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October Game of the Month vote off!
Pokemon Puzzle League is your winner by a close margin over Pilot Wings!

October Game of the Month vote off!
I didn't put a closing time for the poll in the post. I had been debating what I should go with. I am thinking the 20th of every month. This allows for almost 2 weeks of voting time, and still plenty of time to acquire the game if need be. Input?

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
I found Sims 2 Apartment Pets for ds in a car today along with a red stylus :D

On a less cool note, the Midnight Club LA Remix I found does not work. The plastic psp disc case is damaged :-/

New moderator
Congrats Mk II! You were a clear cut choice :D

Resurrection of Alxbly
He is on most days. He was one today according to his profile. I am sure he will see this :D

Games that have caused you emotional pain!
I found that Monster Hunter Freedom was insanely difficult at times. Some of the monsters you fight can kill you in one hit. A lot of them take the full 45+ plus to kill. Even playing with a friend, it was VERY tough. We did kill everything and reach G class though >:-]

Diddy Kong Racing drove me nuts back in the day with the boss fights. It literally took me a whole day of trying on some of them. I picked it back up about 4 years ago. I beat all of them with 1 or 2 tries :lol: Wizpig still gave me trouble though.

Those are the first 2 to come to mind. I wil try to think of more later...

October Game of the Month vote off!
The number of nominations per game does not change the odds for something being chosen. Unfortunately it and Road Rash were the odd men out this month -_-

October Game of the Month vote off!
Fixed the spelling, sorry for the typo ;)

So I take it PPL has a 3 vote start judging by your 3's posts?

Resurrection of Alxbly
I am sure both he and his photos will return again. I am sure he is just busy and probably a little burned out. I would love for him and floorcat to both be frequent posters again. For that matter, I wish I had time to be a frequent poster again.

What games are you playing?
I burned myself out on Monter hunter Fredom Unite after only 70 hours, a far cry from the 500+ spent on Freedom.

Anyhow, I have spent the last two weekends playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 late at night. I have also been playing some Pokemon Black. I plan on trading in 2 Mario Kart ds games in soon towards a copy of Pokemon White. I have just mainly been breeding me a nice army of level 1 pokemon to start with :D

Please help me identify this character
Cool find :D

I have a Golem spinning top somwhere around here. I don't even remember where on earth i got it from... :unsure:

October Game of the Month vote off!
Here are your randomely drawn 5 games to vote on. Thank you all for your participation. Looks like I will have to wait a little while longer for Road Rash. I am excite by its' backign this month though. Perhaps next month :D

I am already torn between 3 of the games - Pokemon Puzzle League, Pilot Wings, & Rocket Robot on Wheels.

October Game of the Month nominations
I am getting ready to do the drawing. The poll will be up shortly :D

October Game of the Month nominations
Don't worry guys, our persistance will pay off one day. I have wanted to try rocket for a while, and have voted for it in atleast 2 of the polls. I am also a big fan of tetris attack ;)

October Game of the Month nominations
I am excited about the backing I am seeing for road rash :) it, Rocket, and Pokemon Puzzle League have been nominated SO many times...