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N64 Challenge Scoreboard
OOjhhh :o

670 on Area 6, woah.

So, whats the tricks?
Expert mode for one I assume.

*falls of chair*

N64 Fan, Enthusiast, or Aficionado?
Sorry, if I quoted heaps much but yeah....

1. When did you get your Nintendo 64? (Which one, I have 4? :) )
b) During the first year.

2. Have you sold your Nintendo 64, then bought it back later?
a) Never. (I sold one of my 4 to a friend, that was so I could play it at his place!)

3. Do you aspire to collect every Nintendo 64 game released?
None of those answers. ;) I have a few from not this region (I wanna get an NTSC N64 still).
But just about every game that is somewhat playable. (Thats a buttload of games)
Don't wanna own it if me or someone else ain't gonna play/enjoy it

4. Do you aspire to collect every variation of Nintendo 64 system and controllers?
b) Just the colours I like.
Eh, Maybe, if I saw some cool ones, I wouldn't go out of my way to get them, maybe for someone else though

5. Do you own a Nintendo 64 Disk Drive?
Again, none of the above. I can afford one, but I haven't really tried looking for one, I'm too busy working 50-60 hours a week (mostly) so yeah.
But if one appeared in front of me I'd buy it!

6. Do you prefer the Nintendo 64 versions of multi-platform games?
a) Always! Any game’s best if I can use the N64 controller!
I didn't fully understand what you mean by that question, but I think thats what I think... :huh:

7. Have you ever downloaded an N64 game on the Wii VC/XBox Live arcade?
b) Yes, because it was cheaper than the original cartridge.
Sin & Punishment, and the English Menu's/Subtitles, or elses I wouldn't have go tit. ^_^

8. How do you feel about the overall review scores that Nintendo 64 games have received?
a) They’re mostly underrated.

9. What N64 trait would you most like to see in current games?
a) The number 64.
e) Old games in new dimensions.

10. Have you ever recommended someone to get a Nintendo 64 game that you’ve never played?
c) No, I must play a game before I’d form an opinion.

11. Are you a member of a Nintendo 64 forum?
a) I created one!
b) Yes, more than one.

12. Have you ever attempted to explain to a PlayStation fan why the Nintendo 64 is awesome?
b) No. Just let them play it, that does the talking, and I'm not just saying that, actually did it!

13. If you answered yes to the above question, what was the outcome?

14. Do you take note whenever you see the number 64?
a) I saw it yesterday and last week and…

15. Have you ever lurked next to a Nintendo 64 kiosk in a store?
a) Yeah, and I gave out gaming tips.
b) Yes, and I challenged passersby to a game.

16. Did you answer any of these questions untruthfully to make it seem like you’re a bigger N64 fan than you really are?
a) No, I’m really that big of a fan!

using the D-pad instead of the analog stick
I used to us it wherever possible to minimize controller wear.
We played a lot of games that used it a lot back in 05/06.
NBA Hangtime, Killer Instinct Gold, the International Superstar Soccer Games...
Thats just of the top of my head, but the amount of actual hours put into those games... :o

N64 Challenge Scoreboard
Jan 25 2009, 02:39 AM
Yeah, SF64 is a great game for highscoring in. My best total hits run in that game is a 2800 (that'd be a rough one to beat ;) )

Perhaps you mean 1800?

Nintendo 64 Video Project
Jan 11 2009, 08:40 PM
289 N64 games in ten minutes? It'd take months to make that though...

Does anyone here have any ideas?

Nah, that wouldn't be that great, too many average games...
Quality over quantity!
Like this:
Works really good with the music.
If it isn't, than it sure SOUNDS LIKE its from he 90's!
And thats the idea!

OH, if only I could get my capture device working, I'd make N64 tribute/combo videos heaps lots. :(
Instead this is as N64 related as I can do:

Heres some good ones:
Blast Corps: http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=FHICAxVuPtc&feature=PlayList&p=7B8A7AC541425C38&index=8

Snowboard Kids/Diddy Kong Racing/Mario Kart 64 Music Video


N64 Giveaway!!
Sounds good.

Yeah let us know how many games etc and I'll have a go.
Hope I get 2nd. :D

I misread, I thought the 2nd prize was an N64.
I could do with a 4th one. :)