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Recommendation topic
N64 is the best
Jan 1 2010, 09:02 PM
I now have some money around $40. What should I get? :huh: I'm thinking about getting DK64 $10.00 and banjo kazooie $10.00 (I sold and got $15.00 YAY!) :w00t:
Get Banjo-Kazooie first and if you like that, and would like a kind of similar but longer game go for Donkey Kong 64. :)

Games you'll finish in 2010
Animal Crossing: City Folk
Yes, one must finish Animal Crossing... :huh:

The best thing I did last year was finish Turok 1 and 2 again.
Maybe I'll redo them on Hard OR do Turok 3.
Theres a bunch of games I wanna replay, just gotta actually make my mind up and start on one of them.

I might actually finish Super Mario Bros 3 for the first time. i'm nearly half way through. :)

Oh, did I see Rayman 3? Hoodlum Havoc?
I LOVED that game!
I didn't know what to expect, and wasn't expecting anything amazing but its so good!
Grapically its great, its fun and has great flow, the humour is outstanding, and the voices!
ANDDD if you change the language it doesn't just change the text, the characters actually speak in a different language!
Love it! :D

Custom Content
I like being able to make maps, levels, mods etc for pc games.
I made some decent Red Alert 2/Yuri's Revenge and Unreal Tournaament Levels back in the day.

Good times. :yeah:

Ooh I just randomly thought of the track editors in Penny Racers and Excitebike 64.
Me and friend made some great one sin Excitebike.
And I bought a memory card last year and someone hadn't erased the data and there was an excitebike track...
They had set it up so the comp players would crash into the wall on the first jump, it was funny, cause you leave the game on and the commentator is constantly going off about people "crashing hard into the bails" and "eats dirt" and so on. :lol:

Wii discussion
Go with the truth.

Always. :)

The Official N64 Forever Chat Thread
Haha, Adelaide has been copping it this summer.

Mmm, I do like this time of year with the Australian Open on and all.
Always inspires me to get out some Mario Tennis (as long as there is someone to play against).
My work is right near the new Brisbane...QLD....Tennis Centre thing where they had/have the Brisbane International. it was on the tvs a few weeks ago.
Speaking of Tennis and TV did anyone else hear the commentating around midnight the other night during the doubles.
Funniest thing I've heard in ages, that guy was on fire!
"Players tend to get tight at this late stage of the match. Tight like a..." :lol:

The Official N64 Forever Chat Thread
Hehe, the charger on my laptop died a week within me getting it, maybe it was my fault though, not sure what i did wrong though.
They replaced it for free, but it still cost me time to go down and for them to do it.
Other than that, no complaints, this thing is great.

Its been so hot lately up here in Brisbane.
34 or so every day, and QLD hot is hotter then NSW and Victoria Hot, i'm telling ya.
Cept Victoria gets that rubbish desert winds and over 40 hot sometimes in summer. lol, Melbourne weather is whack! :P

I prefered the look of Banjo-Kazooie over Mario 64.
Mario is very nice, BUT Banjo's worlds are just so full of life...
Urge to play through again is rising VERY high.
Might have to just go out and buy another copy of the game!

Super Player's Journey 64
I was 11 i think when I first started playing that game, so when I first pulled of a 1080, it was SO satisfying.
And see, I don't think the tricks are "overly complicated" they reward players who really put some time into the game otherwise it would be too easy.
I can do a 1080 pretty easy these days, or a 900 at the least with no trouble.

I loved the controls of all the semi-realistic sports games being Wave Race, 1080 and Excitebike.
Very rewarding.

Super Player's Journey 64
I quite enjoyed Armornines, it certainly gets better further on in the game, I particually liked the desert levels, and the Volcano wasn't bad either.
But yeah that 3rd level is a bit of a drag, i can see where you could be put off early in the game...

1080 is great IF you get a feel for the controls.
Its very satisfyinggoing through the courses and cushioning the terrain instead of stacking.
I like it. ;)

8 or 9.

Ahh, Banjo-Kazooie, a very tempting game to replay.
Only takes about 10 hours to do everything, and its quality all the way.
8 or 9.

Ahh, Banjo-Kazooie, a very tempting game to replay.
Only takes about 10 hours to do everything, and its quality all the way.

Star Fox 64
i don't really replay Lylat Wars, cause I never stopped playing it.
I've played it every year since it came out.
Its really good, and is still fun today.
i love the adrenilin rush of Area 6 with the music, the huge amount of enemies, and just everythingabout it.

The Official N64 Forever Chat Thread
Dec 12 2009, 08:37 PM
Got a new PC yesterday; its really nice, much faster than my old one. I'm still getting used to Windows 7... it seems a bit alien just now. Anyone else using it?
Ya my old comp died, got a new laptop, it appears to be the goods :)

I still get to play regular multiplayer N64. :)
So things can't be too bad. ^_^