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GAME: Post a Picture Better Than the Last
:lol: that is one strong dude!

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Found a copy of Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing for DS today in a car! :yeah:

Thinking about getting a ps3..
If you like fps games, Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3.

The Assassin's Creed games are amazing, and the Uncharted series is great as well.

Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Elder Scrolls Oblivion, Red Dead Redemption, GTA IV are all amazing games.

Mirrors edge was a fun and unique title.

I think the biggest missed gem is Saboteur. It is one of the best games I have ever played, but doesn't get a lot of attention. It combines elements of Assassin's Creed and the Hitman series, and then throws GTA style play in the mix. it is super cheap. I payed $12 new for it :yeah:

July Game of the Month Vote Off
Wow, CLOSE race! I hope to one day have a tie breaker on here! Maybe this is the month ;)

July Game of the Month Vote Off
Here are your randomly selected 5 games :D

July Game of the Month Nomination Topic
Yikes, I dropped the ball here. JUST realized I never did the drawing. My sincere apologies. I will have it up in a moment!

Are there any game genres you've fallen out of love with?
most definitely racing games. I was a racing fiend for a while. GT3, GT4, NFS and the like. Now it seems like the least fun thing imaginable to me.

Also years ago, most fighting games. Mortal Kombat was great back in the day, but does nothing for me now. Same goes for most traditional fighters.

Welcome to Nintendo 64 Forever. Glad to have you :D

new zealand n64 collector new to the forum
Welcome to Nintendo 64 Forever :yeah:

What are those yellow boxes in your Account Info?
It is a neat little system, that I personally ever hardly use. I just try the "talk to people" method usually :lol:

2013 Member Survey
Received. Thank you :)

Nintendo 64 Forever Member Info
Been a little while. So here is an update :yeah:

MEMBER NAME: stinger9142
LOCATION: Kodak, Tennessee
FAVORITE GAME: Battlefield Bad Company 2/Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
OTHER HOME CONSOLES: PS1, PS2, Gamecube, N64, PS3 (2)
OTHER HANDHELD CONSOLES: nintendo ds (2), psp (2), original gameboy (2)
LAST GAME PLAYED: Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle Earth (Android)
FAVORITE BAND: Breaking Benjamin probably
FAVORITE MOVIE: The Crow/No Country for Old Men
FAVORITE SPORT: American Football
OTHER THINGS I LIKE: Reading, collecting guns/knives, Mixed Martial Arts, watching movies
SOMETHING I'M GONNA DO THIS YEAR: Maybe try and get my daughter into some games (she is 2 1/2 right now)

What is your guilty pleasure? (KEEP IT CLEAN!)
The Red Shadow
Jun 12 2013, 07:34 AM
I miss chalupas and gorditas from Taco Bell. They were BOSS. And now I'm craving Taco Bell for breakfast. :w00t:
They still have them in Tennessee. Sorry you don't have them there. We got chalupas a couple of nights ago. It has been almost a year since my last gordita, but I think they still carry them.

Here is another guilty pleasure....

We have this newspaper out here called "Just Busted". some of you may have it or something similar.
It basically shows you the mugshot and information for everybody who was arrested the previous week.

It is $1, so it makes for VERY cheap entertainment :lol:

Sucks when you see someone you know though...... :mellow:

PS4 vs XB1
Holy Cow that poll is lopsided :lol: Was not expecting that. IF I get either system, it would be a PS4, no doubt about it.

The gaming-centric (or otherwise cool) tee-shirt/clothing thread!
Give me the Ninja Turtle one! :yeah:

I was a fiend back in the day :D

I'M new to Nintendo 64 forever
Welcome to the forum. Everybody has hit on most of the classics. I'll add Road Rash!

Welcome to Nintendo 64 Forever. Glad to have you :yeah:

Update the THEMES
Part of our recent survey questions dealt with the theme issues. When the results are all tallied, the staff will decide a direction to go. The fall will likely being a new contest with a new winning theme or two perhaps.

Add a MEMBER Of the WEEK
While it could be fun, it could also prove to be quite a chore weekly. I have to agree with gooman on this one. I do like recognizing model members for their behavior though. The member appreciation list does that as well though.

Thanks for visiting your input!

Hurt and Heal - Modern Hero Edition
Hurt Max Payne
Heal Marston

Max Payne - 22
Nathan Drake - 30
Agent 47 - 30
Master Chief - 13
Lara Croft - 30
John Marston - 21
Carl Johnson - 30

8th Ezio Auditore
9th Isaac Clark
10th Commander Shepard
11th Solid Snake
12th Marcus Fenix
13th Ryu Hayabusa
14th Cole MacGrath
15th Kratos
16th Dante
17th Leon Kennedy
18th Bayonetta
19th Gordon Freeman
20th Booker DeWitt

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