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N64 on the Virtual Console

I would rather play on an N64.
They need to stop 're living plast glories and make new good things.

I would rather see a sequel to Jet Force Gemini.
Never gonna happen but.

When the game doesn't really end...
I was so sure I would get to see the carnival/day 4 for Majoras Mask abd indeed talk to abd interact with all the people who were saved/enjoy the atmosphere, but it wasn't to be...

Although as someone said, sometimes what you dont tell can be masterfully done.

F-Zero X - How to beat master?
Need to get back into F-Zero! Amazing game!

Really got into it a couple of years ago. Was doing cups on master all the time, probably one at least one with every single character.
This game gets so fun when you get good at it.

Vital tip.

Get good at laying other racers out!
Go to town on them!
You should be looking at around 5 a race.
Not only does it give you an extra life for each 5 stars, it chokes your opponents supply of points and it is unbelievably satisfying!
Quite often I would get 50 or over kills for a cup.

The double Z or R attack is generally the most efficient, but the spin attack has its uses as well.
Get good at it.
Its so fun to be a destructive dingaling, do it!

That's all for bow, happy racing. 😉🍌