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Expansion Pak discussion
Did anyone see the 9 minute long Starfox 64 promo where they shows the multiplayer and rumble pak...
While captive by some Sega and Sony bad guys, its pretty damn funny watching it now!

I wonder if any expansion pak compatible games were released BEFORE the expansion pak was released to the public...i'm sure thats possible.
But i'd be going with Overdrive, Squadron or Turok 2.

N64 collection discussion
@Excitebike: I know its awesome I used to borrow it off a friend.
Hill, climb, the desert theing and racing in general - all awesome!
Let alone, make your own track, very nice.

@cleaning them, i don't think thats the problem, i looked down under (hehe) after they wouldn't work and they appear damaged/missing a few. :huh:
So I think they are rooted. :(

N64 collection discussion
I just got Excitebike 64 and Pokemon Snap for a good price.

Although it appears they don't work, so i'll probably have to return them. :(

Jet Force Gemini
I don't know, i haven't researched but i'll say I doubt it.
You'd think if they were going to surely at least ONE would out by now...?

Unless they change their mind...we can only hope.
I was assuming when they announced the Virtual console...and then online play that the 2 could be combined.
I'm sure it wouldn't be that hard for them to set up...
But it won't happen. >_<

Controller discussion
I reckon a bit like dvdboxoffice.com that site would give free postage.
But I'm not sure and don't have long before work to check.

Oh man, when I find a 64 with a good stick its like striking gold.
And the latest one I found was in near perfect condition AND cheaper than ones i've paid for on ebay with rubbish sticks.

SO i went to GameTraders (like EB but way better cause they sell old stuff for nearly every system on top of new stuff) to get some 3rd party controllers.
Last time I went there they had some, but i was abit iffy on them, but since reading someones fine reviews ;) ^_^ I felt the need to try and get some.
After waiting for a good half an hour (there was only 1 person working there trying to handle like 10 people) it turns out they had none left.

What game is in your N64?
Bomberman 64.

Ooh yeah!

I've just gotten into single player again - doing it on hard mode.
Now i've learned some even more advanced bomb jumping techs, i'm gonna try and unlock all the hidden costumes.
Plus its great to replay what was so fun back then.
In fact i'm going to go play it RIGHT NOW (for 10 minutes before i scoot off to work)

Perfect Dark
Off course I mean aiming with the C-buttons.

Run by, adjust with c-buttons, make their head red. (Sounds like a cute poem :lol: )

I here people complaining (actually it was only 1 guy....) about aiming with the c-buttons and would rather use 2 sticks.

Well, they did make an option to use 2 controllers to play with in single player.

I've used it before, reasonably entertaining.
I can do it.
And, with 2 people its almost like a hidden co-operative mode! B)

N64 collection discussion
Hmm, I could give you soem in-depth thougths on ISS 2000 and in fact the other games in the series, cause I've played them all to death and beyong the un-dead stage.

I paid $50 for ISS 2000 in '05 (it was in perfect condition) and I'm very happy I did.
It WAS in perfect condition until a certain fecking 4 year old thought it would be ok to take it out of the box - nearly ruin the box - lose the plastic sleeve and leave the game lying on the floor.


Perfect Dark
Hmm, I can move and aim at the same time with 1.1

Also I can do the run faster trick accurately with 1.1 (Honey - for the Goldeneye player in us all).
It may be possible with 1.2, but it would be a bit over the place...maybe.

Perfect Dark
Hm, I tried to convert myself to 1.2

I thought after playing Turok it shouldn't be too much of an issue.
The main motivation was to to reduce the wear on the control sticks! :o
I also thought it would help my game with the more mobility and aiming issues.
However - I could never get used to it.
I even asked the owner of GoldeneyeForever.com and he just suggested I should stick with the one I know best.

So I Use 1.1

Jet Force Gemini
Who said the JFG music made good driving music?

