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What do you do for a living?
I am a car salesman at a Toyota dealership in Tennessee. I sell both new and used vehicles. Been at it for 10 months now. It is the first job I have ever really enjoyed, and it pays well to boot.

Prior to that I managed a crew of detailers for this same dealership for over 5 years.

does the N64 have a better library than GC?
I much prefer the N64 library. So many classic games on one system, it is unbelievable. That being said, I never truly felt "at home" with the GC.

new to collecting!
I am behind on my welcomes :lol:

Glad to have you :yeah:

New Nintendo Collector
Welcome, Cody. Glad to have you :yeah:

Show off your Collection on Facebook?
Your gallery has been shared, buddy :yeah:

Facebook Cover Photo Selection Vote Off *READ BEFORE VOTING*
Looks like we have a winner :yeah: It is going up today. Thanks to all three who participated.

Daily N64?
I only own one N64 system, and it was my original one. It is a Charcoal gray one you can see in the following pic. I use a black top/gray bottom controller as my main. My 2nd is red top top/black bottom. 3rd is gray top/red bottom.

Posted Image

Someday I plan to get a colored system, but waiting on the right price and opportunity ;)

Show off your Collection on Facebook?
Awesome, buddy :yeah: Ill feature yours next, here in about a week or so :)
plan for kartmaster, and bdr after that :) (Figured staff wouldn't mind going later)

June Game of the Month Vote Off
Here are our 5 randomly selected games to choose from. Thanks to all who nominated!

Facebook Cover Photo Selection Vote Off *READ BEFORE VOTING*
Close race so far! :yeah: Good job all of you

Facebook Cover Photo Selection Vote Off *READ BEFORE VOTING*
My pleasure :)

It is a tough decision, any way you go about it. :yeah:

Facebook Cover Photo Selection Vote Off *READ BEFORE VOTING*
Hello, everyone.

We ended up with three excellent submissions total. First off I want to thank all three members for their time and contribution. These images will be a visual representation of our message board on our Nintendo 64 Forever page. All three images will be found on our page, and all will see some time as our cover photo. The winning image will be the first one used, and will be used the majority of the time as our cover photo. Our likes on Facebook have continued to grow, and this can help us draw in more potential members :yeah:

Now for the poll. MEMBERS CAN VOTE FOR TWO IMAGES! While you can select just one, I wanted to make it easier on any members who are having a hard time choosing a favorite.

Here are your choices -
1. kartmaster's submission
Posted Image

2. Vinyl's submission
Posted Image

3. Rocky's submission
Posted Image


Facebook Cover Photo Contest
OK, the other two aren't going to be done for now, so we will proceed with a poll with what we have. I will try and get it up later today if I have time. Thank you all!

Facebook Cover Photo Contest
I am giving the two I expected a bit longer while I try to figure out how to vote for our winner. Probably going to go with a poll where you can make a couple of selections when you vote.

ALL Images will be put on our page, and ALL will be featured at one point or another. The winner will get first crack, and see a majority of time spent as our cover photo though! :)

Facebook Cover Photo Contest
Thanks, Rocky!

I like how you worked our name, and some classics in there as well! :yeah: Feels like I am looking at my games, getting ready to decide what to play :lol:

Have until the end of the day to get more entries in folks. Waiting on two that I hope get it done in time ;)

Facebook Cover Photo Contest
Just a reminder, Deadline for entries is tomorrow :)

10 favorite N64 games
1. Ocarina of Time
2. Perfect Dark
3. Goldeneye
4. Mario Kart
5. Diddy Kong Racing
6. Road Rash
7. Pilot Wings
8. Mario 64
9. Resident Evil 2
10. Top Gear Rally

Almost in there - WrestleMania 2000, Shadows of the Empire, 1080, Banjo Kazooie

Starcraft 64
The voice acting on the PC is still stuck in my head. "Goliath online" I believe it was... the "Yamato gun" guy... and the "Wraith" are the ones that stick in my head :D

Welcome :D Glad to have you!

June Game of the Month Nomination Topic
I hope this month is your month. Yes, we have knocked a substantial chunk out of the N64 library. We may have to start periodically opening up the top 20 to generate more discussion and participation.

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