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Life Hacks
Some really good stuff, and some silly ones (some are really funny :) haha) too but hey.

I used to be poor, but I still didnt go downloading crap.

We always used to joke a friend of mine had life hack or went to lifefaqs (instead of gamefaqs).
His nickname is Ben Bullshit.
There was one he told us to ask for a quater pounder with chicken sauce.
Its good!

Whichever game you play first will be the best one for you.

Ruby was my first one in 06.

February Game of the Month Vote off
I better not post about that game, I tend to kill topics when i do lately (Perfect Dark :o )

Inspiration from/for Nintendo Games
"Berthilda the witch"

Pretty similar to Gruntilda.

I also remember another letter in N64 magazine about a kids book that had very similar looking characters to Jet Focre Gemini.
I have these magazines still, but weather to keep them...ugh I have too much stuff.

Best Gamecube Games?
Ooh, yeah Mario Strikers was damn good.
For multiplayer that is.

If ya after some RPGs, Skies of Arcadia and Tales of Symphonia are both very good.

Inspiration from/for Nintendo Games
It said something about this video not being watchable in this region.

Sounds legit though.
And I liked the Lost theory as you know.

By Guest Crackpot Theorist, D.J. Cat

I read about this in N64 Magazine (A UK mag) over 10 years ago.

Tell me Banjo-Kazooie and that game dont have a LOT of similarities...

Inspiration from/for Nintendo Games
Straight from the instruction book:

Located somewhere in the South
Pacific, the Lost Island track offers a
fast-paced trek through a volcanic
island. Lush greenery, native villages,
ancient ruins and numerous secrets
await you!

And, yes!
Finally worked out how to do the jump again.
Let go of A, Brake, then Boost.
I was missing the first step I think.

When your boat dips down, thats when you boost.
Can be very handy!

Movies and Television
Doctor Who
Curb Your Enthusiasm

Thats about all at the moment.

Play an N64 game...
Adventure Racing is fantastic.
Love the off-road action and exploration to get those hidden boxes.
And showing the game to people who havent seen it before. :) Quite a few people missed this game.

Zero Hour was Hard, I was wondering If the next time I do a replay I should play through on Normal again or have a crack at hard.
Just worried I will find it too hard and give up part way through.
I had a huge shooting game spree in late 10/early 11 (wow 2 years ago now...) which included Doom, both N64 Duke games and Turok 3 :D


I have a few less than 100 games, but I still play it heaps.
Always plugged into the TV and always have a bag and controllers with games ready to take to a mates place for multiplayer action.
:n64: :yeah:

Perfect Dark
Something for anyone with a bit of spare time and appreciation of fan-fictions

Ahhh Perfect Dark.

The anticipation I had for this game when it was first released was huge.
I had played Goldeneye heaps, got everything in the game, and was wondering if it could ever be beat.
I knew about it way in advance, read about it in every gaming magazine I had and was ready to play it for months.
I was lucky enough to get it for my birthday when I was 12, i played it non-stop for the rest of those school holidays.

The first thing that gets you is the atmosphere.
The futuristic, dark, dangerous world.
Getting shown around the institute at the start is fantastic, and I was so SO pleased to see the Goldeneye weapons behind the glass casing as soon as you walk in the training room and wondering if and how i could get them. But just the reference was fantastic.

Then you notice all the little improvements over Goldeneye.
Like characters that spoke instead of subtitles (yes this was a big deal just over 10 years ago haha! )
The secondary features of all the weapons, this was done very, very well.
Combat Simulator: For people like me who had no one to play in Goldeneye because they didnt want to get beaten so badly it was perfect.
Always someone to play against.
But it also made for amazing team efforts (I could go on for ever about that, but maybe i'll come to it later)
If people werent that great at the game they could still get a hell of a good time by playing 4 players vs sims, where everyone works together.
The challenges were fantastic and quite a challenge and just how damn customizable everything was.
It was so extensive.

