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Facebook Cover Photo Contest
OK, I have been informed we have a couple more entries in the works.

I will set a deadline of 5/10 for entries to be submitted for the contest :yeah:

Facebook Cover Photo Contest
Do we have any other entries? If not I say we split time between both of them. Thoughts on that? Or would you all prefer a vote even with just two options?

Show off your Collection on Facebook?
It is a big hit so far! It has been seen by over 100 people so far in a short time. I look forward to seeing if this helps bring us some new members :D

Show off your Collection on Facebook?
italia, we are currently featuring your gallery to get us started! :yeah:

Here comes a new fan!
Welcome to Nintendo 64 Forever. Glad to have you! :yeah:

While Ocarina of Time got my vote, Mario Kart is one of the main games I go back and play at least a couple of times each year. Great tourney, and great idea! Thanks for putting in the work, bdr :yeah:

May Game of the Month Vote Off
Only four entries this month, and here they are....

Show off your Collection on Facebook?
Fantastic, thank you, buddy! :yeah:

Show off your Collection on Facebook?
I totally feel the same way.

Thanks for expressing interest as well. :)

Show off your Collection on Facebook?
Thank you, bdr. I hope that is the case.

If we don't get any interested takers in the next week, I will feature yours, bdr. I want to capitalize on our growing fan base on there while we can. Facebook could be a great way to draw new members :yeah:

Vinyl, I anxiously await the re-debut of your gallery :)

KartMaster's Collection
Looks like an incredibly fun room :yeah:

Conkers Gallery
Impressive collection! The green system and polkadot controller are my favorites :)

NintendoLuke99's Gallery
Nice lot of games, Luke :yeah:

Ninty64's Gallery
Great overall collection. I especially like your Perfect Dark memorabilia :)

TheJuice401's Gallery!
Fantastic collection! Really dig the overall presentation as well :yeah:

Show off your Collection on Facebook?
Hello, all

Our facebook page has been rapidly gaining likes these past few weeks, While discussing ways to make it gain more momentum, kartmaster suggested perhaps showcasing a members collection every so often (via a link to our gallery section). I think this is a great idea, and plan to do this. If anybody is interested in having their collection/gallery shared, please state so here. As it sets right now, I plan to showcase a gallery every two weeks. So I will likely randomly choose from those who express interest.

Anybody interested? :D

Facebook Cover Photo Contest
Fantastic work, Vinyl! :yeah:

Ocarina of Time for me!

I love them both, so it's all good in the end :yeah:

Facebook Cover Photo Contest
Looks amazing kartmaster! Thanks for posting that template, yogurt!

Facebook Cover Photo Contest
It looks like we definitely have some interested parties. That is great! Thank you all.

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