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Best wishes for 2012

And all the best to everyone.

I spent New Years playing N64 at a friends place.

Oh yeah! :D

Inspiration from/for Nintendo Games
Wow, nice observation.

I will point that out to everyone I play the game with from now on. :)

Never really watched much of the show, just saw other people watching it mostly...

Must-Have Games
Dec 25 2011, 06:23 PM

Two that people seem to look over but are damn awesome is Waverace and 1080 snowboarding. Wave graphics and physics are absolutely brilliant in Waverace (and the game play is awesome too) and graphics, physics, music and gameplay in general are awesome in 1080 (",)
Good news is because they are overlooked, they are cheap as chips so there's no excuse not to try them...
The water in Wave Race 64 is still impressive to this day.

1080, Wave Race and Excitebike are 3 good "semi-realistic" extreme sports/racing I suppose you could call them games.
Very enjoyable bunch, and Hydro Thunder as another fun as Water Racing game.

F-Zero X is fantastic for speed and a good challenge. :)

MW3 and TWINE Similarities
Duke Nukem 64 and Turok 3 both had cool subway levels.

Online gaming
The NES games were fantastic.
And the Animals just were better to talk too.
Not saying the same thing over and over liek the Wii game.

So bad that I lost my Gamecube memory card with all my data for every game.
Animal Crossing was the worst one to lose.

Must-Have Games
Definitly go for Banjo-Kazooie.

And if you like that and want more of the same, but a longer version of it, Donkey Kong 64 and then Banjo-Tooie and great follow ups.
Huge games!

Online gaming
Sweet as bro.

The cube version was better I thought, im gonnna buy that game again and play that game again as well, hopefully.

How do you list your games?
Its 70 games here and another 20-30 borrowed out to a few people. :)
Ahh, how I wish my boxes were on display.
They have always lived in the "box box" they deserve to be seen more. ^_^

Skyward Sword Gamespot Review
Nov 22 2011, 07:31 PM
I do wish the classic or Gamecube controller was an option.

Other than the sword fighting, I wish I could use a cube controller.
But that will probably never came back into play sadly.

Online gaming
Haha, anyone still want to play Animal Crossing: lets go to the city (or whatever its called in other regions, City Folk or something)
Just played for the first time in 18 months, feel like playing some more till I get over it :P
I played with alxby and Mop it up a couple of years ago.

N64 PAL Rarity List
I recall Excitebike was released a whole year earlier here in Aus than other parts of the world.
Bit of an odd one.

I recomended it to my motor-bike riding buddy.
Him and all his family went nuts over that game. :D

Favorite N64 Boxart
Dec 14 2011, 12:36 PM
And that is why I love this site . . . you can even get a critique on the proper way to hold a skull, lol!

I'm going to have to go downstairs at some point and go through my box of boxes.
I recall the Duke-Nukem: Zero Hour one being pretty good and I always liked the original Turok one.

Posted Imagehttp://images.wikia.com/dukenukem/images/5/5c/DNZH_Box.jpg

Must-Have Games
Goldeneye. :P

I'll only be mentioning games already mentioned but anyway.

Starfox 64 (or Lylat Wars as it is known in some part of the world)

Diddy Kong Racing

Are you into single-player, multi-player of both?
And yeah, im not into getting games just for the sake of having them.
I only want to buy them if Im going to give em a good playing.
Makes me weird here i think. :lol:

How do you list your games?
Dec 17 2011, 09:03 PM
what is the best way to keep track of you n64 collection
I look over to the bookshelf and see whats there. :)

Play an N64 game...
Banjo-Kazooie is fantastic to Re-Play.
Gotta love the RARE humour and its fairly short so you dont have to invest too much time into it.

I finally got some multi-player action, its been far too long!
Last Sat night we had a sort of Mario games tour.

It started with Mario Tennis, we played short, intense matches of 2 sets, 3 games.
My performance with the ol Paratroopa was pretty damn good.

Then on to Mario Party.
35 turns on Yoshi's Island.
I destroyed. >:-]
7 Stars (dont think ive done that many before) 249 coins in mini games.
I was in smug mode all night.

Then we finished off with a run through of every track in Mario Kart, I came 2nd, which is a rarity, although I was damn tired by this point.

January Game of the Month vote off
Dec 18 2011, 02:22 PM
I voted for Perfect Dark since I have it but have yet to play through it. Over Thanksgiving I played co-op with my cousin which got me interested.
Co-op is so good.
Very fond memories of playing Perfect Dark on the balcony at the old house (we had an amazing outdoor setup) co-op with my buddy in 09.