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That ain't old!

But yeah, enjoy!

greetings from the future! (Australia)
Mar 6 2010, 09:15 AM
D.J Cat
Mar 4 2010, 10:06 AM
Oh really?
Where abouts, I'm in Brisbane.

I wouldn't say I'm a collector as such, more a player.
I have many games, but I only buy what I'll play or think I'll play.
Or maybe think someone close to me weill enjoy playing it.

See ya round. :)

Brisbane too. We'll have to arrange an N64 night or something some time :)
EVERY Friday Night at mine, and sometimes on the weekends too.
Also if ya interested in coming to the Smash comps:

Theres one next Sunday and if theres time, I'm sure the N64 can be whipped out. :)


The N64 is where its at, I'm sure you'll like it here!

Gaming Nights/Days
Hey, anyone else out there have regular gaming nights or days at yours or a friends place for multiplayer gaming?

I have Friday Night Games at mine nearly every Friday, lots of multiplayer N64, and some of the other people play Smash/Street Fighter and some other random games.
But its great to get to play N64, in multiplayer, every weekend!

And this
I think you'll enjoy the thought of this one! ^_^
Going to be mad fun.

Super Player's Journey 64
Mar 9 2010, 01:11 AM
Bass Hunter 64

There are certain concepts which simply don't work well as a videogame, and fishing is one of those. I'm not into fishing myself, but I can see the appeal in it. It can be just you, out on a boat in the middle of a lake on a beautiful day, sitting back with your feet up, fresh air all around, no one around to bother you, all your troubles forgotten. When you're playing a fishing videogame, then it's just you, on a couch in the middle of an ugly living room decorated by your roommate who has bad taste, sitting back with your feet resting on a pile of empty pizza boxes, hot, stuffy air all around, and your troubles are just one phone ring away.
Quote of the month!

I lolled. :lol:

Did you finish Banjo-Tooie?
Great persistance to play through all the bad games as well. :o

Post photos of where you live!
Oooh, I liek this topic!
That city in Brazil looks amazing.

I've been to Adelaide once, enjoyed it a lot. Glenelg is the goods!

Hears some pics from where i used to live:
I liked this one:

Heres some random pics I googled of where i live now (Brisbane)

I wanna take more pics myself now!

Wave race 64
The stunts, oh yes, the stunts!
And riding the Dolphin.

I love the helicopter flip. Diagonal semi-barell-roll into a regular flip, looks so cool!
And then theres going for a double backflip and purposfully landing on your head.
And riding backwards!

So, whats the name of these crashes? :)

The Official N64 Forever Chat Thread
Well it wasn't so positive over the first day or 3, but then I thought about it and stopped being silly.
We get to be friends and hang out, probably even more now, its not "i don't want to see you" at all.
Pretty good situation really.

Had to take my cat to the vet yesterday, he had a huge lump on his stomach.
The vet couldn't tell exactly what it was, could have been any of a number of things....its possible he was shot. :blink:
But hes OK now, a lot of puss has drained out of him, but hes eating again, and I got the medicine in to him, hes a lot better then he was yesterday.

Wave race 64
Mar 3 2010, 08:58 PM
One of my favorite and first games. I somewhat sucked at it, but I did eventually get 100%...then it erased itself. After getting it full again, it erased itself again, so I had no problem of using my Shark to beat it.

I loved the water graphics on it, best till OoT came around.
I thought it had the best water effects until the sequal.
But I'm biased and played hardly any games on other systems :p

I dunno, its just so fun riding the waves and fighting with and against them.

greetings from the future! (Australia)
Oh really?
Where abouts, I'm in Brisbane.

I wouldn't say I'm a collector as such, more a player.
I have many games, but I only buy what I'll play or think I'll play.
Or maybe think someone close to me weill enjoy playing it.

See ya round. :)

Never seen this N64 system before, please help.
I like the colour, looks cool.

Keep it!
Specially if it belongs to someone else as well though.

Wave race 64
Such a good game!

Played it a bit earlier this year.
Finally got the perfect run of winning every race on expert.

I just love the way the game handles, the water, the variable weather, everything about it!

The Official N64 Forever Chat Thread
@Applepieman: Hope it all works out good for you.

@Smash Bros. Fan : Car crashes are not cool.
Its been raining a lot here lately.
Some people are so stupid when it coems to driving and just have no concept of slippery roads and keeping an even bigger distance between the next car when the road is wet.

Ahhh, the girl in my life gave me the old "lets just be friends" just before the weekend.
I think I'm alright now, it seemed so sudden, but it does make sense and might be for the best for now.
Shes pretty set on us staying good friends, and thats better than losing all contact and shouldn't be too hard to do anyway.
And maybe in a few years things can change....
Wait and seee I guess! ^_^