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What kind of computer(s) do you have?
i just got it about 5 months ago. it was a walmart special :D

it is a dell inspiron 531

2.3 ghz processor
2 gigs of ram
120 gig hard drive

14 flat screen monitor

and best of all, windows xp. i was happy to avoid vista

before that i was using an ancient pc. it was an hp made in 2000.
466 mhz processor
512 megs of ram (updated from the original 96)
and a HUGE 10 gig hard drive. :P

and i had dial up to boot.

i am a much happier pc user now

Have you ever sold and then repurchased a game?
i gave my bro goldeneye when perfect dark came out. i then re-bought it 3 years later. also i traded him 1080 in 2001, and bought it again ealier this year.

i think that is it.

How much did you pay?
Color: black

Price: $199 - my mom bought it
Purchased from: walmart i think
Date of purchase: a couple of weeks before christmas of 96
Expansion pak: got one when it cam eout
Controllers: 7 over the years. now - one gray, black, red mixed colors
Rumble paks: 2 (1 official, 1 tremor pack)
Controller paks: 1 generic
Games i had close to thirty, but only have about a dozen now.