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Super Mario 64 Sequel !?
I like the look of this kind of thing.

Keen to play when its done :)

Pictures of You
Did you wait until there were 665 members before joing haha?

Most prized N64 possesion
Nov 21 2011, 05:03 PM
Thats a hard one coz I have way too much cool stuff but I LOVE my baseball cap collection
Posted Image

I have the Perfect Dark hat.
And a Donkey Kong one lying around somewhere.
Got kinda dirty cause I wore it to work for ages.

I so want the Goldeneye one. :o

Play an N64 game...
Nov 14 2011, 12:08 PM
Diddy Kong Racing and Mario Tennis, both are pretty intense and addicting once I get started.
2 excelent fast-paced games that i've spent a lot of time on.

Diddy Kong Racing is very rewarding.
Trying to unlock TT :o
And damn good music too.

Inbetween working and sleeping I've only had time for a few games of Hyrdo Thunder.
Enjoyable as always but couldnt do that bloody jump where you brake and then boost to hop up in the air.
Hopefully i can play soem mroe on the weekend and maybe fullfill my urge to play DOOM as well.

UK Newbie
Nov 23 2011, 12:23 PM
PAL pals
I like it. :D

How are you enjoying Perfect Dark?
One of the best shooters made before they started dumbing shooter games down I think.


Lots of Doom fans lately.

Which is a good thing, im itching to play that game again. :yeah:

GTA III: Anniversary Items
Turns out I cant even play original Xbox games without an Xbox hard drive or something.
I saw San Andreas for 15 bucks on PS2 the other day.
But the PS2 is noisy after 20 mins of play.
Maybe still worth it though.

If Doom was done today
I so agree with the point they are making.
Perfect Dark and Goldneye were about as good as a shooter was ever going to get before they started dumbing things down.
Remember the satisfaction of getting all the cheats in Goldeneye or unlocking Egyptian for that matter?
Or beating everything on "Perfect" in Perfect Dark. Took me a year!
Or even harder, beating all the challenges!

Only new shooter ive played was Duke Nukem Forever, only enjoyed it because I like the character and style of the game.
The being told what to do, acheivements, hiding to gain health and painful loading time stook way from the enjoyment.

s**t I wanna play me soom Doom or something but dont have a copy here.

GTA III: Anniversary Items
Nov 19 2011, 09:43 AM
Also custom soundtrack's aren't available when playing them on Xbox 360 through backwards compatablity.
Damn :/

Think I will still get it though.

GTA III: Anniversary Items
I've gotta get that game.

I got to play them a bit back in the day when I stayed somewhere else but I never had a memory card.
Xbox version/s superior?
I have a PS2 and 360.

December Game of the Month vote off
Nov 18 2011, 07:02 AM

Honestly, though, I enjoyed the Gamecube Rayman more. Funny dialog!
A very under-rated game.
I loved changing the language....and the characters would actually speak in that language.
German Globox was hilarious.

cool place
Welcome :)

Yeah, im more into playing the games then just having them for the sake of having them.

N64 PAL Rarity List
Nov 10 2011, 10:49 AM
D.J Cat
Nov 10 2011, 08:32 AM
I have 2 copies of Snowboard Kids 2. :)
Which proves my point. SBK 2 in NTSC format is common, in PAL form, its not.. ;)
Im in PAL land.
So it should be hard for me too have 2 copies?
Im confused.

Play an N64 game...
Nov 13 2011, 04:17 AM
I'm ashamed; I haven't had the chance to even think about picking up an N64 controller this weekend.

Does re-playing OoT in my head over and over again count?
No, playin in your head doesnt count! :P

yeah, working 60 hours a week is getting in the way of playing N64.
But, craving some Doom64 right about now.
Might play a bit before playing the sleeping game.

Super Mario Snack ?
Nov 6 2011, 04:25 AM

Anyhoo, these Pringles (and similar licensed candy etc) do make one thing clear: the Nintendo brand is back into the mainstream and very "bankable".
I reckon that's a good thing for the company and us fanboys.
I've noticed that a lot lately.
I dunno If I like it that much.
Theres always a bunch of mario character shirts at Jay-Jays.
Its just so mainstream these days....

Mumamia! :n64: :D

N64 PAL Rarity List
I have 2 copies of Snowboard Kids 2. :)

Australian Boxed N64 Controllers
Nov 9 2011, 06:27 PM

The reason for the radical change in design & slogan is properly because it was released later in the n64's life cycle. My best guess is that it released when the rest of the world got the Pikachu style console, or the Clear Blue, both of which never saw release in Australia.
Yeah it was definitly later in the life.
At least after 2000.

Randomly remember there was an Episode 1 Racer Pak as well around then.

Hi From PAL Land.
I never played DOOM until last year and I bloody loved it.
Need to go again at some point.

I never made that mistake of shafting my N64.
Suppose I couldnt really sell a console that was given as a gift.
I had 3 N64s at one point, gave one to a friend just so I could play it more often when I was at his house :D
But also so he could play some absolute classics, oh man some of my favourite memories are of helping/playing with other people in Ocarina of Time :) (My lady played through the game this year. Thats when I realised how awesome she was :D :D )

But yeah I thought when I got my cube that the days of playing N64 were numbered.
The Cube still got a damn good playing but I still play the N64 to this day (not every day, stupid working 60 hours a week >_< )

Long time lover.
Oct 13 2011, 05:28 PM

When I read the title "long time lover" my dirty mind ran away with me
Same here. :D

Welcome. :)

Hey, Listen!
Stick around!

Theres quite a few of us Aussie characters it seems.

Crikey! 8)

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