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Netflix Suggestions?
MyBeefCakes, you are exactly right. It made me feel even worse knowing Brandon could arguably be considered handicapped. Seeing him manipulated so severely is painful to watch. People want to talk about crooked cops, look no further.

Here is a news story on it.

Dassey Story

I was excited to hear they are continuing the Making a Murderer series in Netflix, though I haven't heard when more will be out.

Price Inquiry Restrictions
Let me discuss it with the rest of the staff. Perhaps we can lift it on that particular section.

Netflix Suggestions?
You aren't kidding. I was glad to hear Brandon Dassey's conviction was over turned last month due to the manipulation on his testimony. I hope that leads to Avery's as well.

Hey gang
Welcome to Nintendo 64 Forever! Congrats on the upcoming marriage. Glad to have you :yeah:

Netflix Suggestions?
How could I forget...... Twin Peaks, Making a Murderer, and I.T. Crowd!

Welcome to Nintendo 64 Forever :yeah: Glad to have you!

Netflix Suggestions?
Some good ones have already been named...

I would add:
Expedition Unknown (If you like stuff like that)
Breaking Bad and Walking Dead (Anybody NOT watch these anyhow?)
Bates Motel (Believe it is on there)
Archer and Bob's Burgers are big favorites of mine.

I KNOW I am forgetting some good ones...

Favorite extremely small details in games
Aug 27 2016, 07:49 PM

In Mario Kart 64, it's cool how you can drive up into the castle courtyard.

Perfect Dark showcases GoldenEye weapons in the shooting range.

Two good ones for sure! :lol: We used to love just goofing off in the castle courtyard, in particular using a mushroom to jump a certain hill there. And the shooting range in PD was truly awesome in general. Most times shooting ranges are empty additions to a game.

Favorite extremely small details in games
Doak was definitely a cool little extra.

Mileage - the first time I played through the facility and he was giving me the key decoder, I thought i needed to hit a button to receive it. I tapped all over the controller. Eventually I hit the trigger not even thinking. I shot him in the throat. It did the slow death animation. It was so funny, but I still felt bad :lol:

Hello from DeathlyRaccoon!
Welcome! Glad to have you :yeah:

Why the DD?
Topic moved*

I hate the DD never reached its' potential.

Hello out there
Hello, Sam. Glad to have you!

Cheers to us!
Congrats Mainer

September Game of the Month Vote Off
Track and field is running away with it so far. The last time it was a serious contender for GotM was during the last Olympics! Crazy huh?

Games You've Finished in 2016
Updating my list again...

Fallout 4
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
-Hearts of Stone Dlc
Parappa The Rapper 2
The Division
Goat Simulator
Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
Life is Strange
-Episodes 1
-Episode 2
- Training Episode 100%
- Episode Paris 100%
- Episode Sapienza 100%
- Episode Marrakesh 100%
- Episode Thailand 100%

September Game of the Month Vote Off
Here are your randomly selected 5 games. Happy voting to all :yeah:

We had a really diverse bunch of games this month, as well a really high number of them. The list helped big time.
Thanks to you all!

September Game of the Month Nomination Topic
poll to come shortly :yeah:

I don't spend as much time on it as I was at first with my first account. I still log in daily though, and check responses and try to answer a question or two as I can.

Creepy or dark N64 moments
Lots of creepy moments. Resident Evil 2 of course. Ocarina of Time in parts. Even BnK and DKR with some of the combinations of look and music. I found the music in Body Harvest to be creepy in general :lol:

Welcome to Nintendo 64 Forever! Gotta love Beavis! :lol:

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