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No one seems to be posting as of late
i've been busy beating gtaIV

can't seem to find time for much else. next up will be drake's fortune and assasins creed :D

Hello there!
welcome :D

Introduction from Bacteria
welcome :D

thats cool what you do

welcome :D

Recommendation topic
best: dkr, mario kart, top gear rally

Proud new owner
thats cool microsoft is actually doing that with the warranty.
the dreaded red light of doom! i have heard the stories...

still loving gta4!

watching the wife bowl as we speak :D

Proud new owner
hmmm, well all 4 people i know who have them like theirs. don't know exactly what there is to not be proud about. i have a blu-ray player now, the games look great, and i prefer the sony exclusives over the microsoft exclusives.

on the counter side, my friend who recomnded the 360 is now having to replace it, as it died. 2 out of the 4 people i know with a 360 have had to replace them.

no offense to anybody loving the 360, i thought long and hard before making up my mind, and at one point had almost settled on a 360. i think they both are great systems with great games. that being said though, i am EXTREMELY proud of my ps3 and happy i went that route :D