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Super Smash Bros
Again, another Melee video, but I feel it's related with the seriea and how the game should be played.
Fun and silly. 😀


(song in video contains a few naughty words, be warned etc etc)
A preview to a to a Smash tournament we thought of, made that video and people got pumped 😀
This is the sort of silly fun we used to enjoy from the game.
Having an all DK tournament with the DK Levels in the stage list.
The camcorder footage exists somewhere.
Hopefully one day it gets cut up and put into a montage or something.

And here's more silly fun:
https://youtu.be/OqBTWeAlrMs (my post on smashboards is featured haha)


OK, enough of that!
I could keep going, but that's enough.

All this excellent tomfoolery was spawned from Smash 64 essentially.
Hope it was enjoyable and not annoying...
I over think these things too much. 😆

N64 good quality videos, pics and GIFs

Now I'm hoping the gadget we just ordered will be able to deliver the same quality of video for y'all to enjoy when we start testing it out in the next week or so.

And if not, I'm very keen to get whatever is required to start doing that!

Play an N64 game...
Yeah you better.

At least double that previous score.

Easier than you may think.

I could go into detail, but we can save that for another day.
Just have fun with it.
It's an amazing game full of amazing dialogue.
..."i ain't your buddy, go away!"

Recording footage from an N64 thats connected with an RF cable
Sorry to double post, and there is probably somewhere else to post it but, after a glowing endorsement from a mate of:
they are "not too ****" we just ordered one of these:

Channel 64 Evolution may just be happening before we know it! 😎

Favorite YouTube Channel?
K-Pop and Cat Videos?
Sounds like what I watch and upload and pretty much the main things that it's good for 😂🐱🎶

In answer to the main question...
Channel 64.
We haven't made it yet, and might need to double check on the name but I think it's something that all ya'all should probably like 😉

Wii discussion
As long as you were only playing one game, the cube could carry the game, and memory card in it, and the controller fit SO snugly in your pocket 😊😉

Unless you have tiny pockets 😅

I only just realized that little bag on Paris' back must be holding the cables and maybe a 2nd controller. 😉

Small Reviews About Every N64 Racer
Speaking of Under Rated classics....

Better than reviews will have you believe.
IF you don't play it like a normal racing game.

Roadsters, I really enjoyed what little I played of that, want to play it a good chunk this year.
Thanks for reminding me 😊

Play an N64 game...
@Italia: I was also poor in the late 90s...because I was about 10 years old 😅

I just assumed everyone knew that x64 thing with the payout.
Not everyone is as OCD as me as a kid though 🤗

He says something amusing if you get a high enough score 😉

The Wii U Topic
Like I'm ever going to sell it 😅

Although yeah, I believe the cube version to be the superior version as well.

Feels kind of weird how they are doing this thing again of ending and starting 2 different consoles with the same game.

The Wii U Topic
Jan 26 2017, 07:31 AM
Jan 25 2017, 06:50 PM
I ordered a refurbished MK8 bundle from Walmart for store pick-up last week for a pretty smokin' price of $180 (it was the only one in stock online at the time)... arrived on Monday, still need to pick it up. >_<
Does this mean you'll join us next time we have another Mario Kart 8 race night? :)
I would like to do that too.

Haven't done any looking yet, but pretty sure this is the console for me to get for Zelda.

Recording footage from an N64 thats connected with an RF cable
Alright, it's about time I got around to getting this crap.

Tell me what I should get.
Can I just buy it at a store or so I need to look online?

We are in PAL and play N64 on a CRT, using the normal Yellow Red and White Cables.

N64Forever Beats 'Em All!
I use bamboozled all the time.
Maybe it's an Australian thing.

Comes up in cricket quite often.
Cricket is important. 😎

Also, good job on all the games everyone is knocking off. 👍

Mymee64 checking in!
Jan 22 2017, 07:33 AM
Jan 21 2017, 09:37 AM
I have zero interest collecting anything mint or CiB, I want the beat up carts with sloppy children's hand writing, something that was used and loved! I believe the joy and energy is stuck in that plastic forever!
I find this attitude so refreshing! :yeah:

Yeah, games are made to be played and enjoyed and if they get worn in the process - so be it. :D
Hell yeah!

That and the N64 and it games are tougher than a brick wall and can take a few hard knocks 😎

Also, welcome and all of that! 👍

Fan Labor - Thoughts, Favorites, etc.
Common sense should over rule everything.


What's next, they gonna shut down Goldeneye X? 🤕

What games are you playing?

Any hints for beating the game on Impossible would be nice. 👍

I'm sure I could do it if I tried....maybe.

What game have I been playing?
Killer Instinct and...work and a little bit of the sleeping game...
Enjoyable game... Always seems a bit short though. 😣

Fan Labor - Thoughts, Favorites, etc.
So that means no more making MORE Project M or it needs to be gotten rid of completely?

I really haven't been. following Smash stuff lately.
I do remember enjoying PM mostly for having some really cool levels.

What games are you playing?
Mission Impossible!

Decent game.

I was just reminded that I need to post in the under rated N64 musics topic about the CIA Rooftop music from this game.
It came up on the CD in my car today, a random collection of cool music I put together in 2007.

I could.never even get past the Warehouse level on Impossible.
Not sure if it was really that hard or I just really suck...

Play an N64 game...
Had all these crazy ideas for something like a Mario Party Super League or something like that to get the gang together for Mario Party and just general N64 multi-player action on a regular basis. :n64:

Play an N64 game...
You have a crew to regularly play with?

That's awesome.

I was so used to winning mini games with ease, but to actually match up against people that were skilled at the mini games and not win the mini game star was a shock to The system.
I had the chance to win the game on the 34th turn with a chance time but made a meal of it. 🍕🍖
I think I may over estimated how skilled I may or more not still by after a few beverages 🍻...
Still! No excuses.
I lost to some better players 😇

I've said this many a time before, but bloody hell, I need to get some recording gear for either uploading or even live streaming.
People would love it.

What games are you playing?
Killer Instinct.

The new one for Xbox One.

I was on it pretty much from launch and enjoyed the first 2 seasons but have had no motivation to play the newest edition.
Finally decided to give it a crack and loving it.
What they have done with the new single player mode is So much more entertaining.
Finding it quite addictive!

As for Mario Galaxy 2...

Spoiler: click to toggle

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