Well, if just downloaded the whole soundtrack and can't wait to stick em on a CD. B)
I'm listening to Ichor Military Base right now.

Oh my I loved this game SO much.
I didn't find the Tribals or ship parts annoying, in fact when the King told me I had to go get the Tribals I thought to myself YES - this awesome game continues!
Shame I never could beat the final boss on the Asteroid, and how I tried. :(

I tried to play through it a 2nd time but I got bored about 6 hours in :-8
Although maybe it was because something else came up/I got a new game.
maybe I'll try again someday.
In fact now I think of it I got a bit further than that - up past Mizar's palace.

And as much as i no like xbox360, i would get one for that game.

@ the controls:
I thought they were brilliant.
I'd give them an 8 or a 9 out of 10.

It was really handy how you could got from the exploring controls to the "shooting" controls with one button

@ The noise Lupus makes once he gets upgraded (as in the tanky noise as he moves around...) :
I work on a machine that makes that noise. Coolness B)

I wish I could find the review i did in grade 8, it was so nice and I got a top mark for it to.

Controller discussion
It seems like a good price to me.

Rather than paying say 20 bucks for a controller with an average stick, just buy one of these and put it in your old crappy controllers (of which I have many, back at my dads place).

I'm gonna get some after i get some 3rd party controllers.
(Not to put in them, i just wanna have some 3rd party controllers. ^_^ )

Perfect Dark
Good stuff.

Its can be SO very annoying and hard to convince people to play the N64.
And everyone who I do convince, ends up loving it and enjoying it far more than the newer games we would have been playing earlier.
And why must they use 1.2?

Anyway its easy, go to Teams and make sure you have the "Teams Enabled" option highlighted, then make 2 people one colour and the other 2 people 2 different colours.
Should be easy. ^_^

Controller discussion

New N64 controllers with the stick in perfect condition?
Damn you Americans getting things cheaper! :P (its true)

Here on Ebay the go for $25 at least (gaming wise - thats equivalant to half the price for you pretty much) when they are in good nick sometimes more.

Goldeneye 007


The first version was released about 4-5 months ago and allowed you to edit and make new levels for Goldeneye

The 2nd version of the Goldeneye Setup Editor has been released.
The major addition is its all visual now and therefore a LOT easier to makes stuff.
Check out this for a new level created with it.


Controller discussion

Yeah I've been looking for these for a while and now i've found them again (although on a different site).
I haven't purchased any before but they look very promising, just a little handy work with a screwdriver and your away!

(I think this might be in the wrong board, but they N64 controller review topic was closed.
So yeah...)

Games that you wish were on N64
Well personally i'm a little sick of hearing how the N64 didn't do well.

In sales yeah sure.
Why do we care about sales and the fact that many stupid people didn't buy one?
I'm glad to not own the mainstream machine.

The N64 was the winner, not by sales but by the amount of quality games.
No system has such an insane amount of super-fun 4 player games.

And as such the N64 will probably never be beaten. ;)

Best Nintendo 64 game that starts with a "T"
Hard decision.

I loved Pro Skater 2, and Turok 2 was amazing - for its time.
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter was also a hell of a lot of fun, dancing dinosaurs, making the enemies fight each other etc.
And I should get Turok 3, it is available at Gametraders, 5 mins drive away.

Anyway to the point....I'll have to say Turok 2. B)

Games that you wish were on N64
Yeah Crash Site was pretty massive but Donkey Kong 64 and Banjo-Tooie both eclipse it.

Its almost as if Rare were better than Ninty at the machine by the end of its life-span, look at how pretty and big Banjo-Tooie is AND it doesn't even use the expansion pak.
Pretty amazing.

Hmm, i dunno about GTA, although maybe a chopped down version could work (or if you mean the 2D games, then hell yeah why not).

Cool N64 stuff
No, it wasn't that one...that one IS awesome though!!!

There original one was on ebay.com.au - the Australian site.
And it didn't look like that.

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