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did your 2016 gaming resolution came true?
Haha, those 2 buttons are rather close together.
Pretty easy to do on phone.😅

First 2 games I expect to bowl over this year should be Galaxy 2 and Donkey Kong 64.

The Console Name/Rename Game
The Wii U:

The Nintendo Puu.

Then you can have Wii and Puu! 😂

Yes, I am that childish. 😁

The positive topic!
I like Vinyl for that very cool signature of a cool graphic plus the previous years awards.

Very nice! 👍

This or That
Dec 5 2016, 02:36 AM
Wand of Gamelon. I haven't played either and this one sounds better.

Would you rather drink a can of deodorant or two pints of vinegar?
I misread that "V" word for a second...


E3 cause I remember reading about it 20 years ago in gaming magazines and loved the articles.
Oh if I could time travel and visit E3s from the past with old mate from N64 Gamer Magazine 😍😊👍

Oh right....

Have a Mario Moustache for the rest of your life or
Wear a Link Hat for the rest of your life? :link: :mario:

did your 2016 gaming resolution came true?

Sometimes it's better to start from the beginning of you are stuck that close to the end.
Hitting the game with a fresh run might make it more enjoyable and easier to go with the momentum 😊 💥

Wii discussion
Going to start Galaxy 2 soon.

Played through Super Mario 64, Sunshine and Luigi's Mansion.
Enjoyed them all thoroughly.
Only played through Galaxy 1 for 2nd time a few years ago so didn't replay it this time, also didn't want to overdo old mate Mario.

Let's a go! 👍

Games You've Finished in 2016
I enjoyed Sonic Adventure when I played it about 8 years ago or so.
I don't even know if I got through Big the Cat's levels.
Might have not even beat one. 😅

Finished Super Mario Sunshine.
85 Shines.

Could have gone for more but I'm gonna run out of time on holidays before too long and I'm pretty keen to get into Galaxy 2. 🤗

Play an N64 game...
That was amazing.
Sweet Pea #69 you say.
I'm on it.

Brazil are pretty broken, I have given them a bath a few times in the past but not with this team.
Don't think I got more than a shot or 2 off or a corner kick or anything. 😣
Co-Op can work, if you work really well with your team mate.
I've played 100s, probably 1000s of games of ISS with my team mate across all 3 N64 versions of the game.
You lose the ability to know what you are going to do next but certain things can be done so much better.
"Shepherding" is one major one, where, when you don't have the ball you mash the dash button to hold off incoming defenders.
This allows you to go for longer runs and break through enemy territory.
We REALLY need to record out matches! 🎥

Finished Sunshine, after cashing in my Blue Coins ended up on 85 Shines.
Think I'll move on to the next game now.
Would probably take me well over a week and/or a guide to fully finish the game.
Thoroughly enjoyed it towards the end I have to say!
Those water effects 😍👍

Also, the hell is up with that II Piantisimo character!??

Spoiler: click to toggle

Play an N64 game...
I use the knives for about the first half an maybe less of the mission.
It's handy if you can get the Silenced PP7s although it's hard to get them early.

Yeah I knew about the spray the ground thing.
I definitely thought to do it as a kid.
Also in the game.

I like talking to as many NPCs as possible.
Some of the dialogue is pretty funny.
I've only found one Blue Coin that I remember from any hints though.

They definitely tried to bump up the difficulty and length of the game from Mario 64.
Oh yeah!
I still haven't decided if I should play through Galaxy 1 again before tackling Galaxy 2.
Played through Galaxy twice now, most recent a few years ago.
It is very good, just wondering if it will be one Mario game too many...

Yeah, this place is great, I've been very on and off over the years, so glad this place never disapeared.
And, member number 70...
Missed 69 by that much...

Play an N64 game...
Brazil belted us 4-0 and Italy won 3-1.

Managed a 3-2 win over Croatia in the final game but it was too late by then 😣
Might have to come back another time.

Back to Sunshine, having a small break really helped to freshen it up.
Anyone got any basic hints without giving it away too much where to find some of the secret stars?
Spoiler: click to toggle

I don't know why but I don't want to cash in on my blue coins until as late as possible.
Currently have 64 Stars (Im calling them Stars 😆) and 120 Blue Coins 😃

Bunker 2...Natalya can only get hurt from explosions and friendly fire from you.
That knowledge can make a lot of difference to some people. 🤓

EDIT: Didn't even notice I was over 1000 posts...
1, 007

Play an N64 game...
I had a fantasy about having a 4 way
Goldeneye session with you guys 😎

I had a brief break from Mario Sunshine to play some Superstar Soccer 2000 - Italia's Nepal-ing Challenge!
Got through regionals with 4 wins, a draw and a loss.
Decent form, but that was against easy teams and next up is groups with Italy, Croatia and Brazil 😱
Not gonna be easy!

Oh yeah I named the players after forum members, would post pics...if photobucket stops being a crap bucket 😠

2016 Awards - The Young Blood Award
Lots of good ones but I'm gonna say Shell-shocker for being super active and bowling over a giant pile of games lately and MyBeefCakes for the Goldeneye Challenges 👍

did your 2016 gaming resolution came true?
I forgot about this topic!

Thanks for the reminder!

Turns out our Superstar Soccer skills and adaptability was very good with soccer 2000.
As a matter of fact, I'm doing Italia's Nepal-ing challenge right about now and kind of loving the game again. 👍
I've named all the players after forum members and my 3 Cats.
Maybe I should record the final for you guys 😎

And I ended up buying Galaxy 2 for myself a week ago.

I have to say I did SO much N64 gaming this year and most of it wasn't pre-planned which seems to make it better.
Take the Stage was a brilliant initiative and really got me started, Good style!

Ended up beating
Carmeggedon 64 (and actually enjoying it!)
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter
Super Mario 64
Diddy Kong Racing (for the billionth time)
And probably more that I'm forgetting.

Loved the Goldeneye Challenges as well BTW!
Should have one more crack at that.

Hmm, next year...
I hope to have more multi-player gaming night! 😁

Merry Christmas 2016
Dec 25 2016, 09:55 AM
I have an extremely distant relative, as in so distant I have never actually talked to them, that always sends me gift cards to Subway every year. Since I've never talked to them I can't really tell them that I don't eat Subway, and that the only time I do is after Christmas because I feel I am under obligation to use the card. This year they went high roller as they gave me a $25 card instead of their typical $15 cards of the previous few years. Last year I used like 6 dollars on my card and then paid for another guys meal because I don't wanna go back to Subway and it was a ridiculously awkward exchange. I said

"Hey you want to have the rest of the money on this card, it's got like 8 dollars "

He gave me a stone faced monotone "okay"

I gave the cashier my card and the guy took his sandwich and said "Cool" then left without saying thanks. I looked at the girl in line behind him and regretted not giving my card to her instead. Not that I'm looking for a great reaction but it was so awkward. Anything else would have been better. I hope that guy is okay and enjoyed his sandwich at least.

This story didn't really go anywhere but it's a very vivid memory and I'm hoping this years Subway giveaway is more satisfying. I hope everyone's day is okay :yeah:
That's actually a great story.


Ol Chrimo is already done and dusted here, Boxing Day now, and probably doing some Jet-Ski ing tomorrow so im told.
Sounds good!
Time for a bit of a Wave Race!

Watcha Listenin' To?
Nov 22 2016, 10:35 AM
4 years ago one of the greatest video game soundtrack remixes of all time came out with Theophany's Time's End, a Majora's Mask remix.

Today Disc II was released! Do yourself a favor and download and listen to it on repeat! It's free!
Here's a short video they made for it too, such incredible animation!

That video was amazing.

More people need to see that 😱

In other news I've been listening to Metallica in the car and generally my Asian Pop playlist at home.
How's that for variety!? 😁

J-Birds: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7Tw2WPhk50_e9ctfeQVbo_nH_kJl8ZjQ

Goldeneye X version 5e has been released
Super impressed by this.

Have been pumped about Goldeneye X since I first heard about it.
Not enough to get the technology to get it, but now with this plus all the other benefits I am feeling motivated to get one of those new dangled whatchamacallits that play this wonderful thing and get amongst it!

International superstars of soccer
I'm about to start on Italia's challenge of playing through the World Cup on Level 5 with Nepal.
I'm renaming all the players to forum members here for the most part to make it more interesting.

Major fault with this game is the menus and restrictions on renames.
Couldn't work out how to reset just a few players and ended up resetting all my renames to default 🤕

Oh Italia, you weren't joking about how bad they are!
Quite Nepal-ing!
No left footers, and no special skills in the entire team on top of the low stats!

Well, 0-0 at half time of the first game of qualifying and doing better than I expected.
Thought I would have leaked a goal but haven't, feel that scoring won't be as hard as I expected.
Haven't played in a while, plus used to playing 2 player co-op vs the COM so will take a while to adjust.

Miles and Kartmaster have managed to get themselves a yellow card already.
Must be the coach's influence...
...and ended up being a Nil all draw.
Good promise shown though.

Play an N64 game...
It's my second play through of Sunshine, don't remember how many Stars I got the first time, definitely wasn't the maximum amount though.

Trying to enjoy It as much as possible.
There are times I wish it was more like Mario 64, I really miss the Long Jump and a few other small details.
I have to say, the graphics in some parts are still very impressive.
That sunset on the beach level and all the water effects.
And just the scale of the place and how you can see the edge of the other levels and the major landmarks in the distance.
Wish I could just get a Jet-Ski and cruise around the place.

Play an N64 game...
Yeah if you beat Perfect Dark on Perfect Agent already, and recently as well so you still have your form, Goldeneye shouldn't be too hard for you.

I'd like to play more for Take The Stage but once I get to around 100 I will be out of games.
And most of the games I have left have pretty massive first "levels".
Games that if I get that's far I might as well play the whole game, such as the Zeldas and Paper Mario.

In other news, not N64 but pretty much the sequel to Super Mario 64, Mario Sunshine, 40 Shines into that replay.
I was going to play either Galaxy 1 or 2 or both after this, but maybe I need a Mario break...

Games You've Finished in 2016
I will try and do a better job of postung these all neat n stuff next year...
Anyway, just recently:

Super Mario 64 (120 Stars)

Luigi's Mansion (B-Rank, 49/50 Boos)

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