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Wii bashing: an analysis
Nov 18 2009, 02:22 AM
Call of Doody: Modern Warfare
A friend of mine at work calls it "Call of Booby".
So mature...

Wii discussion
Nah, I don't need a price drop, and I ain't getting a used copy.
It worth it.
Although might not get it just yet, still have to play through Tales of Symphonia and that will take me through till the end of the year AT LEAST (not much spare time to play these agems (AS IF Spell Check couldn't find the word "games" there. :rollseyes: ) these days so games last me a while).

And I hope they removed the need for online stuff to get everything in MP3...not everyone has online...I Do, but...its not the kind of game where i wan tto connect with other people...its a solo game...traaahhh. >_<

What games are you playing?
Tales of Symphonia.

Just started it, 5 hours or so in, really like where its going, know I'm going to enjoy this, much like I enjoyed Skies of Arcadia.

Animal Crossing City Folk
I've been thinking about playing this again lately...reckon I should?

Maybe my grass would have grown back by now. :D

Wii discussion
Nov 2 2009, 10:01 PM
Moving on to less disturbing matters, has anyone else picked up the Metroid Prime Trilogy? In my opinion it's the greatest trilogy deal in video game history. To have these three amazing games one a single disc for the price of one is just unbelievable.

This trilogy has given me one of those unfortunately rare moments when I'm proud to be a Wii owner. ^_^
Oh, I think I should get it!

I've played all 3 before and was considering replaying them all until I heard about this...is there any major improvements...bah the first games didn't need any, but I'm very excited about the Motion controls in those games, the MP3 controls were amazingly good I thought.

Haha, the last new game I bought was Animal Crossing. And that wasn't really new just a re-do of an old game...Wonder if I should get into it again... :mellow:

N64 collection discussion
What part of Australia...out of curiosity.
We just had 4 people join the smash scene, all using the name DORF in some way. :lol:

Haven't bought nay N64 stuff in a while...still got too many other games to finish first.
And multiplayer gets most of the business, and I have all the good multi games as it is.

Turok games discussion
I did that level pretty weirdly...
I went through the whole level the first time without collecting anything, think I only managed one Vent chamber thing as well...
Its all very vague!
But I got there in the end.
Whats your favourite way of killing the blind ones?
I loved Charge Dart Rifle into War Blade-Head Decapitation. :D

Play an N64 game...
Excitebike 64, I finally *got* it with the driving...to an extent haha.
Just unlocked Pro difficulty and beat Bronze and Silver rounds...love the hill climb stage.

I love the way the game rewards you for taking people out...so brutal.

Off topic, but I just thought it would be a good idea to tak epics of our gaming setups...ther emigth already be a topic on it...might be fun. :D

Banjo Tooie
Loved the game to bits, both times, REALLY liked the huge worlds and the connectivity between the worlds through the trains, and little sections that lead to bits in other levels and so on.
Just thinking about it makes me wanna play it again.

The FPS games were great, loved the Complex (from Goldeneye) recreation in one of them (think it was Clinker's Cavern?)

I don't think I can add much more, I just highly agree with everything ya saying. :)

Turok games discussion

I played both games this year from start to finish, SO much fun!
It all just started cause I randomly got the urge to play Turok 1 back in January, so I went out and bought it that afternoon (just before the shop closed too!)

Level 4 is very, very unforgiving, it broke me twice in the past, but I finally cracked it this year, and beat the rest of the game too.

Got a pretty big urge to play Turok 1 again.

The Official N64 Forever Chat Thread
Been kinda busy + a failing computer and internets...
Haven't played anything single player N64 wise, ooh wait, I did play a little Excitebike and Goldeneye last weekend.
Has some very good Snowboard Kids multiplayer at 3am in the morning later that night!
Good fun.

Heres some of the things I've done lately:

Favorite N64 games - Your Top Ten
This is toooo hard... :( Anyway, shall try...

1st =Goldeneye
2nd =Snowboard Kids
3rd =International Superstar Soccer 64
4th =Zelda: Ocarina of Time
5th =Perfect Dark
6th =Mario Kart 64
7th =Super Mario 64
8th =Mario Party
9th = Diddy Long Racing
10th = Wave Race 64

Waaahhh, can't do this.
TOo hard.
What am I rating? Fondest memory, time spent, recent multiplayer gold?
I can list a good 50+ games that I'm so glad to have played.


A New Guy
Oh hai!

Lucky for me I bought a heap of control sticks (just the sticks not the controllers) from a local store and now have 7 near perfect N64 controllers. :)
You can find them online too, but its so worth the little effort of taking your N64 'trollers apart and putting in a new stick, if you get anywhere near the amount of fun I;ve had just this year alone playing multiplayer games. :)