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the end of video games
I think gameplay is more important, but I don't want it to come at the expense of a story. Take Heavy Rain for instance. It has an amazing story (IMO), and interesting gameplay. It was a great experience to play through, but I never went back. It leaned almost too far towards story for me. Not so much that it killed the experience of playing it initially. but enough to zap the replay value.

I have always found MG games to be a solid blend of gameplay and story both. I haven't played one since MGS 3 though, so I can't speak for more recent ones.

Games like Uncharted and Assassin's Creed (1 through Revelations anyhow) to me have a great balance of the two.
I have to say that The Last of Us has to me possibly the best mix of any game I have played to date. The story is amazing, but I still feel like I played a game and not watched a movie. I do think that is important.

I think things have a way of swinging to extremes. Times change, and so do trends. It is kind of the current trend to bring in movie quality story telling, and I like that largely. In the end I am glad to live in an era where I can play graphically amazing games, with quality gameplay, and amazing stories to boot. To me it takes all three of this elements to make a masterpiece.

Now if I was going to make a personal rant about the end of video games, it would come more from the angle of the death of hard copy games. Everything is going digital now, with tons of pay for this and that little micro add on nonsense. If I own a game, I WANT TO OWN IT IN PHYSICAL FORM! Also games I own a digital copy of tend to error a lot more (LBP 1 & 2 namely)

In the end, I don't think either thing really means the end of video games. Great games will be made, as will stinkers. As far as the digital trend goes, I suppose I can either keep gaming or stop..... I know how that will end :lol:

Kartmaster goes 1K
Congrats, buddy! You are a great contributor :yeah:

Best platform video game ever?
I agree with the previous two posters.

Creativity is important. That's something that gets harder to achieve all the time. I know it impossible to not borrow from something at least a little, but there has to be at least some feeling of originality to make it stand apart.

And put secrets in it. I like finding hidden extra things :yeah:

July Game of the Month Vote Off
Hello all :D

We had 6 eligible nominations. Rather than leaving one random nominee out, I am just going to include all six in the poll.

Happy voting!

Hello, brand new here!
Welcome to Nintendo 64 Forever, glad to have you :yeah:

Easter Eggs Super Mario 64
Fascinating, but new to me...

Reminds me of the Entropic Decay/Zero Tau mystery on Perfect Dark. Anybody remember that one? Many searched for a philosophical meaning, "inevitable, chaotic decay of all things" and such. All kinds of theories, leading up to someone noticing the main picture of Rare's webpage was for Donkey Kong, and titles "Intro pic DK". I don't guess anything else ever came of it.

I just chalk some things like this up to intentional and unsolvable mysteries. Some things just seem to be designed to puzzle people, with out ever really having a real explanation. Sometimes fun to speculate though ;)

What were your first N64 games?
Jun 10 2015, 04:53 AM
Super Mario 64. I know I know. Not the most original answer in the world, but my first is my first no matter what. It's also the first game I've ever beaten in my life...though I have yet to get all 120 stars...maybe I should fix that.
Ditto on that. I am still at 118, and have yet to really try again to get the last two after getting frustrated years ago. I have thoughts about trying for them one day :lol:

Welcome, glad to have you :yeah: :)

Congrats to No64DD
Yes, congrats :yeah:

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Hey fellas, what better place to hit my 5000th post :)

Just a recent update on some purchases.

I got the add on "Left Behind" for The Last of Us
During a recent PSN flash sale I picked up PlayStation All Stars Battle Royal, Little Big Planet 2, and The Walking Dead season 1. My daughter loves LBP of course. My wife and I had a blast with All Stars.

I picked up GTA V a couple weeks ago, we gave it a run last night. I can tell it is going to be something my wife and I can play together and put a lot of time in to.

Thoughts from 31,002 ft
I hope your trip was an enjoyable one :) Good to see you on here :yeah:

What Nintendo Tat Would You Get?
yep, shadow, that is her :)

FC, that tattoo is awesome :lol:

New N64 collector
Welcome :) Can't say enough about Road Rash, tons of fun. Give it a try if you haven't already :yeah:

Here comes a Chilean!
Welcome :) Glad to have you :yeah:

July Game of the Month Nomination Topic
Jun 3 2015, 01:44 PM
Pokémon Snap!
Sorry, it isn't eligible. It was in the top 20 in sales. Feel free to nominate it in our next top 20 open month (January) Which will be our five year anniversary of GotM by the way :)

Why I like Blockbuster Stickers
Can't say I like em, I spent a couple hours trying to get a blockbuster sticker off my Indiana Jones game before giving up and swapping the back of the cartridge out ;)

I don't mind sharpie though, a little alcohol does the trick :lol:

What Nintendo Tat Would You Get?
Most definitely the N64 logo :) We had a female member here years ago that had such a tattoo :yeah:
The Zelda logo is nice too.

Outside of the Nintendo spectrum, I totally dig the Assassin's Creed logo as well as the Hitman logo :D

But I am not a tattoo kinda guy :lol:

Gamestop to Accept and Sell Classic Games Again
Yeah, I have heard people mention Goodwill and such. I haven't had any luck to date trying them, but Have only checked a couple of stores. There was a good semi-local gaming store located in a tourist trap town near me that was owned by a member of ours here. I need to check them out one of these days :yeah:

Nintendo 64 and the fog myth...
I couldn't agree more. It seem to get such an unfair stigma. Either way, I will take fog over pop ups any day :lol:

I mostly blame Turok for the stigma as well :-/

What do you do for a living?
Sounds like he and I would get along just fine :lol:

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