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mop: i just really preffered the ps3. i have friends that swear by both systems, but i just couldn't feel right about buying a 360. i have had much more time to try the ps3 and i just felt more comfortable going with it in the end.

alxbly: yes, i can't wait for it either :D

Fate plays it's card.
how horrible :(

sorry you had to see that...

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picked up a brand new ps3 about 4 hours ago, followed by a copy of gta4.

what an amazing game. so far we saw an ambulance hit a gas tank at a gas station trying to help someone. they blew everybody up, and sent us flying about 100ft down the road. before that we watched a couple of pedestrans run by on fire from a car exploding i guess.

also shot a fat cop in the arm. he began begging for his life and waddling away quickly. had a big fat biker hang on to my car door after driving away from a fight. he clipped another car as i drove by which made him let go.

so many AMAZING details. anyhow, back to watching mrs stinger playing it :D

Well I've been accepted to college...
congrats :D

Major self-esteem issues
thanks :lol:

and your welcome.

i can truely credit my two best friends of my teenage years to video games as well. i became friends with one after having multiple discussions about wolfenstein and doom. the other i met at church, and he first came over to play mortal kombat and some other snes games.

i have always found that liking the same video games makes it easier to get people to open up and so on. when i started at my current job, i didn't know what to expect from my boss, jeff. my wife's family had known him for years, and he had once dated my wife's twin sis. they all told me he was a nice guy, but still. after i found out he liked hitman and gta, i knew he was cool.

he sold me a psp, and introduced me to monster hunter. we played it on our lunch breaks for about 3 or 4 months straight!

video games are a GREAT bonding tool! :lol:

So many games, so little time...
i would go for

gta san andreas
gta vice city - both are excellent

then shadowman for the 64 - i never have got to play this, but always wanted to.

Major self-esteem issues
interesting indeed.

i think i said something about it on here before, but i met my wife on a perfect dark message board. 4 months later i visited on my spring break, then moved after i graduated.

we would icq to talk and this program called net2phone to call her through my pc for free. she is also 5 1/2 years older, which isn't really typical. so it was a unique situation.

my best freind met his wife on the net not long after. she moved from las vegas to oklahoma city where he lived. i had to tease him for "copying" me. :lol:


Major self-esteem issues
i went through a similar period in my life. i usually only ever have a real friend or two at a time anyways, but i had a couple years where i had no real friends. my mom was my best friend. it was a depressing lonely time looking back. i was about 11 or 12 at the peak of it. i gained a bunch of weight at the same time, so i had very low self esteem. i went through a slightly less severe depression at about 16. even though i had friends, i hadn't had a girlfriend in like 3 or 3 1/2 years.
i grew up in a very small town (2000 people) and all the girls i liked were already taken.

things got better for me after i met my wife. it was hard living 1000 miles from her and when we finally got to meet in person, it was only for a week. those next 3 months finishing my senior year were tough, but i moved from oklahoma to tennessee and bonded really well with her family.

now i work with a nice bunch of guys, all about my age (small heat and air company) and go to church with most of them as well. i work with my best guy friend, but my real best friend is my wife. she makes all the difference.

i don't want to sound generic, but i think it will pass. i hope sooner rather than later for sure. good friends have a way of making things better, but nothing cures you like being around the one you love :D