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What are you doing RIGHT NOW?!?!
Wow, that sucks red. I had to pop the lock on our old washer a few times over the years.

Hey everyone!
Welcome to Nintendo 64 Forever! Glad to have you :)

N64 Collection
Nice collection! Many great games in there :yeah:

N64 stuff you've just discovered/realized
A small detail I noticed years ago....

I always enjoyed the thq wrestling titles. I started with WcW/nWo World Tour. I never noticed this in the manual or guides. If you are in a submission and touch the analog at all, your character gets out of the hold. Made matches against folks who did not know this go rather easy :lol:

I pulled an 11 second victory over a friend one time. It was a total fluke. I ran across the ring at the bell and took him down. Slapped on a choke hold and his character inexplicably tapped out immediately. He was not too happy ;)

What are you doing RIGHT NOW?!?!
Thanks! Yeah I am anxious for season five to arrive on netflix in a few weeks. We do not have cable so we are always a season behind :lol:

V2.0 Bamboozled's Start
You should be proud of it! It is a nice collection :yeah:

Italia64 opinions about N64 games
Nice work so far. Spot on for Shadow Man and JFG in my opinion.

Show off your Collection on Facebook?
Any takers? We have tons of great galleries on here, but I do not feel right about sharing without permission.

Dee, I hope you are right. So far I don't think it has gotten us any new members as of yet. I get messages on there, mostly from people who speak poor english that think we are a store :lol: Some folks ask questions about games or the system. I still have hopes it draws some people in.

Are you a Nintendo 64...gamer, collector, expert or lover?
Aug 27 2015, 06:33 PM
Very hard to believe that Stinger is not an expert ;) You're too humble man!
:lol: you overestimate me. You hardcore collectors and gamers hold the real knowledge! What little bit I do know I picked up from our members.

I am just a lover who enjoys helping run the forum in hopes that others with like passions stick around :)

What are you doing RIGHT NOW?!?!
Well it is 4:12 am. I am up marathoning the walking dead on netflix. Four seasons in four days. I have been sick almost a week. Finally went to the doctor and found out it was strep throat. Thank God for netflix :lol:

Welcome to Nintendo 64 Forever. Glad to have you. The pic and name cracked me up :lol:

allow my to re introduce myself
Welcome back :)

Hello There
Welcome aboard! Glad to have you :yeah:

Important Staff Update!
Welcome to the staff, buddy! Glad to serve along side you :applause:

Are you a Nintendo 64...gamer, collector, expert or lover?
I am a lover I supose. I find time to play a handful of games a few times a year. I don't really collect, and I am no expert :lol:

The N64 represents a carefree happy era of my life. Lots of happy memories associated with the system. The quality of games was excellent. It will always hold a special place in my heart :yeah:

Pilot Wings 64
It is and was a great game. It is one of the handful of titles I find time to play once or twice a year. Birdman, the cannon, and the gyro vs robot are my favorite things to do :yeah: My daughter gets a kick out of them as well. :D

September Game of the Month Vote Off
Here are your randomly drawn 5 games. Thanks to all who nominated :yeah:
We have a good lineup to choose from :)

September Game of the Month Nomination Topic
Just realized I forgot to do a drawing this month. I will get it done here in just a minute. >_<
Just a side note, Space Invaders & Indiana Jones were PAL absent, so I had to exclude them. Also according to wikipedia, Cruis'n World did have both a NA and PAL release, despite what one former member said :lol:

Regarding Banned Members
You all are too kind. I am glad to see others felt the same about the post being trash and out of place here.

Thankfully we don't get too many clowns like that rolling through :yeah:

Regarding Banned Members
Thank you, Meader. :yeah:

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