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Favorite YouTube Channel?
We have made our "Channel64 Movies" channel now, but I can't work out how to link to it.. 🔗
Easy enough to search for I guess...

It's just our old 3D Movie Maker movie for now, but might do N64 action in the future IF I can find the right kind of recording thing...

Our New Aquarium
Any relation to the Hylian Loach? 😱

The Wii U Topic

Still haven't organized some stuff and this is all happening before I'm ready.
So, any tips I'm happy to hear!

So, when is Zelda even coming out? Early March?
Better be!
What's controllers does the Wii U come with? Should I get a different one?
What is the best possible controls and way of playing Zelda?
I'm so not up to date on this knowledge and it's slightly stressing me cause I need to pick the best possible option because that's how my annoying logical brain works 😆

I'm pretty sure that the Wii U is the best option for me, even though I can only see myself playing it for Zelda and Mario Kart...
Not because I don't like the console, but plenty of my game time is spent already just playing N64 and like only Killer Instinct and Sea of Thieves on Xbox in the future.

I could be convinced that Switch is better...i think I will get one later anyway...
Just how much later is the question.

Sorry for the annoying post.
Just hope someone understands what I'm going on about and can give some wise insight. 😇😊

Which Nintendo 64 games do you want to see ported to PC?
There are Turok remakes, done only a few years ago and I can see the appeal in them.
On the N64, I think Turok 1 has aged really well, not so much for Turok 2, purely because of framerate reasons.

The Rare Replay version of Jet Force Gemini is very good indeed, very smooth.
Although, I think at times it actually run too fast and caused a few random glitches like Tribals disappearing.
Didn't happen often but it did happen...

What games are you playing?
Wave Race: Blue Storm.

Wait, that did NOT just happen!
I just opened the other window to copy and paste the link to this Scandal Song and it happened to just come on PopAsia TV at the exact same time!!!
What the!!!


So, I kind of started playing to try and find if that song sounds like a specific song in the game OR just something along the lines of how the soundtrack is.
Anyway, I really like the game as it is, so its pretty enjoyable to get into anyway.

If at least one person knows what the hell I'm on about I'd be pretty happy 😆

Also been playing Killer Instinct a lot.
So good what they have done with the story, and I believe they are even going to make some sort of comic book series based on the Killer Instinct universe.

Play an N64 game...
Feb 18 2017, 12:14 PM
Thursday two of my cousins and I played the N64 for a good 4-5 hours.
Started off with smash, then did some "beerio kart" until we couldn't handle it. After that we played Mario Party 2, Blast Corps, Perfect Dark, and last but not least Star Fox.
Sounds absolutely amazing! 👍

How did Mario Party 2 go?
Have you ever noticed how excited Toad gets when he is in his little boat costume on the Pirate Island level 😉

Game systems that mean the most to you?
Easily in order, N64, Gamecube and PC if that counts.

And PC is almost entirely based on just a few game from that era, Unreal Tournament and Red Alert 2.
And 3D Movie Maker of you count that as a "game".

Play an N64 game...
Feb 14 2017, 09:29 AM
Checkerboard Chase is amazing with 4 players :)

I don't recall a lot of 2d platformers with anything more than a 2 player simultaneous mode before New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Speaking of 4 player co-op though, I did just get Gauntlet Legends. Can't wait to break it out :)
We had so much fun with Gauntlet: Dark Legacy on the Gamcube which is basically the and game with a few extra levels.

Absolutely amazing 4 player co-op with the right crowd of people.
Highly recommend.

Play an N64 game...
Feb 12 2017, 12:12 PM
Friday night was the first multiplayer n64 gaming session I've had in a while. Considering the potential cost of setting up local multiplayer with the switch (my favorite way to play) I think going retro is the better option at this time.

We played Mario kart 64, Diddy Kong racing and Smash Bros. Surprisingly the friends I was with hadn't played DKR before but they thought the multiple vehicles were really cool :)
Fresh N64 multi-player is where it is at!

And hoping to record some for viewing pleasure the next time we have one 👍

Sense memories in gaming
Sorry to double post, but just noticed this one.


Immediately thought of Wave Rave: Blue Storm on the intro of the music.
There is definitely a track in that game that sounds like that.
You're welcome.

So. I`m going to the Rare ltd office ...
I just thought of one while watching the new Red Dwarf right about now!

(just copied and pasted this from Red Dwarf topic. Obviously feel free to re word etc)

I wonder if the team that made that game were fans of Red Dwarf!
I would assume so, it being a sci-ri sort of game and both being British.
And the final season for many years (Season 8 in 1999) was the same year JFG came out.

But check out the intro to The Battle Cruiser Sekhmet (maybe not exact spelling!
The slow close up of a larger red ship and all that.
And the Jet Force crews personal ships certainly remind of Star Bug!

The Dojo - N64 Fighting Game Discussion
I like Killer Instinct Gold a hell of a lot.

I'm even more biased these days because of how well the reboot of the series on XboxOne has gone and how far they have done with those characters and added layers and layers of backstory and new characters and yeah...
I'm a bit biased about it. 😀

I enjoy Mortal Kombat Trilogy probably more than I should for its silly fun and good multi-player memories and pick up and play pleasure.

Red Dwarf
Absolutely loved the 3 episodes so far.

I think I read/heard a while ago that they had been wanting to do it for a bit, but it was just legal and or channel BS holding back when it could get shown.

Regardless, awesome to have them back 😊

So. I`m going to the Rare ltd office ...
Jan 30 2017, 05:21 PM
Can i come? X_D
Me too!!!

I'm so pumped for you.

I can't think of any good questions, too tired, but I reckon I would have had some over the years that still haven't been answered.
Most obvious ones have already been answered like Stop n Swap and the Cheese in Perfect Dark etc etc.

When's Sea of Thieves coming out anyway?

I remember one of the guys who won the Sea of Thieves competition they had was from a site that I liked from nearly 15 years ago and I think it's still going! (dkvine.com)

007 - Rare footage (see what I did there...)
I'm pretty sure Goldeneye was originally going to be a SNES game and also on on rails shooter.

For the world's pleasure, they decided not to go with that. 😊

Do You Ever Find It Hard To Sit Down and Play?
Great read and I will be responding with more detail...when I get time/not so tired.

Oh time!
You so silly.

N64 good quality videos, pics and GIFs
Jan 31 2017, 06:09 PM
Hey man. Tomorrow I will have an Elgato Game Capture HD ;-) can't wait to start to record my gameplays :-P
Ooh, I want to know how it goes! 😍

We bought a cheap one, should arrive next week, hoping it's half decent.

There shall be plenty of Superstar Soccer ⚽ footage for your pleasure.
We shall be doing plenty of Huddos and Velfs. 😊👍