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Video game websites/publications
egm is my fav mag, but it sucks compared to it's late 90's form.
gamfaqs is the only gaming site i frequently go to.

Nintendo's next system will use cartridges.
wether it happens or not, i would like to see it. for some reason cartridge games just seem to have a more fun feel to me : :D

Game of the decade?
my contenders for game of the decade:

fallout 3 - couldn't have been more for me than if i made it myself.
monster hunter freedom - so fun and addictive. i am frightened of it's powers.
gta san anreas - the definition of fun.
perfect dark - best fps of all time, and how i met my wife.
uncharted drake's fortune - great gaming experience all around.
gun - don't think i have ever played a game begining to end so much as i did gun.
battlefield 1943 - the most multiplayer fun i have had outside of pd.
battlefield bad company - the 2nd most multiplayer fun i have had since pd