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N64 Drinking Games
We had a similar one with Mario Parry but mostly based on having to drink a giant amount of goon based on your final rank at the end of a party board 😂

Another simple one is...and good with a group...try and finish a game while drinking the whole night.

I did this with Ruddy Kong Racing!
Couldn't do it in one night but finished it the 2nd night!
Oh to be young and in 2006 again....😆

Pokémon GO!
This could be really good.

Will probably give it a go.

Already poured a huge amount of time into another game made by Niantic so will probably understand and "get" it haha.

Pilot Wings 64

All of the above!

Such a relaxing and enjoyable game to play through.
Finally beat it 100% a few years ago with a mate.
That music! So good!

Help with Banjo-Kazooie
Is "which" spelt wrong?

Not "wich"?

Maybe? :eh:

Everdrive 64 now plays 64DD games!
I really should consider getting one of those things...
I remember Goldeneye X and the...I think Goldfinger version they were making made me pretty excited....

I should catch up and check these things out haha.

SPOILER TOPIC! The best plot twists and shocking ends in N64 games
Without giving anything away the Bomberman 64 one was quite a twist!

Especially after having to get the 100 folding cards to see what happens 😉

EDIT: lol, auto correct is hilarious.
Golden Cards not folding cards!

What's the scariest game on the Nintendo 64?
Oct 8 2015, 05:41 AM
Majoras Mask...cause of the Moon
nuff said.
Yes! That game and especially the moon was a bit much for my ex gf to handle!
The atmosphere and the tension especially on day 3!

And yes 're-reads in general especially just after you grow up in OOT.

Great topic btw!