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Play an N64 game...
Automobili Lamborghini?

One of my first games, so nostalgic.

Maybe you picking wrong car?
I did enjoy how steep the difference was between normal and expert.
Maybe you need to unlock better cars in different modes first ro compete?
I can't remember, it's Ben such a long time...

International superstars of soccer
I should look into getting some decent recording equipment or something, I'm sure it's not that expensive in this day and age.

People need to see the magic we are doing.
And oh, the Velf is so pleasurable when you pull it off!

In other news we won the cup with Japan with ease.
Even though they seem not that great when you sweet their stats, they had heaps of Lefties and Ambies which makes a world of difference.

I don't think we have ever dominated a cup this well before.

Got 10+ goals multiple times including a 14-1 belting of Italy, Chopper won the goal kicker isw ith 16 goals and Reggie Watts was the assist king with 8. Getting even better at free kicks and corner kicks.

Play an N64 game...
Been playing F-Zero and ISS98.

I've nearly beaten every cup with every character on Master Difficulty now.
Keep thinking I'll get sick of the game, but it continues to still be fun.

Soccer, about to start where we left off last weekend on aan International Cup.
Halfway through regionals, winning easily.
Regionals is mostly just a time to experiment with your team and find your good players in preparation for the knockout games.

As always, trying to win the goal kicker and assist king, assist is hard. Mostly get them from corner kicks.

International superstars of soccer
The long goals are fun, but indeed they do make it a bit easy after w hole, considering the computer players don't know how to do it.
We will possibly move onto ISS2000 next year. Love 98, but beating everyone even with the lowest level teams. Need to move up to next level!

Scenario mode is great fun.
That's how we discovered our favourite type of goal...

The Velf!
Named after the player from Switzerland in the game who we discovered this with.
What you do is, take a shot at goal and with the Z curve, curve it into the post or crossbar!
The other part of this is timing your run with another player, so this mostly works as a 2+ player co-op move!
So, once the ball has hit the crossbar you need to have a player in position to get the rebound and finish it!
The goalie will nearly always miss it after its hit the post, so an open goal if you are in position!
The timing with not being offside is a touch tricky, but once you get it, you can get some spectacular goals!
Might have some crappy camcorder footage somewhere haha....
We should totally livestream our cups or something.😸

International superstars of soccer
ISS98: The Huddo.

Named after the first player we used to do this and then master this technique.

The ability to curve the ball after kicking with the Z button was a fine addition.
We learnt this after a bit of experimentation and trial and error.
Basically, if you are running towards the goal close to the boundary line and take a shot from roughly 20-30 metres out, between the goalies box and the line... And curve it after kicking it, you can sneak it past the goalie for a great goal.

Once you get the timing down you can make it rain goals, it's a big game changer!
Of course it varies from player to player based on their power, accuracy, curve etc.

More classic goals and tips to come later If you cool kids want it 😉

Best Controller Pak managing methods?
Good topic!

I did enjoy how each game had a different menu management...thing.
I seem to like Turok Dinosaur Hunters for no apparent reason.

I really, really should get a dex drive...
Especially with the hours we have put into the ISS games!

International superstars of soccer
Oh man Italia you are getting me pumped for some ISS.

Just started a cup last weekend as Japan in ISS98.
Won the first 3 games with ease in regionals.
Level 5 of course.
Average roughly 7-8 goals a game.
The knockout games will be a challenge though, the lower level teams lack of stamina starts to kkick in when it really matters.
Playing with only 1 custom player so we dont dominate too hard. 😂

Been putting off moving to ISS2000 for while...have enjoyed the crap out of 98 for a good few years now, especially since we have made many customs and renamed so many teams...so much more fun and easier to get behind a team when they have familiar/funny names

...oh of only we could all verse each other.. would be amazing!!!😍

International superstars of soccer
Absolutely agree.
Fantastic series, each game has something special about it.

Still play through in International Cup on weekends.

Great thing about it is basically a co-op game you can play with up to 4 players without split screen :D