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Perfect Dark
yeah, the trevelyan showdown was executed much better.
not that having to shoot a person 50 times is realistic, it felt like a better ending...

Do you own any games that you've never played?
it was for psp. it is one of the best games i have ever played, no doubt about it. the exploring, fighting, collecting & gathering are all awesome. i was maybe 1/3 of the way through when i called it quits. i am sure i will pick it back up sometime.

that just cause game sounds cool B)

Perfect Dark
i never really got into the alien story line. mr blonde was cool, and i think he would have made a much better boss than the skedar king. i think a traditional espionage story would have been better.

Perfect Dark
just plain normal for me. i detested wide screen stuff back then. now i get nothing but widescreen dvd's if i can help it. i think full screen works best for games though.

What do you like best about the N64 system itself?
i loved how it looked. i loved the cartridge format. having 4 controller ports was great too. i could go with any of those 3 as what i liked best...

Perfect Dark
yeah me too. i have a hard time ranking pd ahead of ge, but i just love the graphics, guns, and music a little bit better....

Do you own any games that you've never played?
Hi Stinger, how's things? It sounds like True Crime: Streets of New York is as bland as TC: Streets of LA!
- alxbly

things are good. i finally got burned out on monster hunter after 140+ hours. i put it down 3 weeks ago. i am not sure what to play next.
you been doing all right?

yeah streets of new york was bland and boring. it had evey problem the first one had (sprawling lame cities and repetitive peds) and EVERY single ped you pat down will cuss you out. i get mad and off them, and then i get bad cop points. it just isn't fun....

Favorite N64 games - Your Top Ten
i always love doing these...

1st = Refect Dark
2nd = Goldeneye
3rd = Ocarina of Time
4th = Mario Kart
5th = Diddy Kong Racing
6th = Road Rash
7th = Mario 64
8th = Wrestlemania 2000
9th = Resident Evil 2
10th = Pilot Wings

Perfect Dark
hmmm, well i didn't like the not so hot frame rate. that isn't a big deal though.
my biggest gripe? i didn't really care for any of the new multiplayer levels. i (and my friends) spent 90% of our time on the complex or facility. i was just really dissappointed with the new ones. the pipes, villa, and warehouse were ok, but nothing like goldeneye levels to me.

also, in goldeneye, i loved replaying almost all of the single player missions. in pd, i had levels i loathed and had no interest in playing again after i beat them.

all and all though, i love pd and these were minor gripes :lol:

So last night I
i have never done drugs, but i have had a few people i know tell me about their lsd experiences. much like your story, they just kind of scare the crap out of me. i would feel like i was losing my mind if i went through that. that's to crazy for me! :wacko: