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Thats a montage from a Smash Bros. Melee Tournament we had in 2006. :D

What's the best deal you got for N64 stuff?
Nov 25 2007, 06:07 PM
Shadow Man for $0.50 AUD ($0.44 USD).

70 hours of gameplay for 50 cents? CHEERS!
Where'd you get that Shadow Man deal from?

Looks like Stephen got the best deal of us all.

I got some great bargains when the local video shop sold off all their games in 2004 for $5 each.
Donkey Kong 64 for $5 with an expansion pak.
In that lot I got 8 games for $40 and some brilliant ones at that.

Mortal Kombat
I've only played Trilogy, I'd recommend it, BUT you have to like that style of game.
Classic fighter, pretty lame, but fun/funny.
Sorta the old so bad its good at times.

We had some real good fun with it back in 06. 8)

Games you'll finish in 2009

Perfect Dark:
Co-Op on Perfect Agent.
Finally have someone to play N64 with.
First we are running through on Special Agent to "warm-up"
Currently up to CI Defence.
THEN, I will try and get the 2 tasks that have been eluding me for years.
Maian SOS and WAR! on Perfect Agent.

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter
Got the urge to play this game one afternoon so I went out and bought it.
Been LOVING it!
Currently up to Level 7 - The Lost Land, struggling a bit though, no extra lives, keep dying early, willkeep going though.

Turok 2 & 3
The first game has made me want to finally finish Turok 2 as well.
2 times I've had memory card failure on level 5 and the 3rd time I got stuck BADLY on Lair of the Blind Ones, plus playing through on hard, no extra lives, lost motivation....
Can't wait for the 4TH! crack at it though!

I don't know, lots of others, get random urges all the time including:
Banjo-Kazooie/Tooie, Jet Force Gemini (again...., never did beat Mizar on the 2nd time around, a full play-through first is needed I reckon) , Super Mario 64, Majora's Mask (loved the atmosphere immensely, oohh and the music!) , Donkey Kong 64 - cause everyone else is...hey lets pretend its 1999 again, and we can all play together...ahh a decade ago GOOD times.

Maybe the Starfox games

Animal Crossing

Watcha Listenin' To?
Current CD in my cars CD player is Invaders Must Die, the new one from The Prodigy.
Track number 4 (Coulours) sounds VERY Snowboard Kids like in parts. :)

What would you think of the Nintendo 64 if it was
@The original question:

It might have sold better if it was in CD, but t wouldn't have been as good. ^_^
Quality over quantity.

Also, the N64 has to be the strongest console around.
Throw it against a brick wall and it'll still work.

The Official N64 Forever Chat Thread
And on top of the fires there has been some really bad flooding up the North end of my state (Being Queensland).
We've been indirectly affected by it at work, they can't get the flour up North on the Trains, so we couldn't send stuff out, didn't have much room to work with at times, and then when it finally re-opened containers where going out of the place like crazy.

They're having some pretty big concerts to raise money in March.
Didn't want to copy and paste the whole thing, not sure if that'd be too big on the page, but also yeah it might not stay as the top news item....
rah, going to sleep now tired.

N64 collection discussion
Feb 8 2009, 04:57 AM
Feb 8 2009, 04:32 AM
Set them free to make somebody happy...
That gave me mental images of little N64 carts being released into Marioland-styled meadows where they are free to play and bounce around. Maybe I shouldn't be sharing that... >_<
No, that is a great image to share actually.
Good analogy :)

All of my boxes are not folded up, all box like still, I started putting them in a box from when I was about 12 or so, its a box-box I guess. :gift:
Just seemed like the right thing to do.
I'd love to display my boxes or even more so carts, but I can't think of any decent and easy way to do it.
When I get my own house, I'd love to have an "N64-room" with N64 posters, N64 boxes/games in display cabinets and an N64 or 2 set up for playing anytime. :o 8) :n64:
In other news, I also love the instruction books, they are cool, and have some cool pics of characters and whatnot.
I remember reading the Mario Kart 64 Instruction book amongst others during reading time after lunch at primary school. :lol:

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
Yeah well, mines on PAL.
Would my Gamecube version of the game, which HAS to run at 60Hz, be faster...I'm guessing so....
Although i think my OoT AND Master Quest was lost on the great memory card death of 08.
1019 blocks of glory, and almost all of it was wiped.
Doesn't matter so much for some games, but Animal Crossing... :o :(

Play an N64 game...
Where to start...

