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N64Forever Beats 'Em All!
May 27 2014, 09:40 PM
NBA Hangtime has been beaten! I beat all 29 teams mostly using the Atlanta Hawks (Mookie Blaylock w/ Mutumbo (1st half) and Christian Laettner (2nd half). This game (still) rocks. Very fast paced, much like another classic Midway sports title, NFL Blitz. Arcade over realism in game play, the graphics are 2d greatness, the music is classic 90s hip-hop and the announcer is hilarious. The game is not without its faults. The rubber band AI is frustrating (i won a single game by more than 2 points). And oh boy does the computer cheat with 10 seconds left (like John Stockton getting pushed to the floor on my baseline with 1 tick left, raising up and hitting a full court shot to end the game. Yeah that's fair, lol.). But so much fun, so thanks to the guys here who recommended this as solid N64 sports title and to glennplant for his interesting review of it. On with the proofs:

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FIRST POST UPDATED. 212 games down . . . .

Sorry I left that game with only a few teams to beat, almost a year ago!
Life, work etc, blah blah, blah.
I feel like playing more N64 these days, new games just don't do it for me, so looking to get back into it.
Although if I finished it, I migth have denied you the pleasure. ;)

If you have any multi-playing buddies, try this in multiplayer.
Its a blast!

I'm eyeing off HSV Adventure Racing (played through it several times already) but will hold off for now if anyone else has the game and hasn't played it.
Its a ripper of a game, massivly under-rated.

Play an N64 game...
I never finished Rouge Squadron!
Got stuck on the last few missions, its gets pretty hard towards the end!
But yes, a very enjoyable, well made game.
Yet another game I should pick up and start again and finish.

I played through a bit of Episode 1: Battle for Naboo.
That games even harder!

D-Pad Controlled N64 Games
Dec 22 2014, 02:26 PM

KILLER INSTINCT GOLD. Although it allows you to use both movements, i think it is essential to use the D-pad if you want to master this game!
How i play:
Jago/ Kim Wu
MASTER difficulty
3rd person view
unstoppable! :capice:

But it came with a price- i now have a permenant callus on my left thumb! On the other hand, it now feels just as comfortable as using the analog stick.
No pain, no gain.
What do you mean by 3rd person view?
In KI?
Also, I play similar to that and quite enjoy that game.
The new one isn't too bad either...

Yes, I use the D-Pad quite often it is available.
Originally, mostly as a means of saving the control stick and then it sorta became habit in some games after a while.

Its great in International Superstar Soccer 64/98/2000.
And NBA...Hangtime!
And Wetrix.

Video: Top 100 *Greatest* N64 Songs!
Must look/listen to this!

When not on my phone... :o 🍌

Play an N64 game...
Hybrid Heaven and Forsaken.
2 games I should get to playing!

I have Forsaken and played the first little bit.
It got good reviews back in the day, but how well has it aged is the question....?

I've been playing F-Zero X, played through Mission Impossible and have got into star wars pod racer!
Another game which got food reviews but may have aged.
I would have loved it back in the day but it doesn't compare to f--Zero x.
Gameplay over graphics.

Mission Impossible
Finished the game.
Love the last 4 missions.

Never finished the game on "impossible"...*
Maybe next time

Always get stuck on the warehouse mission.

Loved playing through the train levels with my mates

Boy this game has aged though!
Like me I guess! 🍌

Mission Impossible
Didn't even know there was a PS1 version!

Played up till the last few missions on "Possible".
Enjoyed it. The game certainly has aged though!
Like me.
This game is 16 years old!
Makes me feel ancient...:/

I love the way they talk in this game.
And noticed the developers clearly had a good sense of humour with some of the dialogue and descriptions of equipment and so on.

N64 games you wish were better
Nov 21 2014, 05:22 PM
The short list of games that come to mind for me are Shadow Man and Bomber Man.

Both are quality enough games, but I felt they just didn't live up to my expectation.

Granted I didn't get Shadow Man until 2011 for GotM (our month 2 winner), and it really just didn't age well IMO. I might have thought more highly of it back when it was released. Bomber Man could just never keep me interested for more than a couple of hours. Mission Impossible was a good game, but I was also one of those folks fresh off of Goldeneye who couldn't help but compare them. It did enough things right to be honest, but I never cared enough to finish it.
Games that end in "man" not doing it for you....Man!

Can't think of any if the top of my head.
Liked to many games.
:cussfit: my stupid, annoying postive younger self!
What happened to that guy!? :n64: :o

Mission Impossible
Good game, under rated I think.

Hard to rate how good it is. Cause back at that age, I just liked everything.
But good enough to play through multiple times.
And yes! The music!
It gets mentioned and the rooftop music gets stuck in my head! (In a good way).

The train levels were fantastic.
And good variety of stuff throughout.

From sneaking, to manning a gunboat, to switching between Snipers to the famous laser room scene.

Pretty pumped to play though again now.
Just a matter of having the time!