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Playstation 3 discussion
i will have one on march 16th

that's when my wife and i get our supplemental "ecomonic stimulus" $1200.
so hello ps3, and hello gt4!

i also plan to get assasins creed and drake's fortune :D
thought proabbly not all at once...

How many n64 games do you own?
i have owned a total of 31 over the years

i traded some to my bro for a gun about 7 years ago, and then bought 2 of those back (goldeneye and 1080) as well as a few new ones. anyhow, i presently own 19.

2 of those 19 are missing (pokemon snap and nba hangtime) and another is broken (blitz)

there are probably a dozen or so games i would like to have as well. perhaps someday :D

Hi N64 fellows :)
welcome :D

Which games have you played a lot?
how could i forget mario kart 64 and diddy kong racing!

The Worst Nintendo 64 Games
wow so many games nominated for worse that were pretty fun to me.
mission impossible, south park, duke nukem 64, and mortal kombat triology.

i never finished mission impossible, but thought it was a well made game. south park was flawed but i had fun when i played it and it kept me laughing. i found duke nukem 64 to be a lot of fun. yes, while mortal kombat trilogy was more of the same...it had everyone! which i think was pretty cool.

anyhow, onto my nomiation
i never played superman 64 or carmaggedon to know if they live up to their craputation, but wcw nitro was the worst thing i played. it is the only game i have ever returned to the store after playing it.

Which games have you played a lot?
for 64
perfect dark
road rash
wrestlemania 2000
ocarina of time

for ps2
gta vc
gta sa
mgs snake eater

monster hunter

pokemon yellow/red

So anyone else here listens to metal?
when i listen to music, i mainly listen to

10 years
alice n chains
linkin park
evenescence (sp?)
3 days grace

i also listen to older rock, techno, and even country
tom petty
stevie nicks
def leppard
skid row
travis tritt
brooks and dunn

country is pretty rare for me, but still occasionaly