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Guessing game!
Mar 30 2009, 04:41 PM
Snowboard Kids 2.
And the dog sucks. He can't jump for anything.

Which N64 game marked Birdo's first appearance in 3D?
Mr. Dog is awesome, if just for the fact he says "Get F***ed" when you select him :lol:

For the current question, assuming the previous answer was right, then I'll guess Zelda: Majora's Mask, although I don't think they were stone, or really classified as your old friends, but still!

Guessing game!
Had to double post, your all taking too long. :angry:
Its one of these games that Nonoke owns:

I have:
-The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
-Snowboard Kids 2 (as childish and dorky as it seems, it's a blast)
-Super Mario 64 (what's so good about this? It's pretty boring, in my opinion)
-Mario Party 3
-Super Smash Bros.
-Goldeneye 007 (another overrated game)
-Perfect Dark (overrated like Goldeneye, but not as much)


After twelve years...
So much Mario Party hate.
On an N64 forum.
Each game is made of multiplayer legendaries, If you have the right people to play with. I still love it to bits to this day.
And 2 doesn't wreck controllers. And if ya use your brain and just refuse to do the spinning ones in #1 then thats fine too.

And International Superstar Soccer 2000 is brilliant. The only downside is the commentary isn't as funny as ISS64.
Then again, nothing is.


Controller discussion
Its an excellent controller, the only thing that lets it down is the actual control stick wearing out.
The only better thing I've used is the Gamecube controller which is perfection in a bag.
And the D-Pad is excellent, I use it for so many games, might as well not wear out the control stick.


Have fun.

Excuse the random levels of inactivity this place sometimes gets. :o
And have a go at the guessing game. :yeah:

Play an N64 game...
Majora's Mask is the next Zelda game I'll be replaying.
Damn, that game had such a great dark atmosphere to it.
Ikana Canyon comes to mind. And that unsettling music.

I've been playing heaps of games lately.

Turok 2:
Up to level 5 now, Hive of the Mantids.
I'd never actually beat level 4 before now on previous play-throughs due to coming to level 5 first or getting hopelessly lost on level 4 (and what a pain of a level it was).
So I might well FINALLY get to beat the game that has beaten me before in the past.

Excitebike 64:
This game is FUN. The psychics are brilliant, its quite a challenge just to get your bike around at times, and as such its so rewarding once you finally get a hold of it.
I love how you have to line your bike up, take the corners, while not bouncing all over the place from bumps and so on. And getting just the right amount of turbo for those big jumps.
Can't wait to unlock Hill Climb.
Also I bought a new Controller Pak the other day, and it had an Excitebike track on it. Well, thats what made we wanna whip out the game. What a classic track. There is a big hump before the frist corner and all the computer players boost at it and wipe out on the first corner. The commentator then proceeds to go mental and name every rider in quick succession as "wiping out into the bails!" etc

Snowboard Kids 2:
Been playing a lot of multiplayer of this beauty, trying to work out a good format for running a tournament, what tracks/characters are fair etc.
And its really enjoyable anyway, so its not like a chore at all. :yeah:

:n64: :n64: :n64:

N64 collection discussion
Mar 27 2009, 03:10 PM
-Snowboard Kids 2 (as childish and dorky as it seems, it's a blast)

Snowboard Kids 2 is a legend!
Brilliant game, multiplayer with the right people is a blast.
As a matter of fact I'm having a tournament for the game in about 7 weeks. Will be recording matches and getting excited.
Its definitely under-rated, it beats Mario Kart 64, far more balanced, yet still fun as.
Only Diddy Kong Racing can beat it in the "Item Based Racing Game" genre I believe.
And the music! :yeah:


Is there any particular reason why Birdo is so unpopular?
Mar 26 2009, 07:50 PM
Is there any reason why Birdo is so unpopular?
Hell, she's one of my favorite Mario characters, along with Toad, Toadette, Petey Piranha, and Waluigi.
Those 2 are pretty unpopular too.
I can certainly see why with Petey Piranha, that stooge getting in ahead of many more worthwhile characters in Mario Kart: Double Dash etc. ;)
And Waluigi looks like Hitler and acts like him.

Birdo's pretty cool though.
Especially catching her eggs or kneeing her in the head in the Mushroom Kingdom 2 level in Smash Melee.

What's the last thing you ate/drank?
Ate: Coco Pops (5AM snack)
Drank: Water (to cancel out the sugary taste)

M-rated games
I have a lot I'm thinking but I can't think of a good way to word it all, So, I'l just go off and play some Turok 2 and decapitate some dinosaurs. :)

The Official N64 Forever Chat Thread
It has your joined date under posts and all that.

Bloody level 4 in Turok 2.... <_<

The Official N64 Forever Chat Thread
So, I've been here for just over 2 years now. 8)
Off to play some N64. :n64:

N64 collection discussion
Mystical Ninja - I've gotta finish that game.
Stopped cause I got stuck somewhere.

I quite liked the Extreme G games. Not as good as F-Zero but still good, fast paced action. Pretty coll music for memory.

Haha, Tasmanian Devil.
I used to live there. Its funny when people think Tasmania is a made up place. :lol:

Guessing game!
This game had a dog as a playable character.

N64 collection discussion
Mar 6 2009, 07:32 PM
Unfortunately I do not. If a Mario Party gets played then it's going to be Mario Party 8 because it is on the Wii. There was once when Mario Party 7 made it somehow, but anything on the N64 isn't going to interest anyone I know. Something about it being old and worthless... or some such speech that makes them deserve a smack.
hats a shame.
We played Mario Party 2 until 6AM a few weekends ago.
Awesome :)

Just bought:
Turok 3 - Going to play it once I finish Turok 2, Damn level 4, but I'm getting on top of it now. Cerebal Bore.
Starshot - Heard good things.
HSV Adventure Racing - Got the urge again. And my other copy is 2000+Kms away so I thought I'd reather just buy this one.
Body Harvest - People here seem to recommend it . :)

Guessing game!
Not Donkey Kong 64.
That had some fantastic music though.

This game has a Haunted House level and a space level.

How do you pronounce SEGA?
Mar 14 2009, 05:12 PM

It's wrong, but it's just the way I've always pronounced it.

Exactly the same.
Must be an Australian thing.

Even after hearing it in a game (before the title screen, not sure what game/s) pronounced as say-ga, i just thought "that doesn't sound right" so I kept the other way. :)

Guessing game!

This might be a bit vague and, up to each person but.
This game had great music. :)

Guessing game!

This game had multiplayer. :)

Console position: Horizontal or Vertical?
Has, to be, I should show yas my setup, then you'd see why.
But even when I take my Wii out and about for Smash Tournaments and such I always set it up vertically, it seems more "right".

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