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N64 Sounds
I'm after sound effects more than music, I already knew of that site for music, very good. ^_^

I've tried doing searches in the past with not much success, but I did get some decent Mario sounds.

OOOOHHHHH, where did you get the Starfox sounds from?
EDIT: YEAHHZ!!!! http://starfox64.baldninja.com/sf64snds.htm

Hopefully I can find the right cables/adapters etc.

N64 Sounds
I am looking for a place that has lots of N64 sounds, or the best way of getting general N64 sound effect in .wav format (or something that can easily be converted, like mp3).

IS there a decent method other than just sticking the microphone up to the TV which sort of works but doesn't give the greatest quality.
I shall be using them in my 3D Movie Maker movies.


Star Fox 64
Their on me! I'm getting careless!

I remember last year, staying at a hostel with all the other guys who had traveled interstate for a Smash tourny when suddenly I said a Lylat Wars quote for no apparent reason.
All of a sudden the whole room was just bouncing about with lines from the game.
It was classic.