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Heroes in your life
good answers, Luke :yeah:

What games are you playing?
Been playing some Assassin's Creed Revelations and The Last of Us when I can lately :D

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Thanks, kartmaster! I will get a couple hours in a week at least :yeah:

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Well as a happy side effect of my better paying job, I did something today I haven't done in ages. I bought some games. I picked up a used copy of Assassin's Creed Revelations, Assassin's Creed 3, and The Last of Us. So very happy! Skyrim and GTA V will be next I hope.

What gaming companies....
Congrats, Koopwn. That is awesome. I think we have another one or two that do in some capacity.

What gaming companies....
Thanks for all the feedback!

Titan, I agree in a way. I had npc's fall to their death on Fallout 3 :lol: and was stuck a vampire on Oblivion. I also got to take advantage of an unlimited money glitch in Oblivion as well :yeah:

October Game of the Month Vote Off
Here are your five nominated games.

October Game of the Month Nomination Topic
OK, it is the middle of the month and we have 5 nominations. No drawing needed, all five will proceed to the poll!

Heroes in your life
That's a true Hero, Grizz! Well said.

Heroes in your life
Well Said! :lol:

N64 collector lurking hello!!
Welcome to Nintendo 64 Forever! :applause:

What gaming companies....
Thanks for weighing in :yeah:

I agree old Rare would have been amazing! I believe it is Hal that does the Pokemon games. They are simple, but quite fun. I could see those or a Zelda project being fun to work on as well.

I agree that visiting any of these would be a rewarding experience as well!

What gaming companies....
Hey everyone. As gamers I am sure that most of you have wished you worked in the industry before. So it begs the question, who would you want to work for? Four companies come to mind for me immediately. They are Bethesda, Ubisoft, Rockstar, and Naughty Dog.

I love Bethesda and the games they make, but they can be quite glitchy (Fallout for instance). Ubisoft has the amazing Assasin's Creed series that I consider to be masterful. Rockstar has my attention with GTA and Red Dead games. They are well done, but lack amazing storylines. Naughty Dog would probably be the ultimate dream for me. The Uncharted line as well as the Last of Us are masterpieces. They are well made, have great stories, and are executed at a level few could match. I think it would just be amazing to be a part of the creation of these games at any level.

So what say you all?

Hello Chums
Welcome to Nintendo 64 Forever, Dan! :yeah:

iPhone 6 and 6Plus revealed
I prefer droid products by far. Had an galaxy s3 for near two years. Love it and had zero problems!

Well, three years later and I am still a Netflix fiend. We still have no TV service, and I really feel no need for it. Other than college football, I wouldn't care if I ever had cable :lol:

So many good documentaries to watch, and a healthy flow of good movies as well :yeah:

Greatest movie Villain?
Anton Chigurh from No country for Old Men

Hannibal from the Silence of the Lambs movies

Gary Oldman from The Professional

Vincent from Collateral (Kind of a love/hate feeling)

Top Dollar and his crew from The Crow

John Travolta from The Punisher

These are some that come to mind first for me.

Heroes in your life
Thank you for sharing, KartMaster :yeah:

Heroes in your life
Well said, bdr :)

Heroes in your life
It has been far too long, so here we go...

At all phases of my life I think we all find people to look up to. Sometimes it is people we know, and sometimes it is famous people we have never met. I want to talk about the heroes in my life, and I want to hear about those in yours!

As far as the people I know.

My grandparents. Both did such a great job of raising a family that has stayed so close knit and largely drama free for decades. I was the youngest grandchild, so it meant more time alone with them than with my cousins, and I enjoyed that tremendously. They were great country, Christian folks. My grandfather was drafted in WWII and was part of the D Day invasion. He was severely wounded, and almost lost his leg. He avoided amputation, but remained permanently disabled the rest of his life. Despite that he was a hard worker. He was a cement worker, a carpenter and a farmer. I always strived to be the kind of family man he was, and the kind of hard worker he was. He passed away in 2006 and I still miss him. My grandmother passed away this past January. I hate I can't see them on this earth any more. Props as well to all service men and women.

My mother raised me mostly as a single parent with the help of my grandparents. She worked a full time job, and made many sacrifices for me. She always put me first.

My father, though he struggled in family life, was tremendously successful financially. I think he only finished 8th grade, but his hard work and street smarts paid off. He first became successful as a car salesman and then a dealer. For many years he was the largest buy here pay here dealer in the state of Oklahoma. Later he got into property management, and became even more successful at that. He was always there to help financially.

My father in law is a good Christian man, who is successful in both family life and financially. He will sacrifice anything for his family, and that is impressive.

My wife, yes my wife. She is so devoted to my daughter, it is a call for me to be a good husband and father!

Now as far as famous folks... All of these people are flawed just like the rest of us, but I can at least admire their success in specific areas.

Bruce Lee, who else? As a martial artist I became obsessed with him. My teacher was student of one of his students, so I was drawn even more to him. He gave himself fully to developing his skills, and it paid off. He revolutionized martial arts as a whole, and I believe helped pave the way for modern MMA. He was incorporating grappling in to stand up fighting decades ago when nobody else really was. I also idolized his son Brandon Lee, as an actor and martial artist.

Bas Rutten, a dutch kick boxer. My favorite fighter of all time. He was an amazing fighter and hilarious person. He is now a trainer and actor. He didn't really know how to ground fight at all when he started. he was 4-4 for his career before learning to ground fight. I believe he won 25 or 26 consecutive fights after that before retiring. He started in the early days of MMA fighting with an organization called Pancrase in Japan, which was a prerunner to the UFC. Later he fought twice in the UFC. He was an amazing all around fighter who was fun to watch, and was incredibly intelligent in his strategy. I hope to meet him one day.

And lastly, Jesus. (No this is not an advertisement for Christianity, just me being honest). I was raised in a Christian home, but was only truly converted two and a half years ago. If I can be more like him and how he wants me to be, I can be all my family needs. No better hero than someone who will lay down their life you!

Thanks for reading :)
Now lets hear yours!

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