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My Introduction 64
Welcome to Nintendo 64 Forever :D

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Yep, the particular coin sells for $50-$75 online. I am keeping it though :D

No, no adult toys thankfully. We found a used applicator one time :(
Boogers, blood, vomit etc...

We cleaned one last week that the owner died in. No joke, there were dead maggots under the seat :-X

It can be fun, but it also sucks too! :lol:

Today's video game related finds: a pink DS stylus ;)

Floorcat would be jealous :lol:

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
I found a 2nd copy of Super Mario Land for Gameboy today under a back seat. I already found one before. Some of our other workers were to lazy to look under there apparently when they detailed it. Highlander back seats almost always net me a DS game, so I had to look when the finished it up. Anyhow the game is broken, well the shell anyway. The guts appear to be intact, just missing a corner of the cartridge. It is also majorly dirty.

Non video game finds as of late: 1 ounce of .999 fine silver :D and a $50 Case pocket knife :D :D

N64 stuff I wish someone would produce
I think I had one of those. I had some 3rd party wireless controller. It worked fine, but I could not justify the $60 I spent on it, so I ended up taking it back.

Unknown music artists
Sorry man, I don't know much about unknown bands. I figured somebody on here would, but perhaps not... :-/

Problems with my N64

Yikes! That sucks. Mine occasionally fails to load a game, but usually gets it on the second try. Most other problems I have had come from corrosion on the game cartridge, and is usually resolved after I clean the pins.

List of N64 wrestling from best to worst?
I had a couple of wrestling games for the PS2. The Smackdown vs. Raw series is pretty fun, but it still can't touch the fun I had on the 64 with Wrestlemania 2000 and Revenge. I also liked World Tour, Attitude, and Warzone a lot too. There were all great multi-player games too!

Welcome to Nintendo 64 Forever :D

Do you wish that they'd stop making new games?

He is confused. He just needs to make better choices with his gaming time. Evaluate the games you are interested in, and budget what you get/play around that. There are dozens of games I would love to have/play, but I just do not have the time or money to do so. Sometimes that means missing out on some great games, but there is only so much time in a day.

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Landed Boogie (for DS) in a used car today.

It is rated 2/10 on gamefaqs, and likely will only fetch a couple of dollars used.
Free is free though....

GTA: Liberty City Stories & Vice City Stories
I will forever remember the Ps2 launch date. It is funny how things like that stick with you over the years.

GTA: Liberty City Stories & Vice City Stories
It does seem like yesterday. I still never finished VCS on PSP (borrowed) or PS2 (no good reason why not.)
I must have been playing some other game(s) at the time that beat it out for attention or something. It has been about a year and half since I have played my PS2. I still use it as a DVD player a lot though. Just wish it would play burned movies ;)

N64 stuff I wish someone would produce
I have always thought N64 dust covers would be a good idea.

I am extremely happy there are some new replacement sticks out there. While I don't need any now, I am sure I will some day.

No joke! :lol:

It just isn't me. I have been buzzed one time, and very drunk one time. I have had alcohol maybe 4 or 5 times in my whole life. Most of the people who I could not stand in high school drank, so I think that helped drive me from it ;)

Wow, I am so sorry I asked :lol:

That is way worse than anything I would have guessed.
I don't drink anyways, but I would have to cross that one off my list of things to do even if I did! :lol:

Gold N Fly
I downloaded it and am checking it out now.

So far I like

Runway - Cracks me up

Train may be my favorite

Thanks for posting it :D

I kept all my boxes and manuals originally. I still have them somewhere in my old house in Oklahoma. I even have about 10 for games I traded to my brother. Most games I buy used now do not have boxes or manuals :nope:

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
I was given Mort the Chicken for PSX by a co-worker today. He found it in a car, and I am not one to turn down ANY game :lol:

He was like " I didn't know you had a Playstation. How many systems do you have, like 5?"
I counted and told him I had 10. He says "I had no idea they made that many!" :lol:

I have no idea how beer pong is played. Anybody want to clue me in?

Kid powerbombs a bully
:lol: Yeah, I watched that at work yesterday. I like seeing a bully get what they deserve.

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