Single Player was great, harder than Goldeneye.
Not everyone is a fan of the story, but I think its fantastic, you get some great locations and moments and its just different to your usual affair.
Far better than your generic military based shooter that you get now-a-days.
Getting all the cheats in single player and just beating the levels on Perfect Agent was some kind of hard.
Hell, Im still missing 2 cheats, even if they are not needed due to already having infinite ammo and all guns, but still, its just the getting of everything I still lack.
And beating a certain bonus mission on Perfect Agent :o

Just did the gadget training.
I like how they did it, and throughout the game theses things were used sparingly and with good variety.
Loved the use of the disguise.

Thats enough for now. :)
(eeks big posts are annoying with that cat over there)
(combat simulator game time: 12 days 14 hours 8 minutes. And I never left my game on just to increase my stats. Thats all actual game time. I should take a pic)

Nintendo Clothing and Accessories! POST YOURS!
Love a good fanny pack ;)

February Game of the Month Nominations
It felt like hardly anyone played 1080 Snowboarding when it won.

Anyway i Pick Mission: Impossible

The music and the way they talk and stuff has randomly been stuck in my head lately.
I dont know why a lot of the little things with that game stuck with me, but they did.

Luigi Nintendo 64
Jan 3 2012, 07:34 AM

He loved it :D as soon as he ripped the wrapping paper away, he put down his new DS and asked if he could plug it in and play it :lol:
Awesome job.

And kids these days still appreciating the N64. :o
Awesome. :D
Experienced the same with my brothers kids, rating Mario Kart 64 over the newer ones.

Play an N64 game...
Jan 2 2012, 04:49 PM
Finally plugged the old N64 back in after a long break and am currently playing Castlevania:LOD, Duke Nukem:Zero Hour, and Nightmare Creatures. I play a little of each one every night. :yeah:
OMG, Duke Nukem: Zero Hour was fantastic.

Very challenging though!
Severely under-rated i think.

Fan Crafts an Extensive Super Mario 64 Mod
Yeah, sounds fantastic, but I''m either playing it with an N64 controller or not at all. :n64:

The "Hello, I'm Back" Topic
Yeah, Im always here and not here for infrequeant amounts of time.
Depends if I have a net connection and if I dont I dont always bother chasing it up.

Might be gone for a while if I move house soon (which I probably will) but who knows.

Welcome back. ;)

Nintendo Clothing and Accessories! POST YOURS!
That is one damn amazing room.
I suppose I had a decent room when i was 12, over 100 posters (filled every available wall space) then I had to take them down when we moved and that was that.

I really want one of those 3D N logo shirts.

OMG, cardboard cut-out Joanna! :o 8)

EDIT: What can I find....

Nintendo beanbag:

Not mine, but its a photo of Ganondorf...

DK. He used to come with us everywhere and we would take pics of him in obscure places.
Unfortunatley, I dont know where some of the older pics are or a decent close up.
We added chains and a leather jacket to him.

Inspiration from/for Nintendo Games
Dec 29 2011, 06:37 AM
Hi all. So I was playing Hydro Thunder last night and raced around Lost Island a few times. As I was playing, I thought it was so cool how Midway incorporated elements of ABC's Lost (great show, hope it made it to your region of the world) that race. The crashed airplane, the beach campsite, the mid race radar knockout, and what appeared to be the smoke monster on the Lost Island logo on the choose race screen.
I see the crashed plane, a big one too.
Couldnt see the beach camp site, but there are many beaches, so maybe I just didnt see it.
And I see the "smoke monster" on the track select.

No one tell me what happens, one day I might want to watch the show. :o
Spoilers are horrible, horrible things.

The "Hard" tracks in Hydro Thunder are so cool!
Spoiler: click to toggle

Play an N64 game...
Yeah, suppose its time to fire up Perfect Dark for the game of the month thing.
I suppose I will play through on Special Agent first, then move onto Perfect if I get the chance.
I dunno though, its not like im replaying the game or "coming back" to it like most people, cause I never really stopped playing the game ever since it came out.

But first, some Hydro Thunder. :D