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Watcha Listenin' To?
ACDC - Black Ice.

Great album.

N64 collection discussion
Australian version of course.

It looks like a few games have different pictures on the front to other nationality's.
The Turok games are another.

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Thats a few years not up to date, I have heaps more games, but also 10-15 of them are being borrowed to people.
Oh yes.

What games are you playing?
Wrath Oskvro
Dec 9 2008, 04:42 PM
Skies of Arcadia
Skies of Arcadia is such a good game!
I played the GC version, bloody good stuff!

OK, so I've been playing:
Tony Hawks 4 (Gamecube) - Great soundtrack, decided to give the game another whirl after my memory card died.
Still good fun, shame about the lame challenges like the collect skate...and other lames ones like that though.

And Animal Crossing Wii, I like it.

First Person Shooters - Old vs. New?
SO many thoughts/ramblings in my head, this post will be unstructured and maybe nonsensical, but lets try anyway. ;)

I can't really make a non-biased comment, cause I've barely played any "newer games".

Bots (SIMS!) in Perfect Dark made it in so many way for me.
I got up over 12 days of play time SO FAR (Oh there much more to come I know) and wasn't playing just to up my rank, but to get better, and cause it was very enjoyable. I've played it in at least some capacity every year since it came out not just every now and then as well.
Also, I would annihilate any of my friends i played against so we always did Us vs Sims, which was GREAT for the team-work and being able to do crazy challenges.
I could go on. :D

The only really "new" game I've played is CoD4 (multiplayer lan) and its pretty good. But I'd still much rather play GE/PD against good oppenents (hard to find though) than that game.
I've seen bits n pieces of UT04/07, Half Life Ep.2 and thats about it.
Oh yeah and the Halo games.

It does seem all the new games are all WHAM! RAR! look at my shiny graphics, and new features.
But the new features seem less likely to impress people (specially me, maybe?) then back in the day, such as Goldeneyes gaurds re-acting to high noise levels and the objectives and all.
I don't know, lots more to add, but I can't, word and organize it out of my head right, :wacko:

In other news:
The Metroid Prime Games.
Loved em all too bits!
But its not REALLY a shooter though...
Just thought I'd add that though.

Play an N64 game...
I've never ever been beaten by an Oddjob :D

If you aim for his head and miss, you still hit his body, with Jaws, if you aim for his head and miss, you miss the lot...
Know what I mean.
Also Jaws can survive a full explosion much more than Oddjob (its true).

Played some Pokemon Puzzle League this morning, always great fun in multiplayer.
Everyone just suddenly got into the game up here, its very exciting.

Online gaming
Animal Crossing:


5877 5561 8931 2276

10 years ago today...
Nov 3 2008, 05:11 PM
... we were all waiting for the release of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It's hard to believe that was 10 years ago. In honor of this occasion, how about we discuss things we remember from it's release? :n64:
Who got the gold cartridge?
Yeah, I've never seen anything BUT the Gold Cartridge here in OZZSSTTRRAAAALLLIIIAAAAA!!!! :angry: (sorry)
Although I must say, it doesn't look that amazing, a bit dull, the Majora's Mask Gold Cart though looks VERY cool and shiny (still is), brighter maybe.

Was the game as good as you were hoping and/or expecting?
Oh yeah, and then some.
I was anticipating it for quite a while, and got it for Christmas, took my the entire summer holidays (2 months) too beat, but was so much fun the whole way through.
I've probably replayed it 7-8 times now, its JUST starting to show its age a little now, still a must-play game though.

Did anything in particular stand out from your first play-through?
cruising around Hyrule Field on ya horse.
The entire scale of the game, the music, the atmosphere, the characters...everything.
That afore-mentioned boat in the Shadow Temple, oh man.
Beating the game, and then doing the ending over and over again, loved that ending. 8)

Sin & Punishment
I've had it on my Wii for ages still played it very little.
Its a bit weird!
Maybe I should find some more time for it.

Last time you played 4-played multi?
Had some amazing multiplayer sessions this year, mostly since June.

Bomberman 64, Goldeneye, Snowboard Kids, Pokemon Puzzle League (not 4 player, but about 10 people were playing it over 3 consoles and getting VERY VERY excited and shouting) Mario Tennis, Perfect Dark (not for long though, cause people complain when the scores are 10 - 0 - 1 - 0 all the time) DIDDY KONG RACING (finally found people who can match me, SO GOOD!)

and more have all been stars and a pleasure to play. :n64:

I sold my N64...
I'll never sell either of my 3 N64s.
I might give one to a friends (already gave one to a friend, so we could play multiplayer when at his place, VERY worthwhile choice! :) )

I bring it with me, whenever I think theres is a Cat's Whisker of a chance of some legendary multiplayer.
So I bring it to Smash (Melee/Brawl) tournaments and much pleasure is had by all! :D
Although I have to say, lately my single player playing of games has dropped rapidly this year, after a bit of a small drop last year.
Although when you work about 45-50 hours a week every week, priorities can shift a touch...

REOW! :yeah: :n64:

Master Quest?
Played through it twice now, nice and enjoyable, just a slightly different romp through the same, brilliant, amazing, etc game. :)

Tried for 100% everything on my 2nd play though, but just couldn't figure out this one room in the spirt temple to get a heart piece/skulltulla.
Some of the temples really tripped me up with the new puzzles, specially the Spirit Temple.

The "Hello, I'm Back" Topic
Back, I guess.
Got internets again after about 8 months not having it.
Also been working many hours, not that thats going to stop.

I have had many great N64 multiplayer experiences in the last 8 months though I must say!

N64 collection discussion
LOL, at the smash-related N64 games ranking.

traser that Japanese racing game with the toy car looks like/probaly is Penny Racers i think...

And woah, what an impressive collection.
My Banjo-Tooie has a different picture on the front.

N64 Challenge Scoreboard
I wouldn't mind more high-score based challenges (say highest score in Starfox 64/Lylat Wars) or say a custom scenario in Perfect Dark or something.
That one would have to go by honesty unless you recored the thing, but whos gonna lie about how many sims they killed on here? ^_^