1080 Snowboarding:
Had a play through on expert, got up to Mountain Village, but didn't win.
The game still feels quite good, the psychics were always enjoyable on that.
Did the training as well, still can do all the moves.

Wave Race:
After a few goes on Expert, and failing at Glacier Coast, I finally won and by 10 points as well. Really nailed it.
I love the whales that appear on Southern Island, and the more points you have the more appear. Its great how they swim around and make really loud splashes as well.
This game still feels really good, better than 1080, the water, 12 years on still is as good as it gets (cept maybe Wave Race: Blue Storm on the Gamecube)

Snowboard Kids!:
Played this multiplayer at Lansmash, 4 players, and some of the most amazing fun! There was this one guy, I've never seen someone so excited about playing an N64 game, he was going off, and the crowd for Snowboard Kids became bigger than the Smash Finals!
It came down to 3 people on 2 wins, 1 on 0 wins, so we had a final race to decide a winner.
We took it to Big Snowman and the guy on 0 wins finally wins one!
So we took it to Grass Valley, and somehow I pull out the win.

Loving it!
Level 4 was easier than I thought it might be, got everything in the level, loved the way the grenade launcher was accessed - the old invisible pathway!
I got everything in level 5 except for 1 key, going to get it later.
And now I'm on level 6 - The Treetop Village, had good memories of this level, even though it does have some annoying sections. I've only got one key so far after quite a while.
But still, this level does so much right, the huge downwards jumps at the start, the atmosphere and outside environment of the level, the walkways above the trees are great.
Can't wait to keep doing this level and then move on!

N64 Fan, Enthusiast, or Aficionado?
D.J Cat
13 out of 29
You are an Aficionado! You can appreciate what the N64 attempted to accomplish and enjoy its games, but you don't believe it to be the best and are not insistent upon experiencing and spreading its legacy.

Oh I don't know.
I certainly do believe it as the best console around ever, I still play the games, and spread it more than anyone I know, by taking an N64 (or even 2 a couple o weeks ago!) to Smash tournaments etc.
The excitement around Snowboard Kids was electric.
Maybe just the may I answered the questions, reow, ;) ^_^

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
57 Seconds.

Ya got me excited when you mentioned the SuperCucoos, I thought that could have been a challenge to find those 3 the quickest, that be kinda fun. :)

What's the best deal you've ever gotten on...
When the Video shop was selling its N64 games about 3 years ago, I picked up 8 games at $5 each (Australian $) which is flaming good. All with boxes and Instructions too.
Specially considering Donkey Kong 64 came with an Expansion Pak as well.
The look on the girls face when I carried them to the counter. :)

The N64 Kid has competition.
Feb 1 2009, 05:09 PM
My particular fetish is N64 porn. ^_^

Theres a category? :lol:

My movies are lame.
Cept this one, it has Starfox 64 N64 references:

I've always loved the Tin-Tin Dubs, but this one contains massive N64 references!

Turok games discussion
Just started playing Turok: Dinosaur Hunter again from the start.
Going to just do it on Normal, instead of frustrating myself trying to be a Hard-Out!
UP to level 4 now, was anticipating level 3 SO much, did enjoy it yes, but the jumping section towards the end...oh man!!!
Can't wait for level 6!

And after this I may well try and finally beat Turok 2, one of the few N64 games that has conquered me.
Memory Card issues on 3 occasions (twice on level 5 as well) really did me in though.

The N64 Kid has competition.
The question is, how did you come across said picture? :D

:yeah: :n64:

Play an N64 game...
Being playing a lot of Turok (1) , cause I just suddenly got an urge to play the game one Friday afternoon so I went out and bought the game (again, other copy is 2500 kilometres away!).
Want to replay the whole game this time, loving it so far!
Also ran through Wave Race on Expert, just fell short by 2 points on Glacier Coast. I did a helicopter flip though. :)

Recent multiplayer gaming has included Pokemon Puzzle League, International Superstar Soccer 64 (hilarious commentator) and Perfect Dark.

I know what you mean about 1.1
I play Turok, being 1.2 perfect;y naturally and swap between the games fine, but just can't do GE or PD on 1.2 >_<

Donkey Kong 64
Maybe you haven't found the Crystal Caves level, I know quite a few people have and would do that! :)