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What are you doing RIGHT NOW?!?!
In bed watching your friends?

Hope they don't mind? 😂

What are you doing RIGHT NOW?!?!
Should be sleeping but have the "our hours are supposed to be starting 2 hours late "soon" excuse sort of..."

My head is spinning...
All 3 cats are in and must be sleeping.
That's nice.
Rare and random cold day and night...not gonna experience many more of these for a good 6 months or so.

Bloody shower head is leaking and not giving the amount of pressure Josiahed when having a shower.
The dripping is annoying too!
Can hear it from here!

What a random, very sleep deprived post...
Here's something good and redeming I've done recently at least:
Speaking of Redeming and sense memories I'm instantly taking back to late 2003 and all of 2004 and the absolute hotbox playing Unreal Tournament at school.
Pit of Agony and the weapon "the redeemer" is in mind...Monster Kill!
Killing Spree!

Seriously dude stop rambling...
What a Forgone Destruction...

Another-nother Goldeneye Challenge
Hot Dam!

Solitaire is the way to go anyway.
We actually changed to it years ago not only because you can play better with it but also to save the lifespan of our poor control sticks! 😆

Using D-Pad in any game that allows it has probably saved another 4-6 control sticks.
NBA Hangtime and Superstar Soccer come to mind. And Killer Instinct. It seems bizarre to me now the concept of even using the stick on those games now.

Anyway, on topic!

I got a 3:07, started using the watch laser at the 3rd carriage, anytime earlier that I started using it, I got absolutely slaughtered.
It's nice that any guards you don't deal with are easy to lay out as you are taking out the floor bolts just by looking up and zapping them at the door. 😎

Pressure is on now!
Time to BUNKER down!

EDIT: Sneaky edit instead of double post...
And now for a change of pace, here is Teeside TinTin..(many rude words and stuff, for those that need to be aware! 😮).


Possibly the best episode old mate ever made, not just for the giant Goldeneye references!
"All I want is Goldneye!"

Another-nother Goldeneye Challenge

I've been trying to do Silo and Train faster, very frustrating though, pushing that line of running straight through and hoping not to get hit too much or stopping to shoot them.

Posted Image

Oh, I might upload a video...
The very start of it is the end of my 3:13 run.
Then it's like 7 minutes of absolute slop and me being frustrated and then a near perfect run (for what I can do anyway)which felt like it was going to be under 3 minutes and then me shooting Natalya at the end 😠

EDIT: I might edit the video down or try and do a better one instead.
WATCH out, we are shooting through these levels like a LASER...

Another-nother Goldeneye Challenge
Ah yep, I either uploaded or linked to the wrong pic there the other night...
So much tired posting this week.

Here's the train one I meant to post 😊

Posted Image

Photobucket is being unbelievably infuriating with pop ups lately...
I thought we were past a world with pop ups 🤕

Another-nother Goldeneye Challenge
Pretty tired about now...
Keen to wake up tomorrow and stop being a STATUE and try and TRAIN myself to do some faster times...

And I can not think of a worthy Silo pun no matter how hard I think. 🤐

N64 hypothetical
great topic, great responses.

I remember having this idea as a kid...and I think I'm in to a winner here...

Imagine a game where all the Hero's, Mario, Link, Donkey Kong, Banjo-Kazooie etc etc are somehow thrown together as a team.
And Bowser, Ganondorf etc etc have teamed up and the universe have all been combined into some kind of insane scheme and I'm tired and don't have the words yet think you are what I'm getting at.

The Smash Bros Brawl story did a version of it that is somewhat what I'm getting at, but imagine a fully fleshed out version of that, developed for the N64 at that time.

It would have all types of experiences and types of gameplay plus the awesome atmosphere and culture and comradary of the characters having to come together and work together.
I fantasized about that as a game so much, knowing full well it could'nt possibly happen, but imagine how amazing it would be!

You're welcome! 😎👍

What's your go-to N64 game?
Oct 18 2016, 06:53 AM
1080 :)

What's your best time for Golden Forest? 😎

Another-nother Goldeneye Challenge
It sure is do able!

Posted Image

Good training...🚄

Ahh, the joy of that level of Agent before you are good at the game and you find The Puppy (that's what we call the RCP-90) in the crates in the first carriage.

69 kills again!?

That's some kind of talent...

Sense memories in gaming
Mamamoo's New York Adventure Racing!

So, not so much a memory but sort of a silly habit based on my memory of a game...

So, you know in F-Zero GX when you overtake and if you are in the top 6 you can see your character do a little head nod on the top 6 ranking as they pass.
So I kind of do that when I pass someone when I'm driving or just when I do a good lane change n stuff...

Another-nother Goldeneye Challenge
Holy bloody crap!

Under 3 minutes is achievable in all 3 levels I reckon.
Now for work to calm down and myself to get more than 5 hours sleep one of these nights and give it a crack! 😎

That 3:02 is nuts!

I thought i nailed nearly everything in my 3:12 run!

Inspiration from/for Nintendo Games
"Guest Crackpot Theorist"

It's an honour!

I can add the pics from the N64 magazine of said articles too further emphazize plus the Jet Force Gemini one as well!

Play an N64 game...

You are missing out, try and get stuck into those games.
As much as they both have amazing multi-player, the single player mode in both is off the hook as well! 👍

Play an N64 game...
Momentum loss is a genuine problem for all gamers.
I always try my best not too let it happen, but sometimes it happens.
I've seen people stop part way through amazing games before, not because they dislike the game but that horrible momentum stutter.

In other new, still loving Excitebike, swear I got 3 times better in one day.
I think I'm gonna have to get back to Goldeneye soon if Mileage keeps getting faster!
(Goldeneye challenge in competition section)

Another-nother Goldeneye Challenge
Thanks again Mr Vader for pointing out the stats for us.

"Now then if you cast your eyes over here to the kill total..."

Posted Image

I love the oppurunistic grenade, but every time I got one I got nervous about making using it well and end up making a meal of it.
I love the term "like a bull at a gate"
That's how I play most shooters I think 🐂💨

Sense memories in gaming
OK, this one may be a bit of a stretch but bear with me.
I love when new music that I am listening to makes an unintentional reference to an N64 Game.


So that's the Beetle/HSV Adventure Racing intro.
I'm not a musical expert, and not sure what it's called, but that little bit it plays with the freeze frame (starting at the 22ish second mark with the freeze frame and word ACTION!)

Well, that little bit makes me think of HSV Adventure Racing because in this music (oh, here he goes again, any reason to reference K-Pop...) from Mamamoo, song called New York:


Roughly at exactly the 1 minute mark is that same "bit" (Sting? Someone with musical know how feel free to step Ib here 😆🐓)
And again at 1:53 and 2:58...sif you can bring yourself to skip the video though 😃

Makes me think of the game. So much.
And I like the song, so its a win, win win!

Hope that makes some sense to at least one person, and yes, love an unintentional, reverse timeline callback! 👍
Bin thinking of this one all day, HAD to post it.

If someone could do a convincing mash up of the 2...
Oh man.
I'd give ya 64 bucks or something 😍

Inspiration from/for Nintendo Games
I have indeed mentioned the Lost theory to everyone who I play Hyrdo Thunder with.

I'm sure I see the camp site on the beach at some point.
Still haven't seen the show...
Maybe one day, when tine becomes largely available.
Not anytime soon!

Also, fantastic thread, now to go away and come up withbaone more crazy ideas 😀

Another-nother Goldeneye Challenge
My time was 1:29.

I kind of feel like doing one and using over the top and non stop Aussie slang to explain what I am doing.
I use mines.
1-2 during the level allows 3 for the tanks if you place them well.. Yeah I gotta make more videos....😎

I don't want to watch vids of the super fast time, purely because I want to work out how to do it for myself.

Another-nother Goldeneye Challenge
Nice video!!!

I should do one of my own!
You sound way, even more than I imagined British than I thought.
I knew it should be expected, but bloody love it!
Have you seen Tesside TinTin?
You need too.

I beat that time on Felicity earlier this year BTW.

Speaking of things I should do...
Sleep!!! 😴

Another-nother Goldeneye Challenge
Indeed, I have done plenty of training.
I did record some stuff, but I think I get nervous and play like crap about playing as good as I can..

So, after finishing the laser door part at the end, I noticed I always had heaps of laser "ammo" left.
I worked out I only needed roughly 150 "shots" for the door, thus leaving a good 150 to use during the level 😉

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