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August Game of the Month vote off!
Looks like it isn't in the cards this month, regnad. The August GotM winner is Rogue Squadron! Thanks for the participation!

Hi There
Welcome to Nintendo 64 Forever! :D

Hi :)
Welcome to Nintendo 64 Forever! I enjoyed your N64 story :D

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Cool guides. Sucks about themgetting damaged. I had The Ocarina of Time guide, but loaned it out and never got it back :angry:

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
I given Monster Hunter Freedom 2 for PSP last week by a friend who used to play the first one with me. I imported my old character, so i got to keep some of my items and also carriend over a huge pile of cash to start off with :D

Though I have had quite a dry spell of finding games at work, I am behind on noting the finds on here. I can't remember real well, but I think I found a GB Advance game last month. Also another copy of Mario Kart DS to trade in someday...

What games are you playing?
I started Monster Hunter Freedom 2 last night. After spending 522 hours on the last, it feels really weird to start back over. I am really hoping to get to play some Assassin's Creed 2 tonight. :D

August Game of the Month vote off!
"Jult" :lol:

Anyhow, I cast my vote. I going to close the poll this evening, though I doubt anymore votes will be cast.

I finally went with Rocket over Rayman 2, but would have been happy with either.
I know Rogue Squadron has a big following though...

Something I once read, how an ancient voice recording was possible
I have never heard of that, but it definately sounds interesting. We do not give ancient cultures enough credit for what they could do!

What Rare Items are in Your N64 Collection?
I do not have many "rare" N64 items. I found a copy of Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine a few months ago for a decent price and grabbed it. I don't know how rare they are, but I have the Maio 64 and Ocarina of Time soudntracks. That is probaly it :lol:

August Game of the Month vote off!
Alright, the random drawing has been done, here are your winning nominations. I am interested in 3 of them myself. I think I know how I will vote, but will think on it a bt more. The poll closes on Jult 16th. Congratulations to those whos nominations were drawn out... :yeah:

August Game of the Month Nominations
The poll is on the way. Nice nominations! I think I may have an idea what might win, barring it makes the random drawing I am about to do.

What games are you playing?
Just finished Uncharted 2 tonight. That and some New Vegas is about it right now...

August Game of the Month Nominations
Hello everyone, Welcome to the game of the month nomination topic.

Here is how it works:
Each member gets to nominate 1 game that was not in the top 20 in sales. The ineligible list can be found at the end of the post.
This is done to ensure that we are choosing games that have not already been played extensively by most of us.
The topic will remain open for one week (ending July 9th).
At which point, I will write each of the nominations on a piece of paper, and draw 5 total out of a bowl.
Those 5 will then be put to a vote for one week (ending July 16th) to decide the official "Nintendo 64 Forever Game of the Month". You may nominate a game already chosen by another member if you wish too, but only one piece of paper per game nominated will be put in to the bowl. If someone has already nominated a game you wished to nominate, please consider going with your 2nd choice. Those nominated that are not drawn out as well as the 4 that lose the vote will be eligible for re-nomination next month if you so choose.

In case anybody is lost here, the idea is for you to play the winning game for a bit, and then
comment on your thoughts after playing. We used to discuss things like game play, graphics, sound, controls, replay value, as well as how the game has stood the test of time. This is a great chance to discover fun games you perhaps missed out on.

If you do not own the winning game; perhaps consider borrowing, buying, renting (anybody still rent n64 games?), or find another way of playing (emulation) ;) or perhaps even check for it on the virtual console.
Any questions? Just ask away...

Here are the list of ineligible games:
1. Super Mario 64
2. Mario Kart 64
3. Goldeneye 007
4. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
5. Super Smash Brothers
6. Diddy Kong Racing
7. Pokemon Stadium
8. Donkey Kong 64
9. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
10. Star Fox 64
11. Banjo-Tooie
12. Pokemon Snap
13. Perfect Dark
14. Mario Party 2
15. Banjo-Kazooie
16. Pokemon Stadium 2
17. Wave Race 64
18. Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire
19. Yoshi's Story
20. Mario Party

Also ineligible are former GotM winners:
1. January 2011 - Glover
2. February 2011 - Shadow Man
3. March 2011 - Turok
4. April 2011 - F-Zero X
5. May 2011 - Wetrix
6. June 2011 - THPS 2
7. July 2011 - 1080 Snowboarding

Also, nominations must be available in both pal and na regions.
Check the following link to be sure before nominating:
Region Information

I once again nominate Road Rash :yeah:

1080 Snowboarding
Here now open the 1080 discussions.

I originally owned the game when it first game out. It was responsible for at least 1 missed day of school. I traded it, then re-bought it about 5 or 6 years ago. I used Rob Haywood when racing, and Ricky Winterborn when doing tricks. I was never able to do a 1080 btw....