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Rocket Robot - About Blinkin Time!
No harm in your enthusiasm I suppose, It was about time it won. :lol: I will be making the "official" thread on the 1st though.

June Game of the Month vote off
Congrats to those of you rooting for Rocket, it is your winner! Happy to see it win after a VERY long run of nominations and near misses in vote offs! :n64: :yeah:

Custom Zelda controller
WOW! That is all I can say. You do amazing work. :yeah:

June Game of the Month vote off
Looks like Rocket wil finally get its' day er.... month rather :lol: The poll will close tomorrow night!

June Game of the Month vote off
What a close one. I will be happy to see Rocket or Road Rash win. They have been nominated over 10 times each :lol:

Movies and Television
Nice topic!

As far as TV shows:
Little House on the Prairie
King of Queens
King of the Hill
Destination Truth
The Walking Dead

Those are the first that come to mind

Movies - Oh good lord. My wife and I have almost 500 dvd/Blue Ray movies. I have always been passionate about movies.

The Crow
No Country for Old Men
I am Legend
The Hunted
Last of the Mohicans
American History X
Lord of the Rings Trilogy
The Negotiator
American Beauty
Red Dragon
The Silence of the Lambs
The Last Samurai
Man on Fire
Dawn of the Dead (2004)
Napoleon Dynamite
Training Day
Exorcist III
Batman Begins
Open Range
Into the Blue
A History of Violence
The Weather Man
V for Vendetta
Miami Vice
Leon: The Professional
Eastern Promises
Facing the Giants
Gran Torino
The Wrestler
Bangkok Dangerous
Public Enemies
Inglorious Basterds
Star Trek
Couples Retreat
Forgetting Sara Marshal
Law Abiding Citizen
The Book of Eli
The Town
Black Swan

I'd say that about covers my favorites :lol:

June Game of the Month vote off
Here are your randomly selected games. Thank you all for nominating!

June Game of the Month Nomination topic
About to do the drawing. I nominate Road Rash :D

Big time Congratulations! :D

n64forever.com Web Address now active
Fantastic man!
*catches tumble weed to the face* <_> :lol:

I will sticky this topic for you! Also, If you are interested in being a Mod, please PM me. I would be happy to discuss it with the rest of the staff. 8)

June Game of the Month Nomination topic
Let's start the nominations. Hello everyone, Welcome to the game of the month nomination topic.

Here is how it works:
Each member gets to nominate 1 game that was not in the top 20 in sales. The topic will remain open for 10 days (ending May 12th). At which point, I will write each of the nominations on a piece of paper, and draw 5 total out of a bowl.
Those 5 will then be put to a vote for 10 days (ending May 22nd) to decide the official "Nintendo 64 Forever Game of the Month". You may nominate a game already chosen by another member if you wish too, but only one piece of paper per game nominated will be put in to the bowl. If someone has already nominated a game you wished to nominate, please consider going with your 2nd choice. Those nominated that are not drawn out as well as the 4 that lose the vote will be eligible for re-nomination next month if you so choose.

In case anybody is lost here, the idea is for you to play the winning game for a bit, and then
comment on your thoughts after playing. We used to discuss things like game play, graphics, sound, controls, replay value, as well as how the game has stood the test of time. This is a great chance to discover fun games you perhaps missed out on.

If you do not own the winning game; perhaps consider borrowing, buying, renting (anybody still rent n64 games?), or find another way of playing (emulation) or perhaps even check for it on the virtual console.
Any questions? Just ask away...

Here are the list of ineligible games:

1. Super Mario 64
2. Mario Kart 64
3. GoldenEye 007
4. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
5. Super Smash Brothers
6. Diddy Kong Racing
7. Pokemon Stadium
8. Donkey Kong 64
9. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
10. Star Fox 64
11. Banjo-Tooie
12. Pokemon Snap
13. Perfect Dark
14. Mario Party 2
15. Banjo-Kazooie
16. Pokemon Stadium 2
17. Wave Race 64
18. Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire
19. Yoshi's Story
20. Mario Party

Also ineligible are former Game of the Month winners:

1. January 2011 - Glover
2. February 2011 - Shadow Man
3. March 2011 - Turok: Dinosaur Hunter
4. April 2011 - F-Zero X
5. May 2011 - Wetrix
6. June 2011 - Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
7. July 2011 - 1080 Snowboarding
8. August 2011 - Star Wars Rogue Squadron
9. September 2011 - Conker's Bad Fur Day
10. October 2011 - Pokemon Puzzle League
11. November 2011 - Star Wars Episode 1 Racer
12. December 2011 - Rayman 2
13. January 2012 - Perfect Dark (top 20 open month)
14. February 2012 - Beetle Adventure Racing
15. March 2012 - Pilot Wings
16. April 2012 - Mischief Makers
17. May 2012 - Mario Tennis

Also, nominations must be available in both PAL and NA regions. Check the following link to be sure before nominating:
Region Information

Mario Tennis - May Game of the Month
Discuss, discuss ... ;)