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Excitebike 64
Just happened to see this review as I'm having a quick look at the boards....
After beating the first season in my spontaneous session of Excitebike 64!

I've always rated this game and still do.
And I keep coming back to it, cause so far, unlike Wave Race, 1080 and F-Zero X, I still haven't mastered this game!

Only ever saw bits and pieces of it when it was on TV back in the day.
Thought I would like it if I had the time to actually sit down and watch it properly...
One day...

I partially want to watch it just to super justify BDR's crackpot Hydro Thunder theory which I think is pretty spot on!

Red Dwarf
:cussfit:, I missed the new series, too busy to realize it was on!

I'm sure I'll find a way to see it.

Yes it's me, I want an actual physical copy of it, none of this watching it online.
Too old school aye! 😅

N64 and fog
Dec 21 2017, 12:30 PM
One of the reasons I love Wave Race 64 so much is because of the fog that slowly lifts each time you go around the Drake Lake track. That really blew my mind the first time I raced on that level. Heck, I still find it impressive today. :lol:

That level and that weather effect was one of the first brilliant technological show offs for the 64.

I too still love that effect to this day!

Post a Video Better than the last.

The Battle of the Century!

N64 and fog
It was a lot more noticeable in earlier N64 games and Turok 1 is always the one people referenced.

It was a case of what would people prefer, pop up or fog?
And fog is the better option.

I didn't mind it at all in Turok, it suited the atmosphere and doesn't bother me whatsoever.
I need to play through that game at least once a decade, it's such a timeless classic.
The music, the atmosphere...the weapons.
So Dam good! 😎

N-cyclopedia 64 - POWERED BY N64 FOREVER
Don't over think it bro, I'm sure you and the team are doing the best and coming up with something pretty bloody amazing.


What are you doing RIGHT NOW?!?!
Liststening to "Likey Likey" by Twice (https://youtu.be/V2hlQkVJZhE) while enjoying a beer and about to eat some food before getting some sleep and getting up as normal after my routine 6 hours sleep and back to work for another 12 hours.

For the 32nd day in a row 😃

Play an N64 game...
I heard that some new record was broken in Goldeneye?
Anyone know about this or was I imagining it?

Listening to the Treetop Village music from Turok 1 right now.
What a level.