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DDR music.
Oct 15 2011, 10:58 PM

exotic ethnic
Haha awesome song name.

That one I dont know the name of
La Bamba
B-Lovin? I think its called.
I need to play again some more to remember the song names!

Your favourite single player N64 games?
Super Mario 64
The Turok Games, Turok 2 was something special.
ALL the Rareware games.

Yeah I played Doom 64 last year.
Whats the difference between that and the PC versions?

I also enjoyed the Duke Nukem games.
Anyone else out there capable of beating Zero Hour like i did last year? ;)
I still gotta do it on hard though...

Gold N64 Controller
In Australia I remember they advertised it as a gold medal sort of deal cause we are a fairly sports mad nation and it was leading to the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.
Michael Klim appeared on the adds for memory, an Aussie swimmer who had won gold. And Nintendo sponsored him.
One of my buddies has one, although it doesnt look so gold these days hahaha. :o :D

Pokemon Puzzle League
Played it a hell of a lot a few years ago.

I beat it on the hard difficulties, bloody good fun.

But my buddies are super rediculious at the game, thery are like 5x better than me, no exaggeration.
One of them managed to beat all the puzzle university stuff, I dont have the patience for that :p

Play an N64 game...
I loved Killer Instinct Gold, hell I even gave it a good crack last Friday Night believe it or not.

Using the D-Pad helps.