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Italia64: Gaming Achievements
I never could beat him the 2nd time round.
I tried so hard, one of my big N64 incompletes.

Can't wait to tackle it again.
I did probably 90% of everything in that game back in the day.
The Floyd Missions were one thing that seemed beyond me!

Online gaming
NervyUnicorn772 on the Xbox.

Blast Corps
An absolute classic.

Still fun to this day, must have beaten it like 5 or so times by now.

Beetle Adventure Racing! (a/r/a HSV Adventure Racing)
Also worth noting, the Aussie version has a hilarious typical Aussie accented commentator who is hilarious!

Great game, huge tracks, fun to explore.

Italia64: Gaming Achievements
Bloody he'll @JFG.

Even the Floyd Missions!

Probably gonna replay that game sometime...
Hopefully actually finish it.
Hopefully I have the attention span.
Its a fantastic game.

Mario Kart 64 Hotlap Thread
I would think about participating...but all those power slides are brutal on the poor ol N64 control stick 😆
That, and I'm not that good!
And PAL...

Conker's Bad Fur Day
Hmm, I must be a very erm...Rare person to find it to be not so great so far...
I'm playing the version from Rare Replay, maybe some of the controls or something has been lost in translation?
I will persist some more, maybe I was playing the game too tired the other night, but I was finding it a touch tedious!
And no one loves toilet humour and innuendo more than me...I dunnoz just doesn't seem as good as other Rare games, particularly Banjo-Toole comes to mind.

Anyway I will give it another crack soon and hope it becomes more fun.

N64Forever Beats 'Em All!
What games are left? Are they on the front page?
Maybe it's time I stoped slacking and got back in to it!

From what I looked at the only 2 games on the list that I have are Body Harvest and wcw vs nwo world tour.
Body Harvest?
Jeepers! How many people have had a crack at that game?
It's quite a challenge to say the least...
I will have a crack if no one else will.

But for now may I have a crack at wcw vs nwo world tour?
I've beaten it before, should be super easy.
And sorry for slacking everyone!
The worst thing I did was get 90% of the way through NBA Hangtime and stop!
Life etc.. still I should have finished that!😖

As luck would have it, I think I borrowed wcw/nwo to a friend...I will have to ask.
Holding back on Body Harvest just for now...

2015 Awards - Game of the Year (Modern Console)
I suppose Rare Replay counts, even though it's not really a new game??
I've been playing the crap out of it last few days!

Honourable mention to Wolfenstein: The New Blood.
An add on/mini prequel if you will?
Probably the only other new game I actually played.

A fantastic follow up to the previous Wolfenstein game and easier to get into and not quite so gruesome and disturbing in parts haha!

Haha, the only new games I play are remakes or sequels to old classics it seems!

2015 Awards - Chatterbox Award
BDR! 🐕😊

2015 Awards - Gamer of the Year
Has to be Italia!

Dude, what a streak of beating games!

Quite often this year, I never had time to log in and post but I was definitely reading.
And every week, there is a new achievement or game that has been beaten.
And like others have said, absolutely love reading the write ups and thoughts on the game after doing it.

I wish I had done more for the beat em all.
I have a decent amount of the games.

Anyway, fantastic job!

The Nintendo 64 Forever Lost Club
Wow, what an old thread, but so relevant and meaningful none the less.

Haha, no one .missed me on my many, many hiatusus? 😆
Probably because I don't announce them or plan them for that matter, stuff and words and things just happen.

Hope everyone is good, definitely miss Grizz and his insightful posts, was so active back in da day!

Rare Replay
Sorry to double post, but still playing heaps of games from this.

I have to say, I love how Rare include so many references to their previous games in nearly every game they have made in the the last 10 years.

Ghoulies, Pinata, Nuts and Bolts...references galore!
Alsoz had to enjoy the little note in the mystics house in Kameo.
Very cheeky!
Oh and all her alternative costumes!
A Rare treat indeed! :n64:

Rare reveals new footage of DREAM + Banjo Vertical Slice Footage
I'm guessing this is the same vid that you can unlock in rare replay?
Great vids this one's.

Rare Replay
Banjo-Kazooie was certainly easier thanks to the generous notes not being reset...Back on my day....
Although that's certainly not something missed.
Frustrating as hell replaying a level just for a few notes.

Perfect Dark, I far, far prefer the original.
I can't handle the controls, managed to beat Agent Mode, mostly just to get the rewards etc.

Playing Viva Pinata atm.
Very addictive!

Rare Replay
Anyone else got this?

Having a ball play through many classics and unlocking the videos and stuff 😎.

Amazing value for money, was worth it just to get the few games I missed back in the day, but all the other stuff is pretty dam nice too!

games you will play on halloween
How about Animal Crossing?

I do need to get around to playing Eternal Darkness one of these days....
I'm probably old enough to handle it now 😂
...maybe 😼😖

January Game of the Month Nomination Topic
Not sure if I'm too late....

Trying to think of an under rated classic...

Wetrix 🐸💦

N64 Girl Interview
Dec 7 2015, 03:47 AM
Hi guys!

Just want to say a huge thanks to you all.
This has been a fun and interesting experience.
Your comments have made me giggle :)

As a female, I find the video game world a very difficult one to master. I'm a good player and I genuinely love gaming more than anything but I find it hard to be accepted quite often. Even small things like people not letting me join their games, partly because I'm a girl and (even at my age) there's still a bit of a 'ewww girls not allowed' mentality around. Also some guys don't want to risk being beaten by a girl because for some reason, that is way worse than being beaten by a boy haha!

I will always be a Nintendo girl, it was my first love. Sadly in recent years I've converted to Xbox (the games I play aren't available on Wii) and I'm currently running a 60,000+ gamer score. My goal is to hit 100,000. I'll be 40 yrs old in the summer! Maybe my new goal should be to achieve being the most epic grandma on earth! Haha

Thanks again for this, it was a real nostalgic and fun experience. X

Can we talk Skill Club? ^_^

What was your favorite and hardest challenges?
I did about 8 or so, but yeah, never submitted them unfortunately.
Some were so tough!
Even games I consider .myself pretty dam food at like 1080 and F-Zero, I never passed the challenge.
1:20 on Golden Forest!
Tried so hard to get that, got close but still haven't achieved it.
And the 50 second death race! Insane!

Also, Xbox you say?
Got Killer Instinct?
Not as good as the N64 version bit still decent 😜

N64 Girl Interview

I read N64 Magazine back in the day, was my favourite of the UK mags.
They had a nice sense of humour mixed with good reviews and all the fun sections like said skill club.
I always wished I could be in it but was a touch too young/never got around to submitted them, even though I completed several challenges.

Again, fantastic job!

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