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Scariest game you've ever played.
silent hill 2 i guess. re2 was creepy and re4 had its moments, but silent hill was the creepiest i think...

Do you own any games that you've never played?
i have played everything i own, but there are couple of games i have only played for an hour or so. i only played through the training mode on splinter cell. it is a good game, i just never got into it. i only played the getaway and streets of new york for a couple of hours. the getaway was cool, but i hated streets of new york...

What is your most memorable N64 game?
i think perfect dark is it for me.

the build up waiting for it to come out was tough to go through, but it was all worth it. the single player was awesome, and the multiplayer was unreal. nothing beat an evening playing pd with your friends!

goldeneye, ocarina of time, and mario come close too

Goldeneye 007
i played goldeneye pretty recently.

the experience was much the same as any time i pick it back up. i instantly feel in a good mood when i turn it on thinking of all the memories. then i am suddenly reminded how blocky/ugly the graphics are by todays' standards. after a couple of minutes my eyes/brain adjusts, and i am overwhelmed by how fun the game still is. the music rocks, the weapons are great, and the entire experience is executed so well. why can't there be more games getting it right like this?

long live goldeneye!

a funny tidbit - on my first facility playthrough ever, i thought i had to hit a button to receive the key from doctor doak. i got confused and hit the z trigger. i shot him in the throat just after i received the key from him. he did the struggling choking animation. that was awesome!

Overrated games on the N64?
i have a hard time thinking of an overrated n64 game. most of the games i owned and played lived up to the hype around them. if i had to pick, i wasn't real big on excite bike 64 when i got it. it was still a cool game though.

for the record, i think...
mario 64
perfect dark
ocarina of time
mario kart
diddy kong racing
& pilot wings
were all great and lived up to all the hype around them :D

Storage of N64 games
welcome to the forum! :D

can't help much with your question. i wouldn't mind having some myself though. i should just buy some resealable bags for them...

Hello everyone.
hello, and welcome B)

Hi to everyone
hello, and welcome! :D

Games you're looking forward to.
for psp:
monster hunter 2
gran turismo

ps3 (if i ever get one)
drake's fotune

road rash - if it truely comes out

that's all i can think of right now...

Another N64 fan joins the forum!
hello, and welcome B)