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What is your guilty pleasure? (KEEP IT CLEAN!)
The Red Shadow
Feb 28 2013, 08:14 PM
(I guess Twilight is another guilty pleasure of mine as I have read all the books and seen all the movies except the two part finale).

Well, that makes two of us :lol: Not many people on here knew this before now, but I pretty much love the Twilight saga. Like Shadow, I have read them all, and seen all but the last one.

Floorcat I am totally digging this topic, and it is an honor to have you hosting this round!

Watching MMA and goofy comedies are two of my others. I will try and think of more :D

GAME: Post a Picture Better Than the Last
Wow there have been some great ones lately!

It isn't worth it. Mario!
Posted Image

Which Super Smash Bros?
I enjoyed the N64 version, but much prefer that Gamecube version. It used to be a family tradition with my wife's twin and husband, her brother, myself and Mrs stinger every weekend. I have not tried brawl I don't think.

Hi, i am newb
Welcome to Nintendo 64 Forever :D Glad to have you :yeah:

Another Aussie!
Welcome to Nintendo 64 Forever :D

Sup Ya'll.
Sorry I am a little late, Welcome to Nintendo 64 Forever :yeah:

March Game of the Month Vote Off
Looks like Mario Golf is our winner by a healthy margin. Sorry I am a couple of days late declaring it ;)

I Draw Avatars, You Guess!
Haven't said it until now, but I am enjoying this topic. Props, Shane!

Forum Game section
Interesting idea, Matt. We will be reviewing our section set up in a couple of months. This will be taken into consideration!

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Well I am happy to say that I found a baby blue ds is a trade in this morning that has been here for 2 weeks. If they don't come back it is mine to keep. It also had Mario Party in it. It looks great shape. I will post pics later :)

What are you doing RIGHT NOW?!?!
I am driving home right now. Worn out, and been feeling a bit under the weather for a few days now.

Nintendo 64 Forever: Happy Birthday thread
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEEMONEY! :w00t: :dance: :mario: :dk: :wario: :bowser:

N64 Game-Off 2012-2013 Club Nintendo Year (FINISHED)
Here is the credit pic for beating Pilot Wings
Posted Image

And here is a pic of my mid game progress
Posted Image

Been fishing through my phone for the starting pic but have not found it yet. Will edit this and upload it when I do just for kicks.

The gaming-centric (or otherwise cool) tee-shirt/clothing thread!
:( The one of the Assassin's Creed failed leap of faith is sad, but kinda funny :lol:

GameCube Prototype Controller
Interesting. I don't think I would call it "far superior" though. That square z trigger would kill it for me to start with.

GAME: Post a Picture Better Than the Last
Took me a minute there :lol:

More bad parenting
Posted Image

N64 Game-Off 2012-2013 Club Nintendo Year (FINISHED)
I beat Pilot wings, but could not attain all silvers. Everything is silver or gold, other than pilot class Hang Gliding. It is bronze. I made a few runs at it, and got within 20 points. When I have some more free time, I may keep trying and will take more pics if I do. In the mean time I got pics of all my progress, and the credits rolling after a medal on everything.

I will have to email the pics from my phone to my pc, which takes forever. I should still have them up by tomorrow night though.

I hope to get Road Rash over the next couple of weeks!

Longest single gaming session
Interesting question. Last year during mine and my wife's separation I play A LOT of Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3. I had several Saturdays where I was off where I probably played for 12-14 hours straight, only getting up to use the bathroom or grab a pop tart or something. I would literally play from the time I woke up until it 3 or 4 in the morning. I had a blast, but it was a depressing time in other ways ;)

New Posts Button?
If I am not mistaken, there is a "mark all topics as read" and "mark all forums as read" option at the bottom. If you do that, you will see Posted Image next to sections with new replies, and if there are no new posts in a section you will see a Posted Image on the main page next to it.

When it comes to individual topics, if the icon is dark blue, it has new posts. If it is dull blue, it has none. If a topic is bright red, it is "hot" and has new posts. If it is dull red, it is "hot" but had no new replies.

Posted Image - hot new
Posted Image - hot not new
Posted Image - new
Posted Image - not new

Polls use a dark and dull green icons in the same way.

I hope this helps you out. :D

My Cars
Beautiful autos man! :yeah: I like Camaros a good deal myself. My Dad has a 69, It is yellow and black if I remember right. Also, my boss did a black pro touring edition 69 model.

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