. I find it funny I can leap up a 10 foot wall, but cannot jump up a 2 foot high diagonal slope. I know this sort of stuff is typical of this generation of gaming, and perhaps I would have been more tolerable of it when this game came out. 4/10

Replay - No way for me to judge this accurately. I am having trouble sticking with this one on the first time through, so I doubt I would play through again.

Overall - 6.5/10

Anybody else going to try this one? I am starting to feel like I am having a conversation with myself. :mellow:

Request for two Nintendo 64 games's lists
I just read some favorable reviews of it. The main complaint was the controls, but the visuals were raved about. I definitely need to go back and check for it. I can't remember for sure which location I saw it at though :(

Request for two Nintendo 64 games's lists
Cool, I just learned Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine is somewhat rare. I spotted a copy at Game Haven a couple of weeks ago for I think $10. I might have to go grab it :D

Bakuretsu Muteki Bangaioh (Bangai-O)
You all took the words out of my mouth. There are TONS of N64 games that are not rare, and are a total blast. I would get all those first if I were going to collect :D

Video Game Goals for 2011
If I had any goals for the year, perhaps either fixing my PS3 or buying another one. I want to get and beat Pokemon Black. I also want to get and beat Assassin's Creed 2. The book has been awesome, and it is making me want to play the game even more now.

Whats on your TV at the moment?
Right now: Jurassic Park
Previously: The Invasion

Rarity of Puyo Puyo~n Party?
While googling, I found this quote
"Though the Nintendo 64 version was the least favourite among the series, it proved to be highly successful, despite the AI not being at its best."
Based on that, it does not sounds so rare.

Hope you enjoy college :D
Disregard that quote, it appears to be for puyo puyo sun not puyo puyo party.

Request for two Nintendo 64 games's lists
Do you mean rare as in hard to find? Or do you mean rare as in the company?

Controller discussion
I am no controller expert, and I do not pretend to be.

Ones I know of to be rare from hearing it from other users:
Nintendo Power 100
Millenium 2000
E3 gold Controller
Mario Kart Controller (pretty sure about this one)

Others I am pretty sure about (One of you collectors clarify here)
Jusco 30th anniversary
Japan Blue
Japan Red
Pikachu Blue
Pikachu Orange
Pokemon Blue
Pokemon Yellow

I am not sure how rare the Donkey Kong and Regular Gold Controllers are.

Post when you buy or sell a Nintendo 64.
Sounds like you have a great bunch of games heading your way. I spent a few months of my life on some of those!

Post when you buy or sell a Nintendo 64.
Welcome to Nintendo 64 Forever, Bayman! Glad to hear you re-purchased a N64. I kept my original system, but traded 10 games away when I was 18 (for a gun :lol: ). I have since bought a few of them again.

GoldenEye on the updated Perfect Dark engine?
That looks cool. Crafty programmers can do so much :D

words that should be used more

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