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Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
I honestly can't remember, but last time/current time (cause I got stuck...damn Masters Quest) I tried to beat the Temples in an all mixed up order and it mostly worked.

Some events don't happen till you have beat certain temples, events which are needed to enter other temples...

Animal Crossing City Folk
This has the potential to be really good.
The series was fun as it was but needs a makeover.

Hopefully it might have some of the ideas I came up with about a year ago....


What are your opinions on these N64 games Pt. 2
03 Destruction Derby 64 - Is it the same as the Playstation games? if so it would be fun.

04 Duck Dodgers Starring Daffy Duck - Have not played, but am intrigued by it now.

06 Extreme-G - What everyone else said

12 Hydro Thunder - I really wanted to play this game but didn't! Did it get a release???

13 Killer Instinct Gold - Brilliant. Great music, fun, stylish, smexy characters. I still play it when I have someone to VS.

17 Mortal Kombat Trilogy - Classic.

20 Rampage World Tour -Always wanted to play it.

23 San Francisco Rush - Pretty fun. 6 tracks sure, but 24, you can play em reversed, mirrored, or both. Might feel a little dated to play now, but i First played it all of 18 months ago and still enjoyed it so hey.

25 Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire - All good. As others said.

26 Starshot: Space Circus Fever - This looked fun

30 Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey - I'm boring it off a friend. haven't played yet. Or not since 97 I should say. Wow that was 10 years ago!


Best of each Sport games on the N64
I've left out the ones I don't know about and added a few.

Basketball: NBA Hangtime. Great fun.

Golf: Mario Golf

Tennis: Mario Tennis

Soccer(Football): (fun) ISS64. (Proper) ISS2000. 98 ain't bad either.

Snowboarding. For fun its Snowboard Kids 1 or 2 and 1080 is good as well.

What are some good multiplayer N64 racing games?
Beetle/HSV Adventure Racing. Won't appeal to everyone, but its kinda cool...

F-Zero X - Whats wrong with the multiplayer in this?
Good memories of playing this 4 player on a projector screen in front of 200 people.
This year. :lol: (its trues!)

Not cars but I'd recommend the unofficial N64 semi-realistic sports/racing series
Wave Race 64
1080 Snowboarding
Excitebike 64.

Co-op FPS on N64
Armorines - I think its good. I had a hell of a lot of fun with the co-op mode back in the day.
Maybe it won't appeal so much to people anymore, being 8 years later, and people just having the opinion its bad, but i liked it.

Perfect Dark - top notch for co-op. Not just the single player co-op but the whole combat simulator, there are so many options, and its still very playable. There are just so many options. I'd still play it if i had friends where i live now...sigh/

Jet Force Gemini - Sure its not that super for a co-op mode, but its better than not having the option.
It could be really enjoyable just depending on what the 2nd person feels about it. SOme people would rather just sit back and shoot.

Other great mulyiplayer N64 games are Worms: Armageddon, Mario Golf, Mario Tennis ,the ISS football games , Virtua Pool, Beetle Adventure Racing, Rush 2049 and Goldeneye."

Mario Tennis doubles. Great co-operative play against people or humans.
Remember its not a Tennis game its a Mario game. ^_^

International Superstar Soccer 64 (and theres 98 and 2000 as well)
I had THE BEST multiplayer co-op experience with these games, going through the International Cup with our custom teams.