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Favorite Game on Each Console?
Cool topic!

NES: Double Dragon
SNES: Tetris Attack
Gameboy: Pokemon Yellow
N64: Ocarina of Time/Perfect Dark
PS: Metal Gear Solid
PS2: GTA San Andreas
Gamecube: Pikmin 2
DS: Pokemon White
PSP: Monster Hunter Freedom
PS3: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood/Battlefield Bad Company 2

Think I covered all the bases there.

Pictures of You
Luke, you looked real happy in those pics :D

scooter, awesome skydiving pic. I'll leave the death defying jumps to you ;)

Personally, I keep away from anything that uses the sensation of falling to create "fun" :lol:

Hi, I'm X.
Welcome to Nintendo 64 Forever :D

Hello everyone =)
Welcome to Nintendo 64 Forever, Don :D Very glad to have you :yeah:

Pictures of You
Nice to put a face to the name, Luke!

Copahue Volcano
That's crazy! As neat as they are to watch erupt on video, I can't imagine the terror that would likely be in you seeing it right before you :(

Your School Experience
You have been through a lot for a young man, Luke. Thank you for sharing what you have so far. It is evident that autism creates some difficult challenges that a lot of folks (including educators) don't know how to handle. The way you talk about being treated by those who are in power over you frustrates me to hear.

2013 Member Survey
Thank you Luke, there is a small issue though. I didn't get the full response from you. I PM'ed you with details explaining ;)

2013 Member Survey
Just a progress report, I kind of had to take a break from survey result tallying for about 3 weeks there. First I had pc issues, and then got sick.

I got back to working on it tonight. I have 18 tallied out of 41 responses (I think it is). I am setting a tentative goal of finishing up in 2 weeks hopefully.

Thanks again to everybody who answered, and also thanks for everyone's patience. It takes about 5-10 minutes a piece to tally them, which adds up in a hurry as you might can tell :lol:

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to the forum, Andy. Glad to have you :yeah:

June Game of the Month Vote Off
Mario Party 3 wins by a landslide :D

I'll get you squared away there, Mishkin

New guy slowly starting a small collection!!!
Welcome to Nintendo 64 Forever :D

New member...want to start collecting!
Welcome to Nintendo 64 Forever :yeah: Glad to have you!

GAME: Post a Picture Better Than the Last
Good ones recently :yeah:

On a side note though, let's please try to keep it clean. A couple have slipped through the cracks lately that have less than age 13 friendly content. Don't mean to spoil others fun, but it is a rule and I know for a fact that it does matter to some of our members.

Thanks everyone for your compliance :capice:

To all members, a small update.
jerrieshock: It looks like you would qualify to do that now, since you are past the current 10 post requirement :D

another N64 kid here...
Welcome to Nintendo 64 Forever :yeah:

New member long time collector
Welcome to Nintendo 64 Forever :D

New member
Welcome to Nintendo 64 Forever, Jim :yeah:

Favourite movie soundtrack
The original soundtrack from The Crow and the original Mortal Kombat. Good stuff :yeah:

NiN, Type O Negative, KMFDM, My Life with the Thrill Kill Cult, Stone Temple Pilots, great stuff :)
I will also say that MK Annihilation had some great music as well!

Hey guys sorry i haven't been on in a while
Welcome back, Luke.

Been wondering about you. I hope you can find time to fit both gaming and visiting here in your schedule :)

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