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Hi, variant collector here.
Welcome to Nintendo 64 Forever! Glad to have you :)

Son finds his fatherís ghost waiting for him in vintage rally game
Great story :yeah: and sad :(

Found out my Grandpa has cancer
Sorry to hear that, Luke. Prayers go out to him. Grandpa's can be some special people :D

August Game of the Month Vote Off
Here are the randomly chosen five games. Thanks again to bdr for filling in for me on the nomination topic!
I like the lineup of potential winners here :yeah:

August Game of the Month Nomination Topic
About to do the drawing. Luke, Castlevania is eligible :)

August Game of the Month Nomination Topic
Hello all! First of all a big thanks to bdr for filling in for me. I had a tough couple of weeks there before getting well.

I plan to put to do the drawing tomorrow night, allowing for a week of votes before August hits.

Luke, which Castlevania game are you referring to? Legacy of Darkness won three months ago.

Destruction Derby 64
Here is your winner by a narrow margin. Never tried it myself.
*note* I have been extremely sick the past couple of days, hence the delay in posting this. I will get Augusts nomination topic up and going as soon as I am well. Happy fourth of July to my fellow